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Furniture & interior design

Here are some examples of furniture and interior design made by me. People who contacted me over years made me to pursue my career in architecture rather than interior design. Whenever I will do furniture design again, we will see… I am using AutoCAD so my drawings are more technical instead of photo realistic, like the ones made by professional interior designers in 3D Studio Max.

The following image is an attempt to make a 3D design of fully furnished apartment, floor area 143 sqm gross / 133.60 sqm internal. Designed in 2011 for fun / artistic hobby (no customer).

I design furniture since ~14 years old (~2003), around 15 years old my mom employed in a furniture factory so we refurnished my room using my pre-made drawings. My furniture were designed in an own unit system that I was fascinated at that age, and due to arguing with parents, I cut bookcase at top, because my design was 3 cm taller than the height to the structural beam, instead of making it shorter (bad idea). Sorry for photo quality, we sold that apartment without taking a proper photo of furniture, all what I have is a photo with myself and some of my artwork hanged near ceiling.

The following kitchen interior design and a multi-purpose bedroom furniture probably useful for Hong Kong tiny apartments (sadly we may need such things in the future of Singapore), were designed in 2011.

Several people asked me if I can do interior design too, I showed them some of above images privately, they praised me, so I decided to make them public on website in March 2013, despite that I am still not confident that my experience would allow me to compete with professional interior designers. My design service is useful for example if you sell houses and think that a 3D furnished model will help sales.

Later, I noticed that (at least) in Singapore, interior designers make very detailed “working drawings” for contractors to renovate apartments, charging 4-digit sum in $. I do not have enough experience to do this, but you can help me!


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  1. it’s amazing info and great efforts ,your style is new & modern ,love it thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for valuable information about interior designs services.

  3. Great tips. I’m bookmarking this page. Its a great resource to keep. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Designing furniture from the age of 14?! I couldn’t even draw a complete circle at that time.
    Maybe I can refer you to my client who is an interior designer in Singapore.

    1. If designing furniture at age of 14 is already impressive for you, then what about these drawings made at 5-8 years old? https://www.teoalida.com/weirdstuff/childhood/ and also read whole story https://www.teoalida.com/about/lifestory/

      You can refer me, especially if you talk about someone in Singapore, I have many customers here. We will see if we can collaborate or not.

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  6. Nice Blog With Full of Knowledge
    Thanks For Sharing…..

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