Another suicide case?

On 12 February someone contacted me saying that have been in North Korea (a mysterious country with very little info) and gave me some interesting info but couldn’t talk too much on small phone screen, thus I would liked to talk more with him when reached computer. I configured a message for his IP in case he visit me again, I got more visits from same IP over next days, and replies to my message, but they turned to be different people. Probably a school IP used by multiple children, and the initial person who said that have been in North Korea may have been joking too. Along people who messaged me from same IP, there was someone who said that her son commit suicide.

Location: Imperial, Missouri, United States

Chat started on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 5:21:14 PM

(5:21:14 PM) *** Visitor 66988843 has joined the chat ***
(5:21:16 PM) teoalida: We talked on 12 february but I was on phone and couldn’t talk much, you came again on 13 february messaging me 3 times but was so late and I felt asleep, that’s why couldn’t reply you. Please message me if you see this message so we can continue our conversation!
(5:22:38 PM) Visitor 66988843: Hello Teoalida this is the boy from Sibius mother. He is very ill and doesn’t talk to anyone but you he has had a big inspiration with your work he loves you very much but last night he took his own life
(5:23:04 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(5:23:13 PM) Teoalida: then who are you?
(5:23:19 PM) Visitor 66988843: his mother
(5:23:37 PM) Teoalida: don’t make me feeling like another joke
(5:23:45 PM) Teoalida: at least 4 people contacted me from SAME IP like yours
(5:23:52 PM) Visitor 66988843: I promise you sir I wish I was joking
(5:23:53 PM) Teoalida: one of them claimed that was in North Korea
(5:24:06 PM) Teoalida: other gave me impression of a gang of kids making jokes
(5:24:13 PM) Teoalida: disturbing me from doing my work
(5:24:20 PM) Teoalida: and why one of them would suicide?
(5:24:36 PM) Visitor 66988843: they said that stress of university got to them
(5:25:06 PM) Teoalida: can I show you the chatlogs I had with him and his colleagues?
(5:25:26 PM) Visitor 66988843: If you want it’s just my pride and joy is gone
(5:26:02 PM) Teoalida: something similar happened 4 years ago
(5:26:16 PM) Visitor 66988843: my boy was 10
(5:26:33 PM) Teoalida: this gave me feeling that I have a horrible life as customer chat support
(5:26:44 PM) Teoalida: at 10 he is in university??!!
(5:26:53 PM) Visitor 66988843: he was gifted
(5:27:10 PM) Visitor 66988843: NEVER had an f
(5:28:52 PM) Teoalida: and what made you to come on my website and give me such shocking news?
(5:29:02 PM) Visitor 66988843: I went through his history
(5:29:37 PM) Visitor 66988843: and i was interested why he was interested in this pathway
(5:30:25 PM) Teoalida: at least this time I haven’t influenced his decision, or be accused to kill her son, as happened 4 years ago
(5:30:38 PM) Visitor 66988843: i’m sorry
(5:30:46 PM) Visitor 66988843: πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
(5:30:49 PM) Teoalida: if you have time check this
(5:31:21 PM) Teoalida: so since 2012 I have a history of 21000 chats of which 2 suicided? πŸ™
(5:31:59 PM) Visitor 66988843: im so sorry to disturb you late at night
(5:32:05 PM) Teoalida: 21000 chats doesn’t mean 21000 people because many come in chat multiple times
(5:32:15 PM) Teoalida: is 5:32PM here, no late night
(5:32:21 PM) Teoalida: how I can contact you? any email?
(5:32:54 PM) Visitor 66988843: no but phone number yes
(5:33:14 PM) Teoalida: give me phone number then
(5:33:54 PM) Visitor 66988843: 314 722 1360
(5:33:57 PM) Teoalida: do you use WhatsApp?
(5:34:09 PM) Visitor 66988843: no i use messaging
(5:34:12 PM) Visitor 66988843: like normal
(5:34:33 PM) Teoalida: SMS?
(5:34:48 PM) *** Visitor 66988843 has left ***

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