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Index of databases made by Teoalida

I made over 100 databases during my life and posted them on my website for everyone, from students practicing data analysis, to multi-national companies in real estate and automobile industry.

Most projects I made from personal interest to distribute freely or sell for professional use. Some projects I made at request for a specific customer and published on website to allow other customers to purchase if interested. I offer web scraping services, making custom databases on request basis (due to high number of customers soliciting such services, since 2019 I make new databases ONLY IF there are request from multiple people).

Project URL Price Type Size (KB) Pages / rows Method Made in Update frequency
World geography
Solar System (Word version, DELETED) free DOC manual 2000 ? abandoned
Solar System (Excel version) free XLS 45 35 rows manual 2014 abandoned
Solar System Articles $20 DOC 1188 249 pages copy-paste 2019 no
Solar System Database $20 XLS 213 204 rows, 42 columns copy-paste 2019 no
World countries & facts (Word, based on old atlas, DELETED) free DOC manual 1998-2000 abandoned
World countries & facts (Excel, based Encarta 2002) free XLS 81 ~200 rows manual 2004 abandoned
World countries & facts (based on The World Factbook) $36 XLSX 2208 268 rows scraping 2017 by request (low sales)
World cities population (original version, DELETED) free DOC 727 130 pages manual 2003-2005 deleted
World cities population (Word simple) $10 DOC 477 50 pages manual 2016 by request (low sales)
World cities population (Word detailed) $20 DOC 781 150 pages manual 2016 by request (low sales)
World cities population (Excel detailed) $40 XLSX 895 16000+ rows manual 2016 by request (low sales)
World tallest buildings database $150 XLS 5425 15000+ rows scraping 2015 no (no sales)
World tallest buildings database $800 XLS 91627 160000+ rows scraping 2016 no (no sales)
World tallest buildings database $300 XLS 24112 30000+ rows, 117 columns scraping 2019 by request (low sales)
Airports & Airfields Database $110 XLS 25648 55000+ rows, 20 columns scraping Aug 2019 by request (low sales)
Singapore real estate
Database of HDB Blocks $150-1200 XLS 6000+ 14000+ rows manual 2009 at new announcements
Database of HDB Resale Flat Prices 2009-2013 XLS 24307 160000+ rows copy-paste 2009 no
Database of HDB Resale Flat Prices 1990-2019 XLSX 60000+ 700000+ rows copy-paste 2017 by request (low sales)
Database of condos SingaporeExpats about $150 XLS 2981 3100+ rows scraping 2015 by request (low sales)
Database of condos PropertyGuru about $300 XLS 2334 3200+ rows scraping 2016 by request (low sales)
Database of all buildings about $700 XLSX 17275 140000+ rows scraping 2017 by request (low sales)
Managing Agent Database about $200 XLS 1185 4400+ rows scraping 2017 by request (low sales)
List of BTO & DBSS projects free XLS 103 300+ rows manual 2009 at new announcements
List of BTO prices about $30 XLS 183 700+ rows manual 2015 at new announcements
List of SERS sites free XLS 49 80 rows manual 2009 at new announcements
List of HUDC estates free XLS 64 24 rows manual 2009 at new announcements
List of Executive Condominiums free XLS 132 70+ rows manual 2009 at new announcements
List of MRT and LRT stations free XLS 84 225 + 43 rows copy-paste Nov 2019 at new announcements
Hong Kong real estate
Hong Kong Public & Private Housing Estates
(Gohome and Centadata mixed up)
about $200 XLS 592 1000+ rows manual 2011 abandoned
Hong Kong Housing Database Estates (Centadata) about $70 XLS 806 3364 rows, 10 columns scraping Sep 2016 by request (low sales)
Hong Kong Housing Database Buildings (Centadata) about $500 XLS 4093 24370 rows, 14 columns scraping May 2018 by request (low sales)
Hong Kong Housing Authority about $50 XLS 420 476 rows, 36 columns scraping May 2018 by request (low sales)
Automobile research
Car Models List (Worldwide) free DOC 403 59 pages manual 2003 abandoned 2015
(free product no updates)
Car Models Timeline (Worldwide) free XLS 584 manual 2003 abandoned 2015
(free product no updates)
Car Models List (Worldwide) $30-55 XLS 1545 4500+ rows manual 2012 every 3-6 months (high sales)
Car Nameplates List (Worldwide) about €30 XLS 725 3300+ rows manual 2016 every year (low sales)
Car Models Encyclopedia (Europe) about €50 DOC 1680 360 pages manual 2005 abandoned 2013 (low sales)
Car Models Database (Europe) $30-110 XLS 1346 3500+ rows manual 2005 every 3-6 months (high sales)
Car Models & Engines Database (Europe) $100-600 XLS 13532 18000+ rows manual 2003 every 3-6 months (high sales)
American Year-Make-Model $10-80 XLS 1803 16000+ rows, 5 columns manual 2013 every year (high sales)
American Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs $50-600 XLSX 66000+ 60000+ rows, 123 columns scraping 2014 every 2 months (high sales)
Second American Car Database $50-550 XLS 113716 55000+ rows, 230 columns scraping 2017 abandoned 2020 due to inconsistency
German Car Database $60-600 XLSX 250178 120000+ rows, 206 columns scraping 2015 every 3-6 months (low sales)
United Kingdom Car Database $70-400 XLSX 30065 80000+ row, 52 columns scraping Jan 2019 every 3 months (high sales)
India Car Database $40-160 XLS 13782 5000+ rows, 196 columns scraping 2015 every month (high sales)
India Car Database $30-60 XLS 2675 1200+ rows, 98 columns scraping 2016 by request (low sales)
Middle East GCC Car Database $20-140 XLS 7607 12000+ rows, 24 columns scraping 2016 by request (high sales)
UAE Car Database $80-160 XLS 7757 7000+ rows, 25 columns scraping Sep 2019 by request (high sales)
UAE Car Valuation $240 XLS 2883 24000+ rows, 8 columns scraping Apr 2018 by request (high sales)
Japan Car Database $180-450 XLSX 27878 90000+ rows, 55 columns scraping Apr 2019 every 3-6 months (low sales)
China Car Database $150-300 XLS 30000 rows, 159 columns scraping Jun 2019 by request (low sales)
Singapore Car Database $35-180 XLS 8312 4000+ rows, 78 columns scraping Nov 2018 by request (low sales)
Malaysia Car Database $45-115 XLS 4839 2300+ rows, 125 columns scraping Sep 2018 by request (low sales)
Indonesia Car Database $35-70 XLS 1774 700+ rows, 164 columns scraping May 2018 by request (low sales)
South Africa Car Database $45-90 XLS 3286 1800+ rows, 111 columns scraping Jul 2019 by request (low sales)
Australia Car Database $10-70 XLS 1041 14000+ rows scraping 2017 every 3 months (high sales)
Australia Car Database $40-500 XLSX 51223 100000+ rows, 100+ columns scraping 2017 every 3 months (high sales)
Motorcycles Database $30-300 XLS 24569 30000+ rows, 73 columns scraping 2016 every 3-6 months (high sales)
AutoKatalog Statistics free XLS 212 manual 2012 2014 is the last AutoKatalog
Automobile Production by country free XLS 130 copy-paste 2012 every year in April
Automobile Sales Figures by make and model $10-100 XLS 833 scraping Feb 2017 every year in February
Wheels and Tires Size (Worldwide) $300 XLSX 34113 400000+ rows, 17 columns scraping Mar 2018 abandoned 2018
Chip tuning / ECU remap database (Europe) $120 XLS 4408 9000+ rows, 23 columns scraping Feb 2018 by request (high sales)
Light bulbs database (American) $300 XLS 21333 37000+ rows, 53 columns scraping Mar 2017 by request (low sales)
Computers & technology
Excel colors with RGB values free XLSX 25 manual 2018 no
Calendar for any year 1900-9999 free XLS 224 manual 2018 no
Screen size calculator free XLS 50.5 manual May 2014 abandoned 2016
Screen resolution statistics free XLS 326 copy-paste May 2014 abandoned 2016
Screen resolution statistics by country free XLS 2380 copy-paste May 2014 abandoned 2016
Mobile phones database about $200 XLS 8968 10000+ rows, 85 columns scraping Aug 2016 every month (high sales)
Digital cameras database about $60 XLS 2805 3700+ rows, 47 columns scraping Dec 2017 by request (low sales)
Desktop computers database 200 XLSX 13031 8000+ rows, 300+ columns scraping Dec 2020 every few months (high sales)
Laptop computers database 400 XLSX 91003 60000+ rows, 300+ columns scraping Dec 2020 every few months (high sales)
TV database 160 XLSX 3576 4000+ rows, 200+ columns scraping Apr 2021 every few months (high sales)
Gaming stuff
Age of Empires free DOC 208 manual 2001? no
Age of Empires free XLS 106 manual 2007? no
Age of Empires Expansion free XLS 112 manual 2007? no
Beetle Crazy Cup free XLS 71 manual 2002? no
Driver Education (questions) free DOC 264 manual 2000, 2006 no
GTA Vice City free XLS 117 manual 2005 no
GTA San Andreas free XLS 134 manual 2007 no
Midtown Madness free XLS 40 manual 2003 no
Midtown Madness 2 free XLS 35 manual 2005 no
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 free XLS 58 manual 2003 no
Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed free XLS 217 manual 2003-2006 no
Need For Speed: Underground free XLS 161 manual 2006 no
Quake 3 free XLS manual 2000-2007 no
Supaplex levels list free XLS 42 manual 2020 no
Need For Speed: Underground free XLS 24 manual 2013 no
The Sims 1 neighborhoods and lots free XLS 44 81 lots manual Oct 2018 no
The Sims 2 neighborhoods and lots $14 XLS 135 350 lots manual Mar 2019 no
The Sims 3 worlds and lots $23 XLS 398 1845 lots manual 2013 no
The Sims 4 worlds and lots XLS manual future no
The Sims 1 career tracks $5 XLS 132 211 jobs manual 2017 no
The Sims 2 career tracks $5 XLS 212 325 jobs manual 2012 no
The Sims 3 career tracks $10 XLS 316 482 jobs manual Jan 2020 no
The Sims 4 career tracks $10 XLS manual Apr 2020 no
The Sims 1 list of items $32 XLS 421 1640 items manual Dec 2019 no
The Sims 2 list of items $44 XLS 1039 4556 items manual 2012 no
The Sims 3 list of items XLS manual future no
Miscellaneous works
Music Database free XLS 2200+ 6000+ rows manual 2005 when I download new songs
FIFA Word Cup matches XLS manual to be decided
Stadiums Database about $60 XLS 5360 3125 rows scraping 2018 by request (low sales)
Stadiums Database XLSX 5000 rows scraping Jul 2020 by request (low sales)

Notes: above table does not include databases made as one-time project for single customers outside of my fields of interest, few being under non-disclosure agreement.

Due to constant updates, the figures shown in this table (file size, number of rows, columns and prices) are outdated. Click each database to see its current size and selling price.

FAQ: why real estate and car database cost money?

These databases are targeting commercial use, each year few hundreds companies, programmers and web developers, are paying me BIG $$ to ensure getting a complete vehicle database, frequently updated and with accurate technical specs, several customers offered me $1000+ to make a customized vehicle list. Hope you can do the same.

If you are a company, stay away from websites offering FREE databases, they are most likely stolen and posted online by other people than original author, or made by careless students who needed only a bunch of data for their studies, such databases does not cover all cars, have many errors, are outdated, no support or updates are provided. Using databases downloaded freely may destroy your company reputation.

Some databases I posted for free download (example: List of Singapore MRT and LRT stations) because data is simply copy-pasted from Wikipedia or other websites, anyone can do the same in few minutes, thus I do not think that anyone will pay me. After copy-pasting data, what I did was to add visual borders and colors.

Most gaming-related databases are free because they have NO USE for professionals, the only people who may find them useful are gamers who are unlikely to pay money.

How I came in data providing industry

I am born in a family of engineers (read more on About me), I use AutoCAD since 1998 and in 2008 I started designing buildings, many people encouraged me to pursue a career in architecture, but this turned to be a bad experience due to difficulties in convincing people to pay my services, many idiots who want house plans for free, and in the rare cases when I was paid, it was one-time payment per project. I had little contact with people in IT and nobody ever told me that these databases can be a gold mine.

Since childhood I love writing books, doing research, making databases and statistics. I started using computers in 1997, my dad taught me to use Word, but around 2003 I started using Excel more than Word. Analyzing data, making tables and charts about everything encountered in my life! For example, in racing games I measure the speed of each car and write the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet then make a chart.

The hobby for cars started in 1999, since 2003 I use Excel to create an all-cars database, independently from the internet world (I connected to internet in 2005), manually entering data from the very reliable AutoKatalog car magazines from Germany (as seen in above video), making an original compilation that you cannot find anywhere else online (except on websites that purchased from me).

In 2011 I published car database works for first time on my website, intending to share with other car hobbyists, but had the surprise to be visited by programmers, web designers and mobile app developers, working for various companies (car insurance, car parts shops, car shipping services, etc), realizing that I can make a business from this!

Had to do extensive transformation to make my hobby-made databases suitable for professional use. For example: some cells were merged horizontally and vertically, and Make | Model was originally on a single column, which pose no problem in reading with human eyes, but a computer program cannot read it correctly. As soon 1 customer bring this in attention, I eliminated merged cells and separated Make | Model to 2 columns.

Hong Kong Housing Database was also made in early 2011 from personal interest of analyzing public housing estates, few months later, an insurance company asked me if I can expand it to private housing estates. It became my FIRST large project made for a customer.

Seeing the success with car database, I decided to transform other hobby databases, such as HDB Database and World Cities Database, in a format suitable for machines, and publish on my website for sale to professionals.

A new era started in 2015: web scraping. “Scraping” usually means coding a bot that visit a list of given pages, copy specific data from each page and put it in an Excel / CSV file automatically, at rate of few pages per second. This allow me to create much larger databases with little effort, writing scraping code takes 10 min – 1 hour, and running it in background takes few hours or days to generate CSV with 1,000-100,000+ rows.

Previously I avoided to copy data from other websites, thinking that it means cheating, copyright issue, illegal way to collect data and creating non-original content, but most people have no issue with this, they do not care about buying someone’s original compilation and ask me specifically to create scripts that extract data from various websites and sell them CSV. Now I want to apologize to all owners of websites I scraped data from, but if I was rejecting these customers motivating that scraping is illegal, customers would go to other data mining companies or freelancers and obtained same data anyway.

Keeping all databases regularly updated takes is a huge workload. Scraping more websites, if they take too much time, will create additional workload and will delay everyone’s updates. As 2018 I decided to STOP updating databases having less than 5 sales per year so I can focus on the ~20 best-selling databases that produce 80% of my income.

So… unless you come with a GREAT IDEA of database that can be sold to multiple customers, I have the right to NOT do your web scraping project if it takes more than ~2 hours of manual work and more than ~50 hours of running scraper in background.

Writing style

My hobby for writing started before having a computer, I was writing with pencil on notebooks.

We had a computer since 1995, and in late 1996 my dad taught me to use Microsoft Word, he even set me rules how to write a nice Word document: Arial font, body text with 12-14pt and justified, titles 16-20pt centered, bold and underlined. However, since my writings were not really a book, but a list of… something, following my dad rules created excessive bold and centered text. I personally added a system of numbering chapters, and since some of my works (example: list of rivers) had 5-level hierarchy, titles contained title name, making document unaesthetic.

My dad told me to finish and print the work because “what is not finished have ZERO value“. I never understand why he wanted to print. Some projects like Car Database should NOT be printed, it cannot be “finished” because need constant updates with new launched cars. My parents promised me that will help me publishing a book, that turned sarcasm. They were against becoming a public figure (note: they may have wanted just to give me a solitary occupation to stop me disturbing them, instead of letting me to have a social life).

Exploring my computer, especially Readme.txt from various software and DOS games, made me fascinated in 1998 to use Notepad because of Fixedsys font, I made some writing where titles were enhanced with lines of —- or ==== of full width of screen. For a period in 2001-2004 I even wanted to impose monospace fonts for all my works.

Since 2003 I broke away from dad rules and started using Excel more than Word. New works in Word were optimized for on-screen display instead of printing, often using non-standard page sizes, to make exactly 1 page for each subject. I made body text with 10pt, titles 20pt and 15pt with full-width colored background, usually red and blue. New works in Excel had column headers with blue background and white text, but I gradually changed to coloring background of each group of columns in rainbow colors.

I created my first website in 2009, designing it similar with my Word documents: body text justified and titles centered with different background color. Some people criticized my website, saying that is looks being made by an expert in typography rather than by a web designer.

In 2015 I changed my Word files, removing full-width colored backgrounds of titles, putting instead full-width horizontal lines (somewhat similar with TXT files from MS-DOS era). This will be better for printing (even if I assume that nobody will print my works).

Example of styling in my books: 2012, 2013, 2015 editions of Car Models Encyclopedia

I also done some kind of competition between my projects, using an Excel size to keep track of file size, number of pages, rows and columns of each project. A race to create biggest Excel spreadsheet or biggest Word document, in terms of pages and file size, under certain standards (body text 10pt font, no duplicate stuff, no large open spaces, NO bullshit but useful content, etc).

Today, sales of Excel databases is my primary source of income. Word documents and books turned hard to sell, but I continue to write, just that I write blog articles instead of Word documents.

Excel style

All databases made by me wear a signature: the very colorful Excel spreadsheets with borders in correct place (since 2013 I realized that majority of customers import data into MySQL instead of visualization in Excel, so the visual enhancements are useless), but they prove how much CARE I spend developing databases.

The BIG Car Database Car Models Timeline Year Make Model Specifications car database for American market Mobile phones specifications database Solar System Database - planets and satellites facts and figures HDB Database, block number, street address, postal code, lease commemnce date, number of units breakdown by flat type, upgrading programmes


4 thoughts on “Index of databases made by Teoalida”

  1. Teoalida offer a fantastic package , its hard to find a great data base of vehicles and motorcycle for use on websites . We have used these databases on our global classifieds website because we are global we needed a complete selection for our users .
    This database selection helps users to place their ads and also search relevant makes and models with ease .
    The support we received from Teoalida when our developer needed certain criteria was fantastic
    We highly recommend the use of these databases, should you have the need .
    Great service thank you so much

  2. A very detailed and well maintained dataset containing information about all the relevant features of cars sold in the UK. Hyperlinks allow for further investigation of specific models if required. Would totally recommend the dataset to be used for research purposes, I searched and did not find a better alternative.

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