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Here is the list of 70+ database projects made by me, from personal interest to distribute freely (small ones) or sell for professional use (big ones), as well as databases made at request of single or multiple customers and published on website to allow other customers to purchase them if interested.

Not included in below list are the databases created as one-time project for single customers outside of my fields of interest, few of them made under non-disclosure agreement.

I offer web scraping services, making custom databases according your requirements

Project File
Pages /
How was
Date made /
World geography
Solar System (Word version, DELETED) DOC manual 2000 ?
Solar System (Excel version) XLS 45 manual 2014
World countries & facts
(Word, based on old atlas, DELETED)
DOC manual 1998-2000
World countries & facts (based on Encarta 2002) XLS 81 ~200 rows manual 2004
World countries & facts (based on The World Factbook) XLSX 2280 268 rows scraping 2017
World cities population (original version, DELETED) DOC 727 130 pages manual 2003-2005
World cities population (Word simple) DOC 477 50 pages manual 2016-present
World cities population (Word detailed) DOC 781 150 pages manual 2016-present
World cities population (Excel detailed) XLS 1075 7500+ rows manual 2016-present
World tallest buildings database XLS 5425 15000+ rows scraping 2015
United States all buildings database XLS 91627 160000+ rows scraping 2016
Singapore real estate
Database of HDB Blocks XLS 6000+ 14000+ rows manual 2009-present
Database of HDB Resale Flat Prices (2008-2013) XLS 24307 160000+ rows copy-paste 2009-present
Database of HDB Resale Flat Prices (1990-2018) XLSX 60000+ 160000+ rows copy 2017-present
List of BTO & DBSS projects XLS 103 300+ rows manual 2009-present
List of BTO prices XLS 183 700+ rows manual 2015-present
List of SERS sites XLS 49 80 rows manual 2009-present
List of HUDC estates XLS 64 24 rows manual 2011-present
List of Executive Condominiums XLS 132 66 rows manual 2011-present
Condo Database SingaporeExpats XLS 2981 3100+ rows scraping 2015-present
Condo Database PropertyGuru XLS 2334 3200+ rows scraping 2016-present
Managing Agent Database XLS 1185 4200+ rows scraping 2017-present
Hong Kong real estate
Hong Kong Public & Private Housing Estates XLS 592 1000+ rows manual 2011
Hong Kong Housing Database Estates (Centadata) XLS 806 3200+ rows scraping 2016-present
Hong Kong Housing Database Buildings (Centadata) XLS 4093 24370 rows scraping 2018-present
Hong Kong Housing Authority XLS 420 476 rows scraping 2018-present
Romania geography – download from www.teoalida.ro/geografie
Geografia Romaniei (geographic features) DOC 198 23 pages manual 1998-2006
Drumuri nationale (list of roads) DOC 72 6 pages manual 1999-2006
Cai ferate linii (list of railways) DOC 74 6 pages manual 1999-2006
Cai ferate linii & statii (list of railways with stations) DOC 347 51 pages manual 2000-2006
Impartirea administrativa interbelica (1925-1940) DOC 166 11 pages manual 2006 ?
Impartirea administrativa in regiuni (1950-1968) DOC 81 8 pages manual 1999-2006
Impartirea administrativa actuala (1968-prezent) DOC 105 10 pages manual 1998-2006
Populatia judetelor si oraselor (city population) XLS 213 320 rows manual 2004-2006
Automobile research – download from www.teoalida.com/cardatabase
Car Models List DOC 403 59 pages manual 2003-2015
Car Models List XLS 1545 4500+ rows manual 2012-present
Car Nameplates List XLS 524 3000+ rows manual 2016-present
Car Models Timeline XLS 584 manual 2003-2015
Car Models Encyclopedia DOC 1680 360 pages manual 2005-2013
Car Models Database XLS 1346 3500+ rows manual 2005-present
Car Models & Engines Database XLS 13532 18000+ rows manual 2003-present
American Year-Make-Model XLS 1567 14000+ rows manual 2013-present
American Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs XLS 74720 50000+ rows scraping 2014-present
German Car Database XLS 250178 100000+ rows scraping 2015-present
Indian Car Database XLS 17152 3000+ rows scraping 2015-present
Middle East Car Database XLS 10000+ rows scraping 2016-present
Australian Car Database XLS 96467 90000+ rows scraping 2017-present
Motorcycles Database XLS 24569 30000+ rows scraping 2016-present
AutoKatalog Statistics XLS 212 manual 2012-present
Automobile Production XLS 130 copy-paste 2012-present
Automobile Sales Figures XLS 833 scraping 2017-present
Computer & technology
Screen size calculator XLS 50.5 manual 2014
Screen resolution statistics XLS 326 copy-paste 2014-present
Screen resolution statistics by country XLS 2380 copy-paste 2014-present
Mobile Phones Database XLS 8968 8000+ rows scraping 2016-present
Digital Cameras Database XLS 2778 3000+ rows scraping 2017-present
Gaming stuff – see www.teoalida.com/games
Age of Empires DOC 208 manual 2001 ?
Age of Empires (base game)
(table of military units)
XLS 106 manual remade 2007?
Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
(table of military units)
XLS 112 manual remade 2007?
Beetle Crazy Cup
(vehicle stats)
XLS 71 manual 2002?
GTA Vice City
(mission tree, vehicle stats)
XLS 117 manual 2005
GTA San Andreas
(mission tree, vehicle stats)
XLS 134 manual 2007
Commander Keen 4 – Second game I ever played!
(statistics of levels and items)
XLS 117 manual ~2000? DOC
remade 2007
Midtown Madness 1
(vehicle stats)
XLS 40 manual 2003
Midtown Madness 2
(vehicle stats)
XLS 35 manual 2005
Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
(vehicle stats, personal records on every track)
XLS 217 manual 2003-2006
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
(career levels, vehicle top speed stats)
XLS 58 manual 2003
Need For Speed: Underground
(career events, vehicle performance, tuning items)
XLS 161 manual 2006
Quake 3 maps statistics
(not yet public due to messy work)
XLS ? manual 2000-2007
The Sims 2/3 List of houses made by me XLS 24 manual 2013
The Sims 2 Career Tracks XLS 219 copy-paste 2012
The Sims 2 List of Items XLS 216 manual 2012
The Sims 3 Worlds and List of Lots XLS 398 manual 2013
Miscellaneous works
Music Database XLS 2200+ 6000+ rows manual 2005-present
Stadiums Database XLS 3000+ rows scraping 2018

Since childhood I love writing books, doing research, making databases and statistics. I started using computers in 1997, my dad taught me to use Word, but around 2003 I started using Excel more than Word. Analyzing data, making tables and charts about everything encountered in my life! For example, in racing games I measure the speed of each car and write the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet then make a chart.

Early works were pure hobbies, made from personal interest, with no plans to commercialize them.

Hong Kong Housing Database was also made from personal interest of analyzing public housing estates, few months later, an insurance company asked me if I can expand it to private housing estates. It became my FIRST large project made for a customer.

Car Database were also started as hobby for my personal use, but had an unexpected turnout into business after 2012 when I realized that many companies in automotive industry are paying big $$ to get a complete, accurate, and frequently updated database. I went through extensive transformation to make my hobby databases suitable for professional use.

Seeing the success with car database, I decided to transform other hobby databases and sell them for professional use, such as HDB Database  and World Cities Database.

Starting from 2015 I learned web scraping. Scraping usually means running a software to visit a list of given pages, extract specific data and put it in a database automatically. This allow me to create very large databases with little effort, spending ~30 min to write codes and leave scraping software to run in background for few hours or days.

Between 2015 to 2017 I created over 50 databases via web scraping, some from personal interest to sell to multiple people (India, Middle East and Australia car databases, mobile phones databases, etc) and others for single customers who requested them (web scraping services).

Keeping all databases regularly updated takes is a huge workload. Scraping more websites, if they take too much time, will create additional workload and will delay everyone’s updates. As 2018 I decided to STOP updating databases having less than 5 sales per year so I can focus on the ~20 best-selling databases that produce 80% of my income.

So… unless you come with a GREAT IDEA of database that can be sold to multiple customers, I have the right to NOT do your web scraping project if it takes more than ~2 hours of manual work and more than ~50 hours of running scraper in background.

Some projects (example Database of HDB Resale Flat Prices) involve copying the data from a source website and pasting in Excel, then few visual adjustments to make it beautiful, which takes just few hours to create a 20 MB Excel database.

Other projects (example Database of HDB blocks) involve compiling data from various sources and manual data entry in Excel, taking hundreds hours of work!

All my projects are made primarily for visualization in Excel, but some (especially the Car Database) are often used by professionals who are converting the Excel spreadsheet to CSV and MySQL and use in web design and mobile app development.

Working style

My parents encouraged me to work in Microsoft Word, and told me to finish and print the work because “what is not finished have ZERO value“. I never understand why they wanted to print… some works for example Car Database should NOT be printed and cannot be “finished”, it need to be updated constantly with new launched cars. They promised me that will help me publishing a book… but this never happened (there is a possibility that they encouraged me just to give me a solitary occupation at computer to prevent me disturbing them, instead of letting me to have a social life).

My dad even set me rules, how a book should be written: Arial font, 12pt body text, 16-20pt titles, all titles centered, bolded, underlined. However, since my writings were not really a book but a list of… something, the rules imposed by dad created excessive bold and centered text.

Around 2001-2003 I got fascinated by Notepad and by fixed-width font and I was using lines of — and === signs full page width to enhance titles.

Since 2003 I broke away from dad rules and started using Excel more than Word. New works in Word were optimized for on-screen display instead of printing, often using non-standard page sizes, to make exactly 1 page for each subject. I write with 10pt font for body text, 20pt and 15pt for titles, 10pt and 5pt for empty spaces.

Since 2003 for both Word and Excel works, the titles were white text on blue background for full page width, which does not look very well on paper. I used same style when created my website in 2009.

Since 2010, one of the distinctive features of all my Excel works are the coloured columns, older works were coloured to this format too. I combine the Excel databases with my graphic design hobby, making Excel files also artistic!

Since 2015 I changed the standard of Word files, removing full-width coloured backgrounds of titles and putting instead full-width horizontal lines (similar with what I was doing in 2001-2003 in Notepad). This will be better for printing (even if I assume that nobody will print my works). I changed also my website design to this format.

One of my friends said that my website looks like being made by an expert in typography rather than by a webdesigner!

Example of styling in my books: 2012, 2013, 2015 editions of Car Models Encyclopedia

I also done some kind of competition between my works, a race to create biggest database in Excel or biggest book in Word, in terms of pages and file size, under certain standards (10pt font, no duplicate stuff, no large open spaces, NO bullshit but useful content, etc). I kept track of file size in an Excel table similar with above table.

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