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Weird stuff

A girl talking with me while riding her boyfriend

    This is by far the WEIRDEST conversation I ever had in my life! A girl talking with me while having sex with her boyfriend… until mom entered room, caught them and forced to break up, now she wants to be MY girlfriend!

    Talkagent – someone ask me to outsource my customer support job to them! LOL

      What Talkagent do is to greet website visitors, ask if are interested in our services, get their phone and email and provide leads to business owner to call them, or book appointments. Such outsourced customer support is good for a lawyer, doctor or architect who is whole day on field and do not have time to stay at computer to chat with visitors, he may employ a customer service agent that answer common questions.

      But in my case I stay all time at computer anyway to do IT and architecture projects for customers so I do not need to employ any third-party agent. Furthermore, due to nature of my website, 90% of enquiries I get are unique and cannot be answered by anyone else than myself with 10+ years of experience in architecture and real estate.

      Women are good drivers

        My mom caused an accident 2 months after she got driving license, so I though that she should NEVER drive any car, but she improved over time while my dad caused more accidents.

        How dangerous is Facebook for underage girls

        I created a FAKE account on Facebook with photos of a 15-year old girl (famous model) to make a prank on 1 April Fools Day to my friends from a game, but this unintentionally turned into a social experiment that revealed the dirty truth about the world we live in: lots of pedophiles roam freely on Facebook looking for young girls to ask for nude photos and to have sex!

        Worst music ever

          What is the worst thing that you ever heard playing in a car speakers?