Map of HDB blocks

Click block pins on map to view year built, number of floors, number of units, upgrading programmes, typical floor plans, chances to get SERS, etc. Use a computer (not phone) for best experience.

Open map on full screen:
HDB blocks colored by year built
HDB blocks colored by height in floors

If you want to use above map in your website, you can right click > View page source > copy embedding code.

Data is also available for download in Excel format on HDB Database page. Useful for real estate agents, home insurance, telecommunication, door-to-door services, flyer distributors, etc. You can edit Excel file, filter and analyze data, or add own data, unlike above map which is read-only.

HDB block color legend

As November 2021 the map contains 12470 residential buildings, with the following breakdown:
Brown (102): Blocks built by SIT (1927-1960).
Red (1988): Classic blocks 1STD, 2STD, 3STD, 4STD, 1I, 2I, 3I, 4I, 3NG, 4NG, 5STD, 5I (1961-1981).
Orange (2467): Classic blocks 3I, 5I, 3NG 4NG, 3S, 4S, 3A, 4A, 5A, EA / EM with 3 bedrooms (1980-1988).
Yellow (881): Classic blocks 4A, 5I, EA / EM with 4 bedrooms (1987-1991).
Light green (1687): Blocks with centralized refuse chute and lifts stopping at every floor 4A, 5I, 5A, EA / EM (1991-1998).
Green (1473): Blocks with household shelter (1997-2004), including SERS replacement blocks (1997-2005).
Light blue (1120): Blocks sold via BTO (2004-present) or SERS (2006-present) available on resale market.
Sky (567): Blocks sold via BTO or SERS under minimum occupation period.
Lavender (65): Blocks sold via DBSS (2009-2015).
Cloud (643): Blocks under construction.
Forest (166): Blocks demolished or converted for other use than public housing after 2013.
Grey (1311): Blocks demolished or converted for other use than public housing before 2013 (incomplete info available) Please contribute if you have info about them, I am mostly interested in number of units and flat types.

I can guarantee 100% accuracy for block numbers, street addresses, unit numbers, lease years, number of units breakdown by flat type, etc. Sources of each information is indicated HERE.

I cannot guarantee accuracy for floor plans, they being added from my personal research, so I need your help, please report wrong floor plans!

How to use map and search search blocks

The box in lower-right corner of map can be used to search Google Maps addresses. To search in HDB Database (data added by me) you need to click 3 dots menu > Search (phone users) or map search icon (computer users). Don’t confuse map search icon with website search box (top green bar).

ZeeMaps have a BUG on maps with more than 7500 pins, the pins get smaller and appear under Google Maps labels thus harder to click. I reported the bug and until they fix it, you can avoid the bug: in “search the map” go in Colors tab and disable a color that isn’t used then click search, all HDB blocks will be shown with big circle markers easier to click.

Or you can filter further:

Show only blocks from certain town / neighborhood: choose City > contains > type for example Telok Blangah.

Find a block by number or street name: choose Name > contains > type a block number > map will show all blocks with that number > zoom to desired town. Don’t write both block number and street name unless you know the format I named blocks.

Show only blocks containing certain flat type: choose Number of units > contains > type “3-room”, “executive”, etc.

Show only blocks containing premium apartments: choose Block model > contains > type “premium”.

Filter blocks that underwent certain upgrades: choose Upgrading programmes > contains > type HIP (or other upgrading programme).

Filter blocks taller than # floors: choose Total floors > Greater than > type a number.

For SERS hunters: only (some of) brown and red blocks (pre-1980) may be selected for redevelopment, do not waste time clicking other colors. There are only 13 different pieces on text under SERS prediction. See also list of potential SERS sites.

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Map of HDB blocks

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About me & history of HDB map

I have been collecting HDB data since 2009, making HDB Blocks Database in Excel, an original compilation “Made by Teoalida” which took over 500 hours of work. Collecting data from multiple sources, I manually entered data in one Excel table for all HDB blocks ever built in Singapore, indicating block number, street address, postal code, GPS coordinates, construction year, lease commence date, number of floors, number of units breakdown by flat type, upgrading programmes, brochures and floor plans. Since 2015 I sold Excel file to various companies.

I also collected  over 1000 floor plans in PDF format from HDB’s Sale of Balance Flats. In 2009 I wrote HDB history & floor plans evolution 1930s-present which I updated in 2014 with new screenshots for ~70 floor plans that I though that are most common.

In July 2017 I made a drop down search to enquire information from HDB Database (one block at time).

I wanted for long time to display data in an interactive map, but I did not had sufficient technical knowledge to do this. Thanks to Sik Shu Wei who contacted me in August 2017, I saw a colored map on his website, he told me that made map with Google Fusion Tables, a FREE experimental application that provided only 9 colors of colored dots, as well as other icons representing various businesses. Sik Shu Wei map was only displaying lease commence date and colored blocks accordingly, it was a MESS because lease commence date is provided by HDB only for blocks available on resale market, so rental blocks and recent blocks under construction or under MOP were in same color on his map.

I made my own interactive map in September 2017 importing my very detailed HDB Database into Google Fusion Tables. Google announced closure of Fusion Tables on 3 December 2019, so in October 2019 I moved to ZeeMaps, a paid service that provide 31 colors to choose from, and ability to filter and display only blocks of specific criteria. If anyone thinks that is better to use different colors that indicate block types and construction years, please tell.

I done a major update in 2018 adding in database links to those 70 popular floor plans screenshotted in 2014. However due inconsistent block model naming, just ~90% of 1960-1991 blocks and ~40% of 1991-2005 blocks had floor plans linked (some blocks did not showed floor plans when clicking even if they were identical with blocks in other town which showed floor plans).

In September 2021 I started another major update, I used ZeeMaps filter to show blocks without floor plans, helped me to harmonize block model naming and link floor plans where they were missing. I also took screenshots of few more PDFs to make PNG floor plans displayable on map. I also changed color legend and started adding coordinates for demolished blocks (if you don’t need them you can disable gray from legend).

As 20 September 2021 I have floor plans for 96% of 1960-1991 blocks and 62% of 1991-2005 blocks. Since 1990s HDB started building many distinctive layouts thus it require more effort for me to link correct floor plans to correct blocks, all blocks completed after 2005 are designed uniquely (including BTO blocks launched since 2001), meaning that a floor plan for a BTO won’t match any other BTO, it is too difficult to find floor plans for EVERY unit in EVERY BTO, so I did not bothered adding individual unit floor plans with dimensions, instead I linked BTO brochures showing floor plans for whole block, without dimensions.

Update 5 October 2021: added coordinates for another 900 demolished blocks (almost all SIT/HDB/HUDC ever build) and floor plans for few dozens blocks.

Update 20 November 2021: added Nov 2021 BTO, privatization date for HUDC estates and colored them correctly if they are standing or demolished.

In addition of major updates listed above, I also update with new BTO blocks when they are launched (BTO launches are usually in February, May, August, November).


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