– Map of HDB blocks –

Click each dot on map to view block information such as year built, number of floors, number of units breakdown by flat type, upgrading programmes, typical floor plans (except for “special model” blocks), chances to get SERS, etc.

Please use a computer (not phone) for best experience. Open map on full screen.
If you want all blocks in Excel format, you can buy HDB Database.

HDB block color legend

Blue = Blocks built by SIT (1927-1960).
Pink = Blocks built originally without lifts stopping at every floor and kitchen refuse chute, first series (1960-1982).
Red = Blocks built originally without lifts stopping at every floor and kitchen refuse chute, second series (1981-1993).
Brown = Blocks with centralized refuse chute and lifts stopping at every floor (1992-1999).
Yellow = Blocks with household shelter (1998-2007), including SERS replacement blocks (1999-2006).
Green = Blocks with household shelter sold via BTO (2005-present), DBSS (2008-2015), SERS (2008-present).
Cyan = Blocks sold via BTO under MOP or under construction with estimated completion up to 2018.
White = Blocks sold via BTO under construction with estimated completion 2019 or later.
Gray = Blocks sold via DBSS, SERS, SBF, under MOP or under construction with completion date unknown.

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I compiled HDB Database and since 2015 I offered it for sale in Excel format, being purchased by several real estate agencies as well as telecommunication and home insurance companies. The price is a bit too high for ordinary people who just need to view info about several blocks.

Now you can search here information about desired block for FREE!

Drop-down boxes launched in July 2017, display year build, number of units, upgrading programmes, and few more info. A lot of crap is yet to be done.

Map service added in September 2017.

November 2017 – added floor plans for 1960s and 1970s blocks and SERS prediction.

September 2018 – added floor plans for 1980s, 1990s, 2000s up to BTO-era, and link to brochures for BTO blocks, counted number of floors and units per floor for about 90% of blocks.

Please report errors on the map!

Enquire information about a HDB block

This drop-down box show ALL buildings, standing or demolished, including multi-storey carparks and pavilions, while the above map show only standing residential buildings.

Note: if you use web proxy you may not be able to pass CAPTCHA.


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      @Teo: awesome map!

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    What happened to the Dover road blocks?

    1. They got SERS and were not demolished yet but kept for other uses… not sure if this is what you were asking

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