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Off-topic, funny, useless stuff

Articles that do not belong to any of above categories, dilemmas, controversial stories, weird customers and other strange messages received from my website visitors.

The FUNNIEST questions from people

This page shows the funniest and weirdest messages sent by website visitors. They are usually messages and questions that you should NOT ask to a customer support service.

Also please DO NOT contact me and talk funny, intending “to contribute” to website. The purpose of website NOT to make funny chats, but to show my works, primarily in architecture & real estate fields, and this page show funny chats that happened accidentally during running this website.

Architecture good and bad deals

I am writing this page to inform all students, customers, and people who encouraged me to pursue my career in architecture, how it was a HORRIBLE experience for me. Nowadays I pass my customers to other architects, to negotiate price and do project in my place, in most cases I reject projects.

How an idiot architect put me on wrong track!

In June 2012 been contacted by an architect, impressed by my works, he offered to advertise my services for FREE on his future website. That times, my experience was limited at designing houses and apartments as hobby, art of drawing and 3D modeling, I was playing with layouts and publishing concept plans on website. Having no university, I clearly stated at top of page that I am DESIGNER, NOT ARCHITECT, nor that I offer architectural services. HE PUT ME ON WRONG TRACK, making me to think that my “concept plans”, my age and my knowledge is sufficient to promote myself as “architecture services” and can charge large sums of money.

Cryptocurrency trading journal

Multiple people have asked me if I heard of Bitcoin, if I am so IT person why I am not investing into cryptocurrency, or asked how much I earned once I told them that am I already investing, or asked if I do trading after they noticed in Checkout page that I accept crypto payments.

After discussing privately with few people, I am writing this page to explain to everyone my journal of crypto trading. Page published May 2018.

Some idiot tried to hack my website

On 5 October 2014 I noticed that my website is loading slower than usual, I logged into Control Panel and saw a high server load over last 10 hours, and in visitor logs I saw that some IP is accessing wp-login.php page few hundred times per minute, causing high server load and “508 Resource Limit is Reached” error to innocent people.

Lost customers due to badluck

Happened lots of times that after I quote price for a project, customer said that will consult with boss / colleagues and get back to me tomorrow / in 1 week / next month. Due to large number of people contacting me, some more or less serious, I cannot keep track of all chat messages and emails I am receiving, to send follow-up emails to people who do not come back in the promised time. I suggest everyone who has requested a project from me, to contact me again if you are really interested in my services instead of waiting for me to reply your last email, to AVOID cases described here.

ANGRY people

I started a thread in Google Product Forums, hoping a little volunteer help. But, instead of answering my questions and telling me what is the real cause of Google Penalty and how to fix it possible issues/mistakes, the “helpers” used all possible words to make me guilty for all mistakes that I done and said that I deserve being penalized, bad words against me, against my website and business… this made ANGRY one of the visitors of my website, who joined me and posted the following RUDE message towards “helpers”.

Chatting with website visitors

I always wanted to interact with visitors, to exchange knowledge, make new friends with similar interests and get feedback about my works and products. For long time I did not know who visit my website and what they think about my projects, because I could not interact with visitors unless they were emailing me. I was not aware that knew that this is possible to chat directly with visitors, until January 2012 when I discovered SnapEngage. Since May 2012 I moved to Zopim Chat and made first sale.

Ask help and run away!

Please don’t consider these cases as lost customers or failure in customer services. Most of these people not interested in  my services, but just browsing multiple websites for ideas and free house plans. They may have found something better in another website and forgot me. But some of them are still funny how they asked for help from me then gone away…

How to NOT address to a business partner

During 2 days I got 4 chats from SAME IP located in Australia, first time gave me a BAD impression of a child making PRANKS claiming that is a diplomat and his parents are living North Korea. Next day said that is from a construction company and want to do business with me, and yesterday person was “a colleague”. Would you take this in serious?

Kids, please DON’T disturb me with dumb questions!

Most visitors of this website are ADULTS, some of them businessmen, respectful people that knows to start a chat with me ONLY IF you want to buy something, pay a service, or need a professional consultation.

But a small number of visitors are kids, especially the Housing around the World section seems to be popular among American school children looking for information about other countries for their school paper. This small number of kids cause a huge nuisance.

What this guy wants from me?

Every day, I am contacted by few people from Singapore for info about HDB and chit-chat, I am also contacted by people all around the world for architecture / CAD design services. I differentiate customers by chit-chatters by the way they address me and by what pages they click. Look how THIS guy is addressing me!! Sometimes I mistreat chit-chatters as potential customers, but could be this a potential customer, mistreat as chit-chatter and lost?