House models designed by me

Here are my best designs made by me from personal interest (artistic hobby / training) as well as for various customers, from 2008 to around 2016 when I retired from architecture for more profitable IT industry. I no longer make new designs on request basis, but I have over 100 designs for sale. Read notes.

If you need new custom designs to be made according your requirements, my partner architects can help you.

We are busy with PAYING customers! If you are looking for FREE floor plans, just look at past projects posted below, DO NOT disturb us with emails or chat messages requesting designs until you can afford our prices!

House for JUN from Philippines

3D house design front view House for JUN (Philippines) 3D house design back view

Do you dream a 4 bedroom house but you own just 70 sqm land? No problem at Teoalida Design! My client’s property in Batangas was 4.7 × 15.2 meters north-facing and I designed in AutoCAD a masterpiece in terms of space efficiency, 88 sqm floor area, plus car park and roof terrace. The client wanted a minimalist modern style without decorations, the 3D design is ugly in my opinion, but he was happy. Made in December 2013.

House with bedrooms in basement

Over 95% of houses built around the world that have multiple floors have living room on ground floor (or next floor if ground floor is a shop) and bedrooms on upper floors, but there are some cases (such as downhill land) in which is better to have bedrooms on lower floor and living room on upper floor).

House with bedrooms in basement

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Nigeria narrow house 5-bedroom 300 sqm

My client had a narrow lot 8.6 m at front, 7.4 m at back, 36 meters depth, facing east, which posed a challenge in designing a nice house measuring 6 x 28 meters. Bedrooms facing front and sides but not to rear to avoid afternoon sun. There is a fashion in Nigeria to build houses made from a mix of cubes in vibrant colors, upper floor in overhang to create a more interesting shape. Contacted me in March 2016, final project designed in June 2016.

3D cubist house design front view 3D cubist house design rear view
Narrow house for Nigeria

African modern house with 5-bedroom 270 sqm

My client from Uganda wanted an extravagant house different than what is common in his country (houses with pitched roof). A modern house with large balconies and roof terrace, he insisted the house to be rectangular (I initially disagreed with this, modern houses should have complex shapes).

Lot size 20x30m, main road on west side and minor road on south side, the house had to be beautiful on west side but in the same time the afternoon sun had to be avoided to go into interior, so I designed the small bedrooms to be facing north and south and added balcony on west side to cover the sun, master bedroom is again facing south but also have windows on east side to get morning sun. The actual project will have metal balcony rail instead of glass. CAD design in April 2015.

3D modern house design front view 3D modern house design rear view
House for Uganda

House design for north-facing lot in Europe

In temperate countries from Northern Europe, people try to get as much sun heat is possible, thus south-facing lots are sold at a premium price. However my customer lot was facing north, but this did not turned into a problem in making a beautiful floor plan in AutoCAD. Requirements: 3-bedroom + garage in about 180 sqm gross floor area.

House proposal for a customer in Lithuania

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Terrace Modern 300+ sqm

Luxury house design in 6-meter frontage, 4-storey terraced house, which works also as semi-detached house. 5 bedrooms, 4 with en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, big family room on fourth floor and a smaller one on third floor, roof terrace, private lift and swimming pool. Do you want more luxury features? With 144 and 192 sqm land plots, max possible density is 52 houses / hectare.

Designed in February 2011 for artistic purpose (no customer). Inspired from Singapore! (here even rich families own just one car). Notice how I mixed each 3-color group (red-green-blue / yellow-cyan-magenta)?

Terrace Modern housing complex, street view Terrace Modern House floor plan Terrace Modern housing complex, aerial view

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Home for Shwan (Iraq)

Shwan from Iraq was one of my first paying customers. I provided a high-detailed, fully-dimensioned architecture drawings, elevation and cross section, and as he wanted, I “delivered” in PDF format 6 sheets for printing on A4 paper.

Credits to customer for the idea of Arab-style floor plan, very different compared with the styles that I was familiarized with (he provided me a scanned paper with a shitty sketch and I converted it into a beautiful by-law drawing). Designed in June 2013.

Photo of his home from May 2014. He slightly deviated from my project, to make the facade more massive.

House for Shwan (Iraq) Shwan's House

Terrace Classic 250+ sqm

Luxury multi family housing complex inspired from Singapore. 3-storey terraced houses with basement parking and neoclassic facade, which works also as semi-detached houses. 4 spacious bedrooms, all with attached bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, family room in basement and private lift.

This, together with Semi-Detached Mixed, were the first houses I designed (in 2010) for artistic purpose. One year later I decided to continue the project, by arranging the houses in a Condo-style development with 80 houses and shared pool. Complex size: 100 x 135 metres, density 59.26 houses per hectare.

Terrace Classic housing complex, street view Terrace Classic house floor plan, 4 floors, 4 bedrooms, lift Terrace Classic housing complex, aerial view

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Shotgun house plan, narrow semi-detached house design

Shotgun house is originating from New Orleans and common in south states from 1830s to 1920s, single-story, 3-4 meters wide and 20+ meters long, having 3-5 rooms in row, entrances in the endmost rooms and no hallways. They can be found both detached and semi-detached (double barrel shotgun house).

In August 2014 a customer in Nigeria wanted to build 2 units of semi-detached in a 60 x 120 feet land… I designed a sketch inspired from American shotgun homes, improved with hallways. Customer said that will come back in a week and pay for complete project… but this never happened.

Got a personal interest for this type of house, so I improved the sketch with a 4th bedroom added in front, making it 5 meters wide and 26 meters long. 2-bedroom version made in 2015 after someone else’s sketch. 3D model designed in 2016, moment in which I lengthened floor plan with 2 meters, adding laundry room.

Shotgun Home front view Shotgun Home side view
Shotgun Home 2 bed Shotgun Home 4 bed

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Split-level house design 150 sqm

Example of split-level home with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, and minimum of hallways, being 7 meters wide is probably a good home plan for narrow lots with 10 meters frontage.

I made this house model in AutoCAD for a friend from Romania in 2011, it was inspired by a real house that I visited several years ago, for my customer I improved it by adding en-suite bath and balcony.

Split-level home with 3 bedrooms and garage Split-level home with 3 bedrooms and garage Split-level home with 3 bedrooms and garage

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Philippines Townhouse Series – 30-80 sqm

Philippines dense cities are dominated by tiny houses in back-to-back typology, which suffer from poor ventilation and lacks a washing area. The townhouses designed by me (still back-to-back) feature washing area (lanai) at rear, so cross-ventilation is possible.

In December 2012 I made a sketch for a filipino customer intending to build 4 rowhouses on 24 x 14 meters plot. For publishing on website I redesigned his sketch into smaller houses to show you how is possible to build 3-bedroom townhouse with carport in only 60 sqm land (5 x 12 m).

NOT suitable as single family home on 5-meter wide plots, a column will be needed in other side of carport too, reducing carport width to 250 cm, cars are growing and even compact cars like Toyota Corolla are now 180 cm wide, so you could not open doors. Houses built in pairs will have 540 cm wide carport, leaving 120 cm between cars and 30 cm between each car and wall.

Townhouse for Philippines Townhouse for Philippines, 3-bedroom Townhouse for Philippines

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In February 2013 I also tried a single-storey version, a legalized version of the worst tiny house ever seen (it don’t comply with law 2m wide / 6 sqm minimum bedroom size).

In November 2013 I designed a 4-bedroom floor plan for JUN supposedly having a 5x14m land. Then we realized that his land size is 4.7m wide and we had to try a different layout. I turned the original sketch into a 3D artistic project, beside that I designed 3 additional floor plans in various sizes… and compiled all 5 plans in a single image!

Townhouse floor plan 4-bedroom townhouse for Philippines, 80 sqm

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Terrace Airwells 250 sqm

Medium-luxury 3-storey terrace housing development inspired from Singapore and Malaysia, designed for artistic purpose in November 2010.

4/5 bedrooms plus family room and an extra maid room / guest room at first floor, postmodernist facades, gabled roof with 1:2 pitch, gross floor area 230-250 sqm, swimming pool and balcony above car porch (I do not know why but most carports have tiled roof instead of usable balcony). Arranged in clusters of 32 houses, they form a perfect rectangle 120 by 60 metres between street axis.

Terrace Airwells housing, aerial view Terrace Airwells, semi-detached versions, street view
Terrace Airwells house floor plan, 3 floors, 5-6 bedrooms

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House for my own family

House for 3-generation family with granny flatThis is a modern remade of the house proposed by me when I was 12 years old, for my family of 5 (me, parents and grandparents), when decided to go living on land, this is why it feature a “granny flat” on the ground floor and 3-bedroom unit at upper floors (space for one more child), with separate entrances joined in an entry hall, plus garage.

Original design had the floor plan partially flipped to reduce costs, garage under bedrooms and bathroom near kitchens, so a single vertical pipe served all 5, and it did not included furniture planning. During my childhood I liked making symmetrical houses with central balconies and place as many rooms is possible facing street.

The dream never came true… high land prices forced us to continue living in our two apartments.

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European Houses 90-200+ sqm

In March 2012 I redesigned 2 of my 2010 house designs, Semi-Detached and Quadruplex-Terraced (can be seen in Housing Archive). At same time I designed European Apartments.

2/3-bedroom Terraced Mixed Housing, 2 floors, 21x10m buildings containing 4 dwelling units and one common parking per a row of 4 buildings to provide 1 parking lot per house. Having 40 meters between alleys and 120 meters between parking lanes, results a typical density of 66.67 houses per hectare.

3-bedroom Terraced Housing, 2 floors, 6x10m, 48 meters minimal distance between streets, to give a minimal 4 meters backyard (3D design shows 6 meters backyard, most houses of Europe have much longer, 10-20 meters backyards, I hate such waste of land!), max possible density 69.44 houses per hectare.

4-bedroom Semi-Detached Housing, 2 floors, 6×12 m (8m lot frontage), let’s say 6 meters backyard, results a max density of 44.64 houses per hectare.

6-bedroom Semi-Detached Housing, 3 floors 6x14m…

At least the first two are common especially in United Kingdom and Ireland but also in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.
Further research revealed that most of terraced houses in Europe have living room at rear, kitchen at front and entrance in a hallway beside kitchen. Maybe some day I will redesign them again

Terraced house 3D design Terraced Mixed 3D design
Terraced mixed house plan European terraced house 4 bedroom floor plan European semi-detached house 6 bedroom floor plan

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Malaysia single-storey houses

Floor plans designed in early 2014, posted in May 2014. Such house layouts with central living room and no hallways are popular all around South Asia (India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc).

Rumah teres 2 / 3 bilik tidur Rumah berkembar 2-3-4 bilik tidur Rumah teres 3-4 bilik tidur

3D model designed in 2016 based on 3-bedroom semi-detached (91 sqm)
Rumah berkembar 2-3-4 bilik tidur Rumah berkembar 2-3-4 bilik tidur

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Rumah berkembar 3 bilik tidur Rumah berkembar 4 bilik tidur Rumah berkembar 4 bilik tidur Rumah berkembar 4 bilik tidur

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Malaysia bungalows

Additional one-floor plans, some inspired from houses built around Malaysia, some not inspired from them, they are suitable for any low-income country with large plots of land.

Rumah banglo 2 bilik tidur Rumah banglo 3 bilik tidur Rumah banglo 3 bilik tidur Rumah banglo 3 bilik tidur Rumah banglo 3 bilik tidur Rumah banglo 4 bilik tidur Rumah banglo 5 bilik tidur

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Malaysia two-storey houses

In early 2012 I started being fascinated by Malaysian houses, and I designed few floor plans in AutoCAD for fun, of which 2 I published in March 2012. I redesigned them in metric system in May 2014 and republished 4 terraced house styles.

Terraced houses with 4 bedrooms plus family room are most common house typology in Malaysia, houses with airwells are also common, typical frontages 6000 mm (almost 20 feet) and 6700 mm (22 feet).

Rumah teres 3 bilik tidur 110 meter persegi Rumah teres 4 bilik tidur 160 meter persegi Rumah teres 4 bilik tidur 130 meter persegi Rumah teres 4 bilik tidur 170 meter persegi

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Malaysia / Singapore three-storey houses

The biggest house in my portfolio was Terrace Modern, which was weird since terrace houses are usually for lower-class people, so I designed a new house in Semi-Detached form in mid-2011 which was almost 400 sqm, 5 en-suite bedrooms and private lift.

I made a poll so people can vote for their favorite 3D design and in 2013 I decided to make them in 2 versions, a highly-decorated neoclassic design and an ultramodern design, each one would require about 1 week of full-time work. But meantime I got too busy with projects for customers thus abandoned non-paid projects.

Rumah berkembar 5 bilik tidur 320 meter persegi Rumah berkembar 5 bilik tidur 400 meter persegi

I also attempted to design bungalows bigger than semi-detached houses. I re-made one in 2017 and published here. A nearly 500 sqm luxury house, but still a compact design that requite a land plot of minimum 18 x 30 meters (60 x 100 feet). I hardly could design such big house without exaggerating in number of rooms, so I put 7 bedrooms + maid room, and 9 bathrooms. House feature a pool, private lift, and roof terrace.

Rumah banglo 7 bilik tidur 450 meter persegi

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Philippines single-storey house floor plans 38-56 sqm

AutoCAD floor plans designed in early 2014, following the minimum room size allowed by Philippines laws: bedroom 2 m wide / 6 sqm area, bathroom 1.2 m wide (although the law allow 0.9 m wide but using toilet would be uncomfortable). If you’re lucky and able to afford a bigger lot, I can enlarge these houses or design bigger houses for individual cases.

In this country, the term Bungalow define a single-storey house, NOT a detached house with any number of floors, like in the rest of Asia.

Philippines Bungalows

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Philippines double-storey house floor plans 55-80 sqm

Many lots in Philippines are 8 meter wide, and setbacks are 1.5 m in front and side and 2 m at rear. So if you want a single detached house, you can build 5 meters wide house, like these samples for 80 and 100 sqm plots. However for lots smaller than 120 sqm people choose to build attached houses (with firewall). Designed in AutoCAD early 2013, redesigned and colored in February 2015.

Philippines Single Detached Houses

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Philippines squarish house design 73-104 sqm

During 2013 I have been contacted by at least 5 people looking for ideas for their squarish land plots, sized like 10×10, 10×12, 12×12, 12×14 meters, etc. I designed 5 slightly similar sketches for various people and now I am publishing here the best two of them… plus an ultra compact home (73 sqm) done for fun (no specific customer) in March 2014.

3-bedroom house for Philippines, 73 sqm 3-bedroom house for Philippines, 100 sqm 4-bedroom house for Philippines, 104 sqm

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Low-cost High-Density Housing 60-100 sqm

These small house plans and 3D models are inspired from Latin America, more exactly from the Mexico social housing (casas de interes social), which are probably the densest legally-built (no slums) houses in the world, reaching up to 150 houses per hectare. Most of their houses are built with max 2 bedrooms, living inside may be not happy given by the fact that many owners expanded them in front and upwards, sometimes reaching 4 floors. I designed in 2010 4 styles of High-Density housing, however my designs are bigger than original Mexico ones, in which the bedrooms are just 3 by 3 meters.

Terraced houses, 3 meters narrow frontage and 12 meters depth, 72 sqm floor area, very similar with Mexico ones which are 60 sqm. The U-shaped stair allows easy upwards extension.

Terraced houses, 3 meters frontage and 12 meters long Terraced house floor plan, 3 meters frontage and 12 meters long

Quarter-Detached houses, 5 meters width and 10 meters depth, 69.5 sqm floor area, very similar with Mexico ones which are 55 sqm. The U-shaped stair allows easy upwards extension.

Quarter-Detached houses, 5 meters wide and 10 meters long Quarter-Detached house floor plan, 5 meters wide and 10 meters long

Back-to-Back Terraced houses with courtyards, 6 meters frontage and 10 meters depth, 96 sqm floor area, this layout is an own version never seen in Mexico, it have better land coverage, also bathroom as well as stairwell have window! So it is the best version in my opinion. The U-shaped stair allows easy upwards extension.

Back-to-Back houses, 6 meters wide and 10 meters long Back-to-Back house floor plan, 6 meters wide and 10 meters long

Cluster Terraced housing, an upscale version, 4 meters width and 10 meters depth, 80 sqm, and 6 meters width 120 sqm on endings. Somewhat similar with Mexico ones which are usually 65 sqm and have parking either in front of house or at end of street. This one hardly allows upwards extension.

Cluster terraced houses, 4-6 meters wide and 10 meters long Cluster terraced house floor plan, 4-6 meters wide and 10 meters long

Detached housing, further research revealed that the attached houses that are common in Asia are disappreciated in Mexico. They want “totally individual houses” even if are less than 1 meter apart. Such houses have usually 1 bedroom in front and 2 on back. I made my own version, L-shaped house, 100 sqm 3 bedrooms of which 2 enjoy privacy by facing to front! SMART? Semi-detached possible!

Detached houses, 5 meters wide and 12 meters long Detached house floor plan, 5 meters wide and 12 meters long

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Also see: High-Density Apartments, posted in the Apartment Design page.

American home 240 sqm / 360 sqm land

American houseI do not enjoy United States architecture very much or the american lifestyle, but I still wanted to complete my collection of architectural designs with an american-inspired home. Typical home in America is 3 to 5 bedroom, 2000 square feet in average, don’t know if this figure include garage, but is common to have 2/3-car garage per house. The housing density is low as 10- max 15 homes per hectare, but because many homes are single-story, 12 m wide or even wider, numerous rooms are facing side walls, invading privacy of neighbors as the homes are only 3 meters apart.

I improved the typical american McMansion by making a home plan only 8 meters frontage and still… I succeeded to put 4 bedrooms facing either front of back of home, no more privacy problems, also all baths have windows!

3D design… maybe after an american will review my floorplan, I think that living-dining area should be reconfigured better.

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Arabian house

This is the finished and colored version of the sketches proposed to a customer from Iraq in April 2014.

Arab house

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India & Pakistan terraced houses

Houses covering whole plot and having just small airwells to ventilate inner rooms are common in urban areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle East and parts of North Africa. Bungalows (detached houses) surrounded by open space on all sides (minimum 1.5m setback) are only for rich people.

I had numerous BAD experiences in India (compared with Philippines where I had most paying customers), I designed dozens of “30-min sketches” just to realize that I wasted my time with idiots who just wanted “a plan” without intention to pay for my services, did not wanted to proceed to detailed drawings (or wanted but free of charge), or not even replying after emailing the sketch, not even a “thank you” for the FREE help offered. Some people asked me “I need a plan X by X meters” and while designing the requested plan they said “I found what I was looking for on your website / another website” and quit chat before I was able to finish and send design. Some indians are really idiots and never learn to NOT disturb architects unless you are interested in (paying) our services.

In 2014 I colored and published 3 selected sketches, with one, two and three floors:

In late 2012 an owner of a 22 x 40 feet land, appreciated the layout of ”A different terraced house”, and asked me to resize and design with imperial system. I made a 3BHK house, notice how I made windows for every bathroom, lower floor toilet being ventilated through garage? 5-foot road reserve space, 4-foot corridors, 1-meter wide staircase, to comply with India building code.

In 2014 another client had 13 feet wide land, this time from Pakistan, I turned the apparently impossible project into a spacious 3BHK house spreading on 3 floors. By removing carport and moving drawing room on ground floor, it can be a 4BHK house.

One story houses
6x12 m 1BHK house plan 25x40 ft 2BHK house plan 22x50 ft 2BHK house plan 20x60 ft 3BHK house plan

Two / three story houses
5x10m 2BHK house plan 22x40 ft 3BHK house plan 15x60 ft 3BHK house plan 3-storey house plan

Common in India are the houses for multi-generation families, terraced-styled houses having each floor belonging to another branch of family (duplex, triplex), or even worse, each family branch having just one room. Here is an example of two-family house floor plan designed in early 2015 for a client, with AutoCAD 3D model added from personal interest in December 2015.

Some clients want their home to be at ground floor and multiple rental flats on first floor, designing different floor plan each floor is very difficult.

Two-family house Multi-generation house floor plan Two-family house

Of the many houses designed for clients. Here are 2 more sketches which I feel them interesting.
20 by 60 ft floor plan 30 by 60 ft floor plan

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Notes about me

Most projects were made for 3D artistic hobby in 2008-2012. They intended to showcase my skills especially in designing efficient layouts. Simplified to be understood by people with zero architecture knowledge, they are NOT intended to be submitted to government for building permit or used in construction.

Since adding live chat widget in 2012, few hundreds people contacted me for architectural design services, I stopped designing for hobby to focus on designing for customers. Some projects shown on website are made from personal interest, based on the quick sketches made at customers request.

House & apartment design statistics (Excel file with all my house and apartment designs, one per row, showing room size of each room for calculating gross floor area and compare different apartment models).

Floor plans made in 2008-2013 use black background, scale 32 pixels per meter, 3D design is rendered at 2048×1536. Since 2010 I added dimensions in millimetres. Apartment size is net floor area (not including walls and balconies).

Floor plans made since 2014 are colored, scale 20 pixels per meter, 3D design is rendered at 1920×1080 or 1440×1080. Dimensions are in meters. Both gross and net floor areas are indicated.

Since 2015 I started a process of redesign old floor plans into colorful style, but never finished because in 2016 I retired from architecture to focus on databases and IT industry. Over next years few people contacted me to buy my past projects, we negotiated price and I emailed AutoCAD DWG files.

Notes for purchasing AutoCAD DWG files

Apartment prices: 2 units per floor $40, 3-4 units per floor $50, 5-8 units per floor $60, 9-12 units per floor $70, 13-16 units per floor $80.

House prices: $10 x number of rooms (counting bedrooms and living room), if there are multiple similar plans bundled in one file, add $10 for each additional plan.

$10 discount if you purchase multiple drawings, regardless you purchase at once or separately.

Seeing people preference for buying ready-made drawings, since November 2019 I started adding BUY buttons to each project so you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card and receive automatically editable AutoCAD DWG files (a system I use for selling databases since 2012) instead of needing to email you the files manually.

The process continue in 2020 because I have over 100 projects, some of them need to be updated to current quality standards before posting files for sale. I took new screenshots at scale 40 pixels per meter, for better look on high DPI phone screens, and added few plans designed but never published before.

Selling DWG files is experimental, because I do not know how happy will be YOU to purchase a floor plan not made for you (made for a past customer or from personal interest). I also do not know if is a good idea to sell bundles of multiple floor plans. There are very few sites selling to get inspired from (example with prices starting from $1000 including detailed architectural drawings).

Depending by customer feedback I will adjust files available and prices. Some people suggested to NOT display floor plans at all, but only 3D image, requiring people to pay to view floor plan. But designing 3D model for every floor plan would take more effort and do not guarantee sales, since there are countless websites where you can view floor plans for free (but not edit / modify).

FAQ: Can I purchase 3D models? Are detailed drawings included? Or only floor plans?

Only floor plans, unless otherwise stated. Clicky Analytics shows 3D images gets 5-10x less clicks/downloads than floor plans images, meaning that very few are interested in 3D models, due to this reason since 2015 I have not made 3D models unless been paid. If you are interested in 3D model contact me and let’s negotiate price.

I never made detailed drawings, elevations and sections without advance payment, and due to low number of paying customers, only ~10 projects include elevations and sections, made for customers from specific countries, owning a plot of land of specific size and preferring a specific architectural style. I can post them for sale too, but they may have NO USE for you, because you would need to modify them to suit your needs and your country laws, which is same effort like making a complete new design. So detailed drawings will be made by my partners on order only following laws of your country.

A complete package cost $1000-2000 and include:

– Architectural Plans and details (done by Architect)
– Structural Analysis Report (done by a Structural Engineer)
– Structural Plans and Details (based on the Structural Analysis, integrated into plans by Architect)
– Electrical Plans and Details (advised and drafted by an Electrical Engineer but drawn by Architect for integration into the plan)
– Sanitary Plans and Details (advised and prepared by a Sanitary Engineer and done by Architect for compilation)
– Bill of Quantities done by Architect

Personally I use only AutoCAD, my partners use also ArchiCAD, Blender, Revit, 3D Studio Max.

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