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Screen resolution statistics

Screen resolution statistics

As graphic designer and enthusiast in computer history, I became curious how the monitor dimensions evolved over the years and analyzed which screen resolutions were most popular, so I created these Excel files:

Web hosting

Choosing a good web hosting service

There are 3 types of hosting services:
– Free web hosting services with pre-made templates
– Free web hosting with PHP and MySQL, similar with paid hosting
– Paid hosting services (shared server, virtual private server, dedicated server)

SEO SPAM from India

SEO SPAM from India

Webdesign companies do exist all over the world, but 90% of spammers sending unsolicited emails and phone calls are from India, usually start-ups and unexperienced teenagers claiming that are big companies and fool naive people to outsource work to them. Not all Indian companies are spammers, but the (5%?) doing SPAM damage reputation of Indian IT industry and reputable companies suffer as well.

They guarantee that will push my website to top of Google search results, 101% recovery from Panda and Penguin penalties, etc (for your info: no one can guarantee #1 in Google. What if multiple websites in same niche apply for their services, who will be #1?). I asked them how they do that, but most of them do not provide details, they just insist to get paid and let my website on their hands.

Website penalized by Google and my solution

I added too many keywords in image ALT tags on 2 pages each with around 100 images. These 2 pages have been the first to be penalized by Google, in mid-2013 for few months they were no longer appearing in searches and traffic dropped with 90%. I should have taken this as a WARNING that I do something wrong, but I did not paid any attention and continued adding ALT tags stuffed with keywords. On 12 October 2013 whole site was removed from Google search results for most keywords, causing traffic drop from 500 to 150 daily visitors. On 9 January 2014 remove the ALT and TITLE tags. Surprise, next day 10 January penalty was lifted (after 90 days).

Webs.com review – WORST hosting ever?

Webs.com is extremely limited compared with other free hosting services, and you get a lot ads and pop-ups telling you to upgrade, as well as weekly emails about Premium services with 50% off… but these Premium services lack features that should exists at any paid hosting services (see below What you CANNOT do on Webs.com).

Webs.com offer a tiny 42 MB storage space and stupid 500 MB monthly bandwidth, unchanged since at least 2008. Is a common trend for hosting services to add new features in their free plans over time. Webs.com marketing strategy is opposite: overtime Webs remove features from free accounts and tell you to upgrade to Premium to continue using them.

Guest post SPAM – good or bad?

Every month I get few dozens emails asking price for sponsored articles / guest posts on my website, despite that I reply them all and negotiate price, they never give any article to post, this article explain why.

Biggest websites comparison

Images generated using https://smallseotools.com/domain-authority-checker/ showing Domain Authority and Page Authority as October 2018. You can check yourself copying links below image into above website to check current ranking.