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HDB Application Rate

I saved every page from HDB InfoWEB > Application Rate in HTML format in my computer (since 2010 to present), also compiled an Excel table with a summary of application rate per BTO and SBF launch. Updated after May 2023 BTO+SBF.

Detailed application rates per BTO and flat type are available in HTML pages, a fan of my website have copied them in Excel but the table is a bit messy because number of columns vary from between BTO launches, if anyone else have better ideas to compile them in Excel, message me!

Watch video to see what do you get!

Don’t forget to check other databases made by me (100+ databases).


Until October 2015 site redesign, the application rate for past BTO far back as Aug 2010 was still accessible via direct links ( although no longer visible in the Application Status page.

2015-2021 link was

Since 2022 link is

An application rate 3.00 means that number of applications exceed 3 times flat supply, theoretically 1 of 3 people will be invited to select a flat. An application rate 1.00 does not always mean that everyone got a flat, because some flat types gets oversubscribed while others undersubscribed.

For example, the May 2013 BTO set a new record of low applicant rate: 1.07 overall, this does not mean that everyone got a home. The 4-room units got 4.3 in Hougang BTO while in Sembawang BTO the rate was 0.4 (60% flats remained unsold). Stupid idea to launch BTO in such bad location in the same time with SBF, obviously people went in SBF for better located flats.

In May 2015 for the first time HDB announced the launch date 1 week before the actual launch, the application rate being unusual high even after one day of sales, proving that HDB is still undersupply. Surprisingly, first time BTO exceeded SBF application rate.

HDB stopped announcing launch date in advance (when?).

Since 2021 or 2022 HDB added these notes:

Applications include those who have applied in earlier sales launches, some of whom may be waiting to book a flat, which on average form about 20% of total applications. From past sales launches, about 40% of the invited flat applicants did not proceed to book a flat. Thus, most applicants will be able to select a flat if the application rate of the project is below 1.7.

More applicants are also shortlisted than the available flat supply at each sales launch, i.e. we shortlist beyond 100%, and up to 300%, of total flat supply. These shortlisted applicants will also be given a queue number, and may have a chance to secure a flat if applicants with smaller queue number drop out.


  1. Hi,

    May i request for the compiled Excel table with a summary of application rate for every BTO and SBF launch from 2010 to present, together with HTML pages.

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    May i request for the compiled Excel table with a summary of the application numbers for every BTO and SBF launch from 2007 to 2019, together with HTML pages for a school assignment?

    Thank you! Really appreciate it!

  3. Hey there Teoalida,

    Could I request to have a copy of the full excel sheet please? Greatly appreciate your work. Thank you!

  4. Hi,

    May i request for the compiled Excel table with a summary of the application numbers for every BTO and SBF launch from 2007 to 2020?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi, I would like to request for the Excel table. Appreciate your work as the information is all scattered on HDB website and is difficult to get. Thanks.

  6. To all people who request FREE data: before giving you for FREE make sure you see all databases available, you sure don’t want to pay $ for a bigger more detailed database?

    In September 2019 I put a couple of “products” at $1 instead of $0. Reason: to prevent people purchasing themselves just because is $0 and not because they need such data (I still give to FREE but you need to contact me if you are REALLY interested), my initial strategy was to offer a couple of small databases for free hoping that will encourage people to pay for BIG databases afterwards, but it turned to have opposite effect: people probably disappointed by small amount of data included in free databases, went away and never purchased any paid database afterwards, while the ones who purchased paid databases, they did this directly without testing with a free one first.

  7. Sorry Can I request a free dataset on hdb application rate because I need urgently for my schoolwork If you see this message Please Reply Thank you

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