Architecture – Terms of service and prices

Sorry for all customers! I retired from architecture in 2016 and no longer offer services myself… I never went to architecture university and although I have high skills that allowed me to have few dozens paying customers in 2012-2016 (in addition of the projects done as artistic hobby since 2008), I never enjoyed architecture job, too much stress, time wasted and unprofitable.

I lost interest because majority of customers were located in third-world countries from Asia and Africa. Too many non-serious customers who disrespect architects and want free / cheap architecture services (especially from India). I CANNOT continue my career in architecture if every 10 people contacting me, 1 does pay and 9 waste my time from working for the paying one. The few paying customers, some projects took 1 day but others asked me so many revisions that kept me busy 1 month, too much for the price they paid.

I am currently working in IT/databases industry that pays 10x higher than architecture.

I have several partner architects located in India, Nigeria, Philippines and Romania that enjoy architecture more than me and do not have “second jobs” and decided to outsource ALL future paying customers to them so you can get a better design than what I would have done myself.

I am hiring more architects! Skilled students are welcome too.

If you are NOT PAYING, looking for free ideas, feel free to browse my past projects in House plans and Apartment plans pages, as well as other websites. Do not disturb me unnecessarily except for few minutes of consultation. DO NOT request to design new floor plans for free! If you want one of my past projects in editable DWG format or to design custom floor plan according your requirements, I have the right to charge money. Don’t be aggressive like THIS indian and waste my time from working for other, paying customers.

If you are PAYING, I or my partners can design a new project according your requirements. Specify if you need only a concept floor plan or a complete set of architectural drawings.

Procedure of architectural design service

First you should email me site plan or at least tell me length and width of your land, and how many floors and rooms do you require.

Do not provide only square area, a 120 sqm land can be 10×12 m, 6×20 m, or any other dimension that require different planning. If you have other requirements, tell them all. I will show you several samples to understand your tastes in terms in floor plan and external design, and may ask you other requirements.

Alternatively you can choose one of pre-made house models shown on website and suggest changes, or provide your own sketch (even a pencil drawing) and I will convert it into a professional drawing, or provide photos of local houses taken yourself.

Having a large number of ready-made designs allow me to quickly modify one, or make a new sketch in max 20 minutes, and show you as PNG screenshot, please do not judge the quality of service by “first sketch”, it usually have furniture but lack windows and other details, and have errors, but may be sufficient to give you an idea about possible concept plan (free sketch not available when I am busy with other projects).

View the first sketch and suggest changes in room arrangement. You need to pay the price of floor plan BEFORE doing any changes. We adjust dimensions of each room, add windows and correct furniture, at final I send you PDF drawing error-free which you can print or show on-screen.

You are advised to show the final floor plan to your family or colleagues and make sure everyone will like it, before proceeding to detailed construction drawings. When you are ready, we need to discuss a lot of other details to make sure that the building will be livable and will follow the building code of your country. Including ceiling height, windows size and position, etc. I will make a draft 3D design and show you, you can again suggest changes, and when everything is decided I make final 3D design and final PDF files containing floor plan, elevations and sections. In some cases I send also DWG file that you can edit yourself.

You can pay in stages, 30% for floorplan 30% for draft 3D design, 40% when final 3D design and elevations are completed. Even after full payment I can still revise the drawings free of charge until you are 100% satisfied.

Had customers willing to pay in advance, some customers do not trust me and want to have project finished before paying and “pay only if like it”, which is risky for me because I waste time designing something that customer may not like and don’t pay. If you are along these people, feel free to go to someone else, I am no longer making free drawings hoping to convince you to pay for complete project.

Ocasionally (10% of cases) even if you don’t pay, I get personally interested in the layout you you require and I redesign it with greater care, sometimes at different dimensions, to publish it on website as sample for future customers. Example: Pakistan 20x60ft sketch vs final floor plan.

Price of architectural design service

To make prices affordable for every country and project type, I use the following formula to calculate prices.

Concept floor plan (example PNG / example PDF).
$20 × no of rooms × country multiplicator.

Detailed architectural drawings (floor plan, elevations, sections, example PNG) + 3D design
$100 × no of rooms × country multiplicator.

Structural, mechanical, electrical drawings: to be negotiated with my partners.

Country multiplicator (to provide competitive prices for rich and poor countries):
× 2 for first world (Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc)
× 1.5 for second-world (Malaysia, Thailand, Latin America, Middle East to Maroc, South Africa, etc)
× 1 for third-world (India, Pakistan, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, rest of Africa, etc)

We count as rooms:  bedrooms, living room, family room, study room, but not kitchen and smaller rooms.

Revisions: unlike other designers who show you the design only at final, and offer you a limited number of revisions or charge money for each revision, personally I show you the design in middle of work, you can propose changes before finishing it, allowing a large number of minor revisions. However, if you ask revisions at infinite I have right to stop the work and give you editable DWG file and let you find someone else with more free time.

Price examples:

One-family house: Bungalow-5x18m with 4 bedrooms + living room + family room, sketch made for someone in Philippines, price for full set of drawings will be $600. However, we can negotiate, different customers request a different amount of drawings.

Multi-family house: for 2 or more identical houses, price will rise with 25% of the price of initial house.

Price for apartment blocks: gross floor area up to 400 sqm = $400, up to 800 sqm = $600, up to 1600 sqm = $800, up to 3200 sqm = $1000, and so on, again multiplied by 1, 1.5, 2 depending by your country.

Above prices give me in average $20/hour but this vary greatly depending by how many revisions do you ask. $20/hour made me happy in <2015 but as 2017 I am earning $50/hour from IT/database projects, raising prices again would be stupid to charge higher than professional architects given by my lack of university. So is better and cheaper to outsource projects to my partner architects. They usually charge $200 x number of rooms for a complete project with floor plans, elevations, sections, electrical, plumbing and structural analysis.

Purchase ready-made AutoCAD DWG files

If you are NOT interested to design a custom floor plan for you, you can buy ready-made AutoCAD DWG files of my past projects and edit them yourself.

Price: $20 starting fee + $20 for each house plan, $20, $30, $40 for apartment blocks. The price formula is made to give discount for bulk purchase. If you want one house DWG file you pay $40, if you want 5 DWG files you pay $120.

3D designs are also AutoCAD DWG files and can be sold at negotiable prices.

How to purchase: contact me and specify what drawings you want to purchase, for purchasing 1 drawing you can click PAY button below, for purchasing multiple drawings I will make them a ZIP archive and put it on server, create a product in Store so you can pay with PayPal or credit card and receive the files automatically in your email.

Around 2015 I was thinking to turn website into an online shop with BUY buttons at every project so you can buy each drawing individually automatically without contacting me, but doing so I was not able to offer discounts for bulk purchases. Also, by contacting me BEFORE paying we can make sure that you are not wasting money buying floor plans that do not fit your requirements.

Do not ask for free DWG files because I do not give my projects for free. If you are student and want free drawings, go on and download what other people have uploaded there. Most drawings on BiblioCAD are made by students  so quality is not comparable with mine, and you cannot contact designers to make modifications, which I do.

How long takes to design a house in AutoCAD

Designing a floor plan at correct scale, with furniture in correct position, dimensions, etc, (sample) takes 1-2 hours, but before designing them I spent hours to study various houses in case of hobby projects, or in case of customers, how long takes depends by how many revisions you ask.

Designing fully-dimensioned floor plan, elevations, sections, etc takes 10-20 hours if you are clear, this job involve a lot of communication to decide every detail. Usually take few days, but one project took few weeks because customer was asking numerous revisions and email-only communication.

Designing a 3D model takes from 3-4 hours in case of JUN’s house to 100 hours in case of Trianon Palace with its high-detail geometry.

If you want a fast reply you are advised to contact me via LIVE CHAT in bottom-left corner of screen. If you contact me via email or comments, you NEED to reply at email and confirm that you are interested, before making any sketch for you. So far 50% of people sending emails or offline messages never reply after my reply (up to 90% in case of Indians, which probably request house designs on multiple websites and by the time I reply them. they are no longer interested in my service).

I use AutoCAD for both floor plan drawing and 3D model. I know that 3D Studio Max can make better 3D renders but I love AutoCAD. There are several other architecture software (ArchiCAD, Chief Architect, etc), but the money I earned do not justify paying license.

The floor plans and 3D models published on website are samples intending for viewing only, for educational purposes for students and also for families dreaming to build their own home, allow them deciding how big land to purchase. They are optimized for on-screen viewing, at low resolution to discourage stealing (20 pixels per meter for 2014-present design, 32 / 40 pixels per meter for pre-2013 designs), and colored to be understood by average people. They are NOT intended to be used in construction or submitted to government for building permit. For this, I provide detailed drawings in PDF format optimized for printing at any resolution you want. You have option to choose PDF files black and white or colored.


I get contacted by many non-serious people, some looking for consultation and not interested in my full service. People who are just dreaming for a house, not ready to build it, undecided, etc. Such people do not deserve attention and can be forgotten, but they makes me difficult to identify the serious people interested in my services, to pay attention to their projects.

If you are really interested in my services, and I accidentally forgotten you, just contact me again. I do not enjoy re-emailing every one to ask if you are ready / still interested in my services.

If you like my concept but have another architect/designer to do final project, I can sell you any of floor plans displayed on website, in editable .DWG file. This may save some time of your designer. But don’t forget that I can also offer a personalized floor plan for your requirements!

If you pay your designer but do not want to pay me too, DO NOT ask a free sketch from me, go from start to your designer.

Funny case: I do a FREE 20-min sketch, the customer likes it, then when we negotiate price for the construction drawings, he say that cannot pay because he have no money and is just helping his mom / brother / cousin / boss, to find a good concept plan. But hey, you do not need to pay for first sketch! Instead, you should tell about me to your family, so when they are ready to build their home, to come at me for the final drawings.

Should reorganize website?

Some people may suggest to organize the website in separate posts for every house plan, and tag them like India-style, 2-storey, 3-bedroom, 100-200 sqm, modern house, etc, so we can filter them, like in a Blog. However, I DISAGREE, this system can be used only if I have large number of projects finalized including 3D design, and will encourage people to serve themselves and steal my works, then where the “services and prices” should be shown? Showing on a single page few houses in different architectural styles plus prices may encourage people to contact me and eventually turn into customers. Probably there are already too many houses on website and would be better to delete few of them and keep only the BEST 10.

Statistics: most downloaded house plans (as 2014).
House & apartment design statistics (Excel file with all my house and apartment designs, one per row, showing room size of each room for calculating gross floor area and compare different housing models).


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    • Kevin Natusch on May 23, 2016 at 12:06 pm
    • Reply

    I have a land in Jkt, planning to built a 2storey domitory style building. Its accesible only for motorbikes. Pre-grads are my potential customer.
    Land size is 140sm. 10x14m ( 10 is the entrance ). It needs to have rooms min size 3x4m at least. Narrow hallway. 14-15 rooms in total. Common areas is only say 5-6parking bays( motorbike ) and a common area to hang clothes. So, its a typical tight dormitory. 1pax per room. Furnished..bed/study table n wardrobe. Pls email me for more info…if required.

    • Sakia B. Adile on July 6, 2016 at 7:01 pm
    • Reply

    Please send me more designs for town low income homes

    • Mark Cheong on July 22, 2016 at 3:41 am
    • Reply

    Hi. I am interested in a design concept for a full-serviced apartment project of about 80 units. Apartment sizes of units ranging from a mix of 500sq ft(studio), 800sq ft (one bedroom), 1200sq ft(two bedrooms), 1500 sq ft(three bedrooms). Land area is 1.4 acre (60,000 sq ft). Building height not to exceed 4 storey. Want some amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse/coffee shop, gym, children playground and 50 parking lots. Flat roof top for events, bbq, etc.. Need to provide for access roads and perimeter allowance.

    1. In which country are you building?
      Tell me dimensions (length and width) of that 60.000 sq ft land, and if is facing multiple roads, and orientation of these roads, and I will make a sketch. I would like a L-shaped building with pool on south or west side.

  1. I am an Indian – Sikh by religion. I am planing to construct my dream house which is going to be a green house and evaluated by GRIHA Government of India organisation. The Plot area is 1400 Sq Yards but I intend to cover 3 areas Viz. One front administrative block – single storey in an area of 105
    X 36 sq. ft which is going to be the front of the plot area ( Size of Plot Area is 105 sq. ft X 120 Sq.ft ). 2nd is going to be my dream home Square shaped building size which can be 15 Meters X 15 Meters or more as suggested by an expert – this area is going to be double storey with central dome in pyramid shape. The third is the car garage area with upper floor as servant quarter with square size 20 sq. ft x 20 sq. ft or more to be placed in the Last corner of the plot. Rest of the are is to be landscaped with Fruit and Flower plants. The house will be constructed using hollow fly ash – concrete blocks size 16 inches X 8 inches X 8 inches ( these blocks will also be used for boundary wall ) and partition walls will be formed by using the same blocks but with 6 inches width. The doors and windows are going to be of UPVC materials. Since the designs are to be approved by
    local authorities – Country and Town Planner I will have to engage a local architect. Please let me know how much would you charge me for taking this project to logical conclusion with 2d as well as 3d drawings and engineering details besides initial free drawings. If I feel comfortable I with you I
    will confirm the assurance of reimbursing the asked amount through my bank account with HDFC to your bankers. I will be awaiting your reply for your willingness work with me so that I can provide you with you my basic concept and my requirement to enable you to proceed with free sketches and take forward the business proposal. The building is to be surrounded by 5 ft wide sun shade on both the floors and the inside is also to have a gallery about 4 ft wide overlooking the centrally placed drawing room below the central dome and providing approach to the rooms and kitchen on the first floor. all doors of the bed room on the ground floor and first floor will also be opening on the outside overlooking the landscape area and inside to reach the main drawing hall. I am sure the details will be as assurance to you that I am serious House Maker and not in a mood to waste your time and my time. I respect highly educated technocrats and hope some good will come out of this interaction benefitting both of us.
    With warm Regards
    Harbhajan singh Sapra

    1. BIG land, BIG house and VERY BIG comment… but you forgot to mention how many rooms do you want for the house? And how do you access garage placed at rear side if the front side is occupied by administrative building on full width?

    2. We exchanged few emails and I told you that instead of writing 400 words each email, make your own sketch to help me understanding better your needs. From what I understand so far I made this sketch and you say that is not per your needs without explaining exactly what you don’t like…. and don’t want to reply anymore at emails. I hate this type of people! Another case of hard-to-satisfy Indian!

      Can someone else explain me what I did wrong?

    • Fran on October 6, 2017 at 10:00 am
    • Reply

    Hello. I found your website looking for some information about the house market in south korea. i just read the “bad indian customers” section that you have and i wanted to give you some encouragement. Do not let those people interfere with your career. If they are so bad as they seem then dont take any customer from that country. At least that is what i would do… My best wishes for you from south america

    1. Even if I ignore emails and chats from Indians, architecture is waste of time for me. Too much time wasted to find paying customers, too much design headache for their little money paid. I am earning BIG $$ from my other business.
      I would like to know how do you promote your services to get PAYING customers and how much you earn?

        • I am a idiot on October 12, 2017 at 9:23 pm
        • Reply

        Sorry guys for my anti Indian remarks but I’m not idiotic racist only stupid idiot!

      • I am a idiot on October 12, 2017 at 9:35 pm
      • Reply

      Thanks for idiotic advice racist ass hole! I hate latian idiot even more onĺy off the bed!

  2. Thanks for detail guidance. I’ve got it. I will contact soon when I complete the plan.

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