HDB price trends

HDB Resale Price Index DOUBLED from 2007 to 2013, dropped slightly to 2015 then stabilized. However, due to high supply of flats completed in 2014-2017 that enter on resale market since 2019, prices are likely to drop more in the coming years.

I am surprised by the 0.5% increase in 4th quarter of 2019 against logic that contradict my prediction, does fall ended and another price bubble is coming in 2020? At same …

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– Map of HDB blocks –

Use a computer (not phone) for best experience. Open map on full screen.

Click each dot on map to view year built, number of floors, number of units, upgrading programmes, typical floor plans, chances to get SERS, etc.

HDB block color legend (10786 blocks as November 2019)

Brown (102): Blocks built by SIT (1927-1960). Red (1922): Classic blocks 1STD, 2STD, 3STD, 4STD, 1I, 2I, 3I, 4I, 3NG, 4NG, 5STD, 5I (1961-1981). Orange (2464): Classic blocks …

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List of BTO brochures

I starting collecting the PDF brochures of BTO projects in December 2009. Saved every brochure in my computer and uploaded them here because HDB do not keep them available for more than 2-3 years and many people are needing brochures of older projects, especially when applying via Sale of Balance Flats.

BTO lauch brochures: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. BTO full brochures: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,

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– Map of private properties –

Open map on full screen. Click dots on map to see details about each property such as address, completion year, tenure, number of units, developer, etc. Use a computer (not phone) for best experience.

Note: I put map on a separate page because ZeeMaps have a quota (10,000 map views / loading per month). The map was loading every time someone visited homepage www.teoalida.com and 90% people who …

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HDB history and floor plan evolution 1930s – 2010s

This page shows floor plans of ~100 most common HDB flat types and most representative layouts. Many other layouts exists, unique layouts with slanted rooms, as well as variations of the standard layouts, these usually have larger sizes.

Looking for certain town or flat type? Use Ctrl+F to search within this page.

Most searched floor plans: 1960s 3STD 3I 4I, 1970s 3NG 4NG 5I, 1980s 3S 3A 4S 4A 5A, 1990s 4A 5I, EA, …

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HDB floor plans > AutoCAD .DWG

I can provide DWG file, 2D or 3D model of your HDB flat for only $40!

And not just HDB floor plans. I can also design condo floor plans, house plans, etc. Contact me for anything that can be drafted in AutoCAD!

I am writing this page in 2013 after being hired by a Malaysian architect to draw 5 HDB whole block floor plan in AutoCAD, for analysis of space efficiency. Later, a Singaporean …

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List of BTO projects

Build-To-Order was introduced in April 2001 and became main supply of HDB flats. Currently new BTO flats are launched for sale in February, May, August, November. Exact day of launch is not known, but you can subscribe to HDB eAlert Service.

For best viewing use phone in landscape, or a computer. For floor plans see HDB brochures (2010-present). Possible upcoming BTO locations.

SHARE to help people doing right choices when …

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HDB flat types and their sizes

Flat type abbreviation: STD = Standard, I = Improved, NG = New Generation, S = Simplified, A = Model A. Some people abbreviate Standard as S instead of STD, this is wrong.

1960s-1970s flat types (refuse chute in kitchen) 1-Room Emergency (1960-?) – all demolished 2-Room Emergency (1960-?) – demolished except 5 blocks 1-Room Standard (1960-?) – no evidence if it existed, in my opinion should exists 2-Room Standard (1960-1970) – around 41 sqm, one WC/shower (Continue reading

List of SERS sites

Between 1995 and 2007, 71 SERS sites were announced. Between 2008 and 2018, only 10 SERS sites were announced, total 7883 flats. At this rate, 306 years are required to replace all 241343 flats built between 1971 and 1980. It is obvious that SERS is highly selective and only a small amount of these flats will be selected for redevelopment.

See also: List of SERS sites in Excel spreadsheet with few extra details. Curious what …

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Database of Condos

If you need a list of condos in Excel format to organize your work, I made some databases for you extracting data from SingaporeExpats, PropertyGuru, and also BCA MCST search for people doing phone SMS marketing. Feel free to contact me for other web scraping projects!

SingaporeExpats condos


Fields completion percentage Condo name 100% Condo address 100% Property type 100% District 100% Developer 72.40% Tenure 80.33% Estimated TOP 74.65% Number of units …

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