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List of SBF launches

SaleLaunch dateStudio2-rm3-rm4-rm5-rmExec+MG3genTotal
Half-Yearly Sale Of 3-Room Premium,
4-Room And Bigger Flats
10 Oct 2008  334917881 683
Half-Yearly Sale Of 3-Room Premium,
4-Room And Bigger Flats
13 Apr 2009  103138035 438
Sale of Balance Flats01 Oct 200912158345126131532 2132
Sale of Balance Flats31 Aug 2010 5561108133889 1624
Sale of Balance Flats22 Sep 2011864974311536297  2847
Sale of Balance Flats28 Mar 201221610586271348467109 3825
Sale of Balance Flats27 Sep 2012818697302101647124 3328
Sale of Balance Flats30 May 2013602219396138147824 3100
Sale of Balance Flats26 Nov 2013502405818164459510 3974
Sale of Balance Flats22 May 201488795476124167410 3383
Sale of Balance Flats25 Nov 201429841269012066326473291
Sale of Balance Flats27 May 20152272721892209186211325387
Sale of Balance Flats17 Nov 2015 12181064206295911365350
Sale of Balance Flats24 May 2016 90010701942116813775170
Sale of Balance Flats22 Nov 2016 6351266223383713+1235008
Sale of Balance Flats18 May 2017 693938130596717263946
Re-Offer of Balance Flats01 Aug 2017 110384624260971394
Sale of Balance Flats14 Nov 2017 75969214074607763401
Re-Offer of Balance Flats 06 Feb 2018 5021710933173717
Sale of Balance Flats22 May 2018 754655114330581573022
Re-Offer of Balance Flats28 Aug 2018 67171294152933726
Sale of Balance Flats13 Nov 2018 ???????
Re-Offer of Balance Flats12 Feb 2019 17316612910396577
Sale of Balance Flats22 May 2019 535432138479971113268
Re-Offer of Balance Flats11 Sep 2019 26820290493104716
Sale of Balance Flats12 Nov 2019 76053616775619563599
Sale of Balance Flats17 Nov 2020 19777011740668141205220
Sale of Balance Flats25 May 2021 121734863623114482494
Sale of Balance Flats17 Nov 2021 5533006672434311798
Sale of Balance Flats26 May 2022 6142517702795331952
 Sale of Balance Flats23 Nov 2022        
Sale of Balance Flats30 May 2023
Sale of Balance FlatsNov 2023

History of Sale of Balance Flats

Sale of Balance Flats, comprising unsold leftover flats from past BTO launches, surplus flats from SERS projects, old repurchased flats (including flats from some divorced or fiance couples), are done “when HDB accumulate sufficient flats“, usually twice per year, but this is NOT A RULE. Since 2010 the SBF exercise is done same day with a BTO launch.

In May 2015 HDB announced that have 9,000 unsold flats that will be offered in two SBF exercises concurrent with May and August BTO launches, but in press release of 1 July 2015 HDB announced that the exercise was delayed to September, then the BTO launch was cancelled and mixed up with November BTO launch, and SBF was done at same time. Reason: HDB needed extra time to implement the new schemes of 2-Room Flexi and grants.

Fiance-fiancee couples who break up and do not get married within 6 months after receiving keys, as well as other people who for whatever reason need to sell the flat back to HDB during minimum occupation period, need to pay a penalty of 5% of market value of the flat, but more severely, they lose the first-timer status, and the flat is sold again via Sale of Balance Flats.

SBF brochures

I visted HDB InfoWeb for first time in late 2008 and saved only SBF brochures, being interested in floor plans of individual units. Since early 2010 I started saving every BTO brochure too, so earliest BTO brochures I was able to find were December 2009 ones.

If you are looking for older BTO, you can try your luck below, if the block had leftover / unsold flats you may find block floor plans below (these SBF brochures also contain floor plans of individual flats, repurchased by HDB).

2012-onward SBF brochures I can provide on request basis for some $, because HDB no longer provide one brochure for each town, they provide instead separate files for each site plan, each block plan, each individual flat available for sale, making a total of over 1000 PDF and JPG files for each sale launch, had to spend 10-15 hours right clicking > save file as, until 2016 when I started feeling that I am wasting time downloading brochures for too little benefits.

Sale of Balance Flats September 2011
Sale of Balance Flats August 2010
Half Yearly Sale October 2009
Half Yearly Sale April 2009
Half Yearly Sale October 2008


  1. Hi Teoalida,

    I’m currently in a queue to purchase a 5room or executive unit in Bedok at these two locations:

    1) 634 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Block 634, Singapore 410634 Unit 02-09

    2) Blk 669 Jalan Damai, Singapore 410669 #12-59

    I would appreciate a rough guide for their floor plans as I’ve already visited the locations but can’t seem to fathom how they will look like inside.


    1. 634 = a block 4 different layouts of EA, see floorplans in
      669 = a block with 4-room and 5-room, floorplans posted just above the EA one, most likely the 5-room is like this
      telling me unit number is useless because can’t know on which side of block your unit is
      if you applied via SBF you should wait until application results are finalized as they will publish exact floorplans… rather than asking people online to give you possible floor plans.

  2. Hi,

    I am looking for floor plans of a 5-Rm HDB 122 sqm Block 224 Choa Chu Kang Central.

    Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  3. I would like to know if the warmness of tiles on one floor of a unit could be affected in any way by the wiring of the ceiling in the unit below it?
    Is this possible in a condo?

    Is there any gap in the flooring of one unit and the ceiling of the one below it?

    1. Why are you asking same thing over and over again, after I answered you?

      LiveChat conversation transcript:

      Name (optional): Valerie chiang
      Message: any BTO balance flat

      Teoalida (Wed, 9/8/2021, 09:01:28 am)
      what do you want me to say?

      Name (optional): Valerie chiang
      Message: any BTO balance flat avaibed to buy

      Teoalida (Wed, 9/8/2021, 10:55:27 am)
      if you visit you will see that open booking for flats is currently undergoing. What I can do for you?

      Name (optional): Valerie chiang
      Message: please notice me for bto balance flat for 4 room

      Valerie chiang (Fri, 9/17/2021, 05:15:05 am)
      please notice me for bto balance flat for 4 room

      Teoalida (Fri, 9/17/2021, 11:21:14 am)
      I CANNOT “notice you” when flats are available for sale, I told you to visit and look at Open booking for flats to see which flats are available for sale

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