Map of private properties

Use a computer (not phone) for best experience. Open map on full screen. Click dots on map to see details about each property such as address, completion year, tenure, number of units, developer, etc.

Colored by private property type

HDB Apartment (6 properties)
Walk-up (26 properties)
Apartment (1038 properties)
Condominium (1589 properties)
Executive Condominium (46 properties)
Town House (13 properties)
Cluster House (83 properties)
Terraced House (272 properties)
Corner Terrace (8 properties)
Semi-Detached House (100 properties)
Detached House (40 properties)
Bungalow House (18 properties)
Good Class Bungalow (10 properties)
Conservation House (1 property)
Shop/Shophouse (1 property)
Unknown (1 property)

Colored by private property TOP year

1960-1979 (114 projects)
1980-1989 (361 projects)
1990-1999 (671 projects)
2000-2004 (407 projects)
2005-2009 (430 projects)
2010-2014 (538 projects)
2015-2019 (368 projects)
2020-2099 (78 projects)
Unknown (285 projects)


Map made using Google Fusion Tables, a FREE experimental application which I discovered in September 2017, it provided only 9 colors of colored dots, as well as other icons representing various businesses. Google announced closure of Fusion Tables on 3 December 2019.

In October 2019 I moved to ZeeMaps, a paid service that provide 31 colors to choose from. If anyone thinks that is better to use different colors that indicate block types and construction years, please tell.

If you want to use above map in your website, you can right click > View page source > copy embedding code.

If you want data in Excel format for commercial use, you can buy the Condo Database.

Data is sourced from PropertyGuru, which have most comprehensive condo directory in Singapore, but a couple of condos have wrong GPS coordinates, this is why looking on map you may see condos with no clickable dot, example Rainforest and iNz Residence, their dots are 1300 meters west from correct location.

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7 thoughts on “Map of private properties”

  1. I am looking to buy propertyguru condo database. Am I know will I be getting the updated version? What year or month is the latest version?

    1. Next time send an email or use live chat in lower-left corner of screen if you want a FAST reply from me.

      I saw your comment only today while cleaning SPAM. 80% of comments I receive are SPAM so sometimes I do not bother opening email notifications of new comments.

      PropertyGuru database got 9 sales in 2017, 7 sales in 2018 and ONLY 2 sales in 2019, due to this reason I did not updated anymore after December 2018. This is strange because in December 2018 I expanded database with few additional columns such as latitude and longitude and created the map visualization. Or maybe the map affected sales of Excel database negatively? I need at least 5 sales per year to be able to offer free updates regularly, otherwise I need to charge per update. How often do you want updates?

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