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Digital cameras database

Looking for a database of digital cameras specifications in Excel format to create a website, use in a repair shop or anything similar? I created an Excel database for you, extracting data from

Download SAMPLE: Digital Cameras Database.xls
(LITE package include URL, image, brand, model, year).

Buy complete database + 1 year of FREE updates:

You receive an email with download link valid 1 year, every time an update is available you will be notified with similar email. Starting from second year you can buy another year of updates at 50% discount.

36 brands included

Acer, AgfaPhoto, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Concord, Contax, Epson, Fujifilm, GE, HP, Jenoptik, JVC, Kodak, Konica, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Leica, Minolta, Minox, Nikon, Nokia, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Praktica, Ricoh, Rollei, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma, Sony, Toshiba, Vivitar, Yakumo, Zeiss.

Don’t forget to check other databases made by me (100+ databases).

List of updates

Database created in January 2018 (3679 models) using our “universal” web scraping software.
3705 cameras – January 2019
3744 cameras – January 2020
3756 cameras – August 2020
3766 cameras – February 2021
3782 cameras – November 2021
3784 cameras – March 2022
3798 cameras – April 2023
3802 cameras – January 2024

47 columns of specifications

Columns in LITE package: URL 100%, Image URL 100%, Brand 100%, Model 100%, Also known as 3.97%, Year 100% .

Columns in FULL package: Megapixels 100%, Effective megapixels 49.68%, Total megapixels 49.68%, Sensor size 100%, Sensor type 100%, Sensor resolution 100%, Max. image resolution 98.92%, Crop factor 100%, Optical zoom 86.56%, Digital zoom 96.00%, ISO 98.21%, RAW support 12.86%, Manual focus 96.27%, Normal focus range 79.04%, Macro focus range 77.04%, Focal length (35mm equiv.) 84.98%, Aperture priority 98.74%, Max aperture 83.82%, Max. aperture (35mm equiv.) 100%, Depth of field 98.16%, Metering 96.76%, Exposure Compensation 97.82%, Shutter priority 98.58%, Min. shutter speed 92.58%, Max. shutter speed 92.74%, Built-in flash 98.95%, External flash 98.24%, Viewfinder 99.89%, White balance presets 93.11%, Screen size 98.11%, Screen resolution 88.11%, Video capture 12.89%, Max. video resolution 12.65%, Storage types 98.50%, USB 0.00%, HDMI 12.84%, Wireless 12.89%, GPS 0.00%, Battery 98.00%, Weight 96.00%, Dimensions 97.50%.


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