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Database of all buildings in Singapore

One of my customers who bought HDB Database and Condo Database in August 2017, made a scraping software to get buildings information from OneMap.sg and gave me the database as “work exchange”, with permission to resell on my website.

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Singapore Buildings Database

The database contains EVERY searchable item from the map, including HDB blocks, condominiums, landed houses, commercial, office and industrial buildings, schools, places of worship, gas stations, parks, MRT stations, and few more. Data included is building name, address, street name, postal code, latitude and longitude, X and Y coordinates of OneMap.sg, etc.

The database is raw data scraping from OneMap.sg and the map’s raw data does NOT indicated building type. Several people asked me for building type so I am planning to add building type column myself checking manually the map to identify building types. This job will take few dozens hours and once completed I will sell database at double price. But before investing any more effort in this database I need to secure future updates.

The author of database never gave me the scraper, he gave me only data, gave me an update in January 2018 which I suspect that he missed lots of postal codes, I emailed him to run scraper again, I emailed a week later and he replied that did not had time to run again, and after this he never replied me anymore.

I am looking for someone else who can scrap data from OneMap.sg and give me the scraper so I can update database myself in the future.

Update November 2018: an Indian helped me updating Python scraper to work with current version of OneMap, but the script don’t work at my computer for unknown reasons (in his computer it works fine, proved via TeamViewer).

Terms of use according https://www.onemap.sg/legal/opendatalicence.html
You can use, access, download, copy, distribute, transmit, modify and adapt the datasets, or any derived analyses or applications, whether commercially or non-commercially.

However, because scraping job took several days of programming and another several days of running computer 24/7, you are not allowed to distribute or resell my database. You are allowed to use it in your company. If a friend or another company wants to use same data, tell them to buy from me.

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