The Sims 3 list of worlds & lots

Here is the list of worlds shipped with The Sims 3 base game and expansion packs, as well as worlds downloadable from Store. Click each world name to see list of lots and download world. In total there are 23 worlds with 1845 lots.

World image World (expansion) Number
of lots
Street layout Lot sizing Landscape
Worlds shipped with game
Sunset Valley Sunset Valley
(base game)
92 ★★
Twinbrook Twinbrook
82 ★★ ★★★ ★★
Bridgeport Bridgeport
(Late Night)
82 ★★
Appaloosa Plains Appaloosa Plains
69 ★★
Starlight Shores Starlight Shores
73 ★★ ★★
Moonlight Falls Moonlight Falls
81 ★★★ ★★
Isla Paradiso Isla Paradiso
(Island Paradise)
118 ★★ ★★★
Sub-worlds shipped with game
Shang Simla Shang Simla
(World Adventures)
Champs Les Sims Champs Les Sims
(World Adventures)
Al Simhara Al Simhara
(World Adventures)
Sims University Sims University
(University Life)
Oasis Landing Oasis Landing
(Into the Future)
Downloadable worlds
Riverview Riverview 95 ★★ ★★★ ★★
Barnacle Bay Barnacle Bay 93 ★★★ ★★★ ★★
Hidden Springs Hidden Springs 85 ★★ ★★★
Lunar Lakes Lunar Lakes 86 ★★★ ★★★
Lucky Palms Lucky Palms 96 ★★ ★★
Sunlit Tides Sunlit Tides 86 ★★ ★★★
Monte Vista Monte Vista 89 ★★ ★★ ★★
Aurora Skies Aurora Skies 88 ★★★ ★★★ ★★
Dragon Valley Dragon Valley 81 ★★ ★★★
Midnight Hollow Midnight Hollow 92 ★★★ ★★
Roaring Heights Roaring Heights 94 ★★★ ★★ ★★

Credits to for world images.

Rating criteria:
Street layout:
 I love urban-like worlds, streets with dense rows of lots on both sides, I hate lots spread around the map.
Lot sizing: I love worlds having many standard lot sizes: 20×20, 20×30, 30×30, 30×40, 40×40, balanced towards smaller lots, I hate odd-sized lots (non-divisible by 10).
Landscape: I love sea and mountains, I hate desert.

Which is YOUR favorite world? And most-hated world?

Excel version

Since I installed The Sims 3 in 2013 I compiled in Excel a table with all lots in every world. Database format: Lot address, Lot size, Lot name, Family name. Considering that I spent some time writing every lot (about 1 hour per world), and NO equivalent database is available on internet, I deserve one dollar for each world!

Free SAMPLE List of Lots in Sunset Valley only

Buy Excel file with all 23 worlds and their lots

Due to low sales of Excel file (2 sales in 5 years), in December 2018 I decided to make blog pages for each world with list of lots offered free of charge.

About Teoalida as The Sims player

The Sims 2 is my favorite game, and I love architecture, I built over 50 houses which I offer for free download on this website. I also built several houses in The Sims 3. Beside playing the game as it was intended, I also practiced urban planning building large cities with apartment-like blocks.

Read here about my other hobbies. I also design real life houses and apartment blocks (architectural design services) in AutoCAD. See

My story as The Sims player

My journal in Sims began in 2003 when I received original The Sims game from a friend. I did not enjoyed it much.

In 2004 I connected to neighborhood LAN and later to internet and was able to download The Sims 2, but low-specs computer did not allowed me to play it properly. I started playing The Sims 2 in mid-2005 when my dad bought a more powerful video card, and it became my favorite game.

I built several houses in The Sims 2 and played with families in it, the houses were not great in terms of architecture, most of my early houses had a single room for living, dining, kitchen and at upper floor had 2 bedrooms and 3 double beds (because I was playing a family of 6 sims), example L-Shaped House 2008.

But the really impressive were the neighborhoods with decorative apartment blocks, IslaSegundo (2006), Pleasantview (2007), StarlingSprings (2008).


In 2008 I started designing realistic buildings in AutoCAD and left the gaming world.

In 2009 I started my first website, featuring my portfolio of AutoCAD building designs and articles about housing in various countries, but it also had a page for The Sims 2 houses.

I returned in The Sims 2 in late 2011. In December 2011 I made a poll, to decide the size of my future houses: How big is the family that you usually play? 75% voted for 3-4 sims, rest of votes being for 1-2, 5-6, 7-8 Sims.

In 2012 after discovering live chat widgets for websites I got first major feedback about my houses:

  • Critics about messy floor plans. So I try to make rooms rectangular, for realism and beautifulness.
  • Critics about unrealistic houses with too few rooms. So I kept building houses with 3-4 rooms but not all are used as bedrooms. If you have only 4 Sims, feel free to delete beds and reuse the room for other purposes (example Federal Fortress have 6 rooms!).
  • Critics about lack of diversity. Indeed I had many similar houses in 2012, but today I build a variety of house sizes, from Starter Home 1×1 (67 squares) to Palace Trianon Floresti 5×5 (672 squares), decorated in a variety of styles.
  • Critics about decorative. I admit, I pay attention to architecture and functionality according Sims rules, rather than decorating realistically.

I compiled the following neighborhood using all the The Sims 2 houses built by me (plus few downloaded houses). NO housing lot has been rotated, because rotating them will rotate lighting direction too, and will look really messy.

All Maxis-made neighborhoods of The Sims 2 sucks except Pleasant View. Others have roads too far away and sloped roads. I need a neighborhood with many roads at 5 tiles apart. So I downloaded some from, which again, most sucks. The only somewhat appealing was Mountainside Village and used it for about 1 year until I ran out of space (some houses are multiplied to fill all the space, but I ran out of space in terms of space for certain lot sizes).


So since 2013 I switched to Lake Crossing downloaded from, this map is split in 3 quarters by lakes and at this moment I have built only 1 quarter.

If you wonder why there is no Sims population: in this neighborhood I only place my houses to create a nice-looking city, such big city takes several minutes to load which would make playing difficult. So, when I play with Sims families, I use another neighborhood with just few houses.


I started playing The Sims 3 in January 2013, but I didn’t enjoyed it like The Sims 2. The growing business forced me to stop playing all games in late 2013.

I played The Sims 4 when Origin allowed us to play for 48 hours for free, and did not believed what piece of shit it is. Reminds me of The Sims 1.

My online business reached an income that allow me to be independent from my family while working less, so I can play games again occasionally. But The Sims 2 did not worked well on Windows 10 so I had to plug in my old desktop with Windows XP every time I wanted to play game. I resumed working at StarlingSprings megacity in 2016 and finished it in 2017 and also built a couple of new houses.


In August 2018 I bought an used laptop HP Elitebook 8540w ($250) purposely because it is one of the latest models that offer support for Windows XP and have resolution 1920×1080, this allow me to play The Sims 2 while doing my professional work on my desktop. I copy houses on desktop computer where I take screenshots in 4K resolution (3840×2160), a $600 monitor bought in July 2018.

My past house design were a mess, some having white fence, some brown fence, some hedges all around lot, etc. I started to renovate most important houses built over years to standardize several architectural styles and compile a new neighborhood with all them:

  • Starter homes: black roof tiles (default color), simple walls.
  • Ranch-style: gray roof tiles, walls with siding cover in various colors, white windows.
  • Mansion-style houses: red roof tiles, walls with white bricks or siding, dark or light wood windows.
  • Modern houses: flat roof, walls in various colors, black windows.
  • Special houses: few houses do not follow above standards.

Here are new screenshots of my houses on AutumnBay neighborhood… notice the 4K resolution!

Home Alone house 3×3

Real Home Alone HouseI built in The Sims 2 the house famous in one of my favorite movies: Home Alone 1 & 2, in September 2012, after I got its location and floor plan. A luxury property for families up to 8 sims, decorated including the rear garage and minivan seen in movie, but it resulted a messy floor plan.

Home Alone house address: 671 Lincoln Street, Winnetka, Illinois. A 2-story house plus attic and basement, 4250 square feet, built in 1921.

Most of interior shots were not made in the real house, instead the interior has been rebuilt in a filming studio, featuring a slightly different floor plan, for doing stunts and setting traps easier.

See floorplan of real house, and of movie house.

Home Alone House day Home Alone House facade Home Alone House rear
Home Alone House night Home Alone House first floor plan Home Alone House second floor plan

Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: South
House price: $213,496.
House size: 20×12.
Floor area: 396 squares + 40 squares garage + 34 squares terraces.
Pool area: 72 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only (The Sims 2 Deluxe).

Palace III 5×5 (Trianon 2013)

After several critics regarding Palace II‘s lack of elegance, and Palace I‘s messy floor plan, too few rooms, non-rectangular rooms and bad interior design, I decided in April 2013 to build a new The Sims model of Trianon Palace from Floresti, Romania, built by Cantacuzino Family in 1910 and abandoned (more details).

I broke my personal record of the most expensive house in The Sims 2. I have playtested it and modified it twice in May and for third time in July, before publishing on my website, to be sure that will be awesome.


This time I slightly broke away from the design of the real palace, I changed building shape, for enhancing its beautifulness and help the furniture layout, I have put trees all around the pool (the real palace have no tree around fountain), and compared with the 2009 Palace, the building grew 2 squares in width and 1 square in depth, and got 6 extra rooms.

There are now 19 rooms in total: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 HUGE ballroom, 6 additional rooms, 4 hallways. All rooms are connected with double doors to prevent traffic jams, as it is designed for large families of 8 sims.

The sun is now from street side (because the back terrace was anyway in darkness due to roof).

WARNING: I do not recommend this building for normal playing, it is HUGE and inefficient like how beautiful it is, send Sims in bad mood due to time wasted walking around. Also beware of utility bills, they cost about $1200.

Facade and palace floor plans

Palace interior design

Lot size: 5×5.
Lot facing: South.
House size: 28 x 21 squares.
Floor area: 672 squares (426 lower 246 upper) + 124 squares of terraces  + 128 squares of void.
Pool area: 234 squares (28 x 13) + 6 squares islands.

Basic version made with Nightlife
House price: $506.907 (unfurnished $189.416).
Expansions required: Nightlife only.

Enhanced version (shown in above pictures): added cornices, different paint for disco room (from Apartment Life), guitars, drum kit (from University).
Lot price: $533.989 (unfurnished $189.237).
Expansions required: University, Nightlife, Apartment Life.

The REAL palace I inspired my The Sims 2 palace from

Construction started from 1907, it was abandoned after World War I without being ever finished or inhabited, it was destroyed by 1977 earthquake but major destruction occurred after fall of communism in 1989 by local people stealing bricks. Read more on Palace Trianon Floresti page.

Palatul Cantacuzino Micul Trianon

Condominium 4 blocks 136

I planned this condominium using AutoCAD to make it as big as possible while keeping under limit of 2100 wall segments. I made 4 identical blocks with 9 floors, floors 1-7 having 136 squares and 60 wall segments, floor 8 having 88 squares and 44 wall segments, floor 9 having 24 squares and 20 wall segments. total 1936 wall segments. Then I built half-height walls that do not count towards wall limit. Then I build foundation and pool that does count towards wall limit but can be built even after 2100 limit was reached. It took about 5 hours to build in October 2018.

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $502,094, unfurnished $473,684.
Floor area: 4256 squares + 1427 squares balconies (floor 1 is 136 squares, floors 2-7 are 136 squares + 40 squares balconies, floor 8 is 88 squares + 64 squares balconies, floor 9 is 24 squares + 64 squares balconies).
Pool area: 308 squares.
Expansions required: Apartment Life.

Roaring Heights

Roaring Heights is the eleventh and final world available from The Sims 3 Store; it was released on December 12, 2013 for The Sims 3. It was first announced on November 25, 2013. This world has a rich and lavish look to it, along with an Art Deco and city themes to the whole world. It features brand new locations, features and new characters.

Roaring Heights

Total number of lots: 94
Lots 20×20: 2
Lots 20×30: 16
Lots 30×30: 9
Lots 30×40: 5
Lots 40×40: 17
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 7
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 3
Lots 64×64: 11
Odd-sized lots: 24

List of lots and houses in Roaring Heights world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
Mountain side
57 Angler’s Road 64×64 Secluded Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
24 Riverside Terrace 64×64 The Cat’s Meow, 3br/7.5ba Dandy
26 Riverside Terrace 40×30 Bridgeview Beach (Beach)
28 Riverside Terrace 30×30 Lavish Luxury, 4br/2.5ba
29 Riverside Terrace 25×25
30 Riverside Terrace 30×30 Embellished Excess, 3br/2.5ba Picard
32 Riverside Terrace 30×30 The Party Pad, 1br/1.5ba Houveir
33 Riverside Terrace 30×30
34 Riverside Terrace 20×20 Affordable Elegance, 1br/1ba
35 Riverside Terrace 40×40 The Round House 3br/4ba Capp
36 Riverside Terrace 64×64
37 Riverside Terrace 50×50 The Riverside Pool (Pool)
22 Sunset Road 50×50
27 Wellness Court 60×60 Avalon Hospital (No Visitors Allowed)
Beach side
25 Beach Drive 60×60
31 Beach Drive 20×30 Beachfront Cafe (Hangout)
32 Beach Drive 30×20 Luminous Bar (Hangout)
34 Beach Drive 30×20 The Waterfront, 4br/2.5ba
36 Beach Drive 30×20 Seaside Gym (Gym)
38 Beach Drive 30×20 The Palm Tree Bar (Hangout)
39 Beach Drive 64×64
40 Beach Drive 42×36 The Matinee Movie Theater (No Visitors Allowed)
41 Beach Drive 50×35 Waterfront Pool (Pool)
42 Beach Drive 30×20 Oceanside Cafe (Hangout)
43 Beach Drive 30×20 Beachfront Residence, 1br/1.5ba Supine
44 Beach Drive 30×20 Community Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
45 Beach Drive 30×20 The Panoramic View, 2br/2.5ba Battista
47 Beach Drive 30×20 The Beach Bum, 2br/3ba Souze
49 Beach Drive 30×20
51 Beach Drive 30×20 The Beginner, 1br/1ba
53 Beach Drive 30×20
55 Beach Drive 30×20
41 Collins Street 52×32 Bourdelle’s Bistro (No Visitors Allowed)
45 Collins Street 40×20 Oceanview Park (Small Park)
46 Collins Street 40×40 Deco Groceries (No Visitors Allowed)
48 Collins Street 40×30 Modern Mansion, 3br/6.5ba
50 Garden Lane 50×50 Downtown Community Garden (Visitors Allowed)
40 Hillier Street 64×64
35 Hood Street 20×15 The Inaugural Institute, 1br/1ba
37 Hood Street 40×40 Hidden Secret, 2br/3ba
36 Loewy Lane 60×30 Secluded Manor, 4br/5.5ba Harbucks
38 Loewy Lane 30×30
35 Main Street 40×40 SimCo Synergy Business Buildng (No Visitors Allowed)
37 Main Street 38×40 Main Street Library (Library)
39 Main Street 20×40 Two-in-One, 2br/3.5ba
41 Main Street 40×20
43 Collins Street 30×60 City Condo, 5br/6ba
71 Military Road 60×60 Ocean’s Edge Military Base (No Visitors Allowed)
21 Palm Tree Avenue 40×40
22 Palm Tree Avenue 30×40 The Streamlined Lodge, 3br/2ba Jones
23 Palm Tree Avenue 40×40 Simple Decadence, 4br/4.5ba
24 Palm Tree Avenue 30×30 Striped Manse, 2br/2.5ba LaFontaine
25 Palm Tree Avenue 35×25 Beaming Abode, 2br/4ba Meyers
26 Palm Tree Avenue 20×20
27 Palm Tree Avenue 40×30 Humble Home, 1br/ba Davis
28 Palm Tree Avenue 15×20 Swift Starter, 1br/1ba
29 Palm Tree Avenue 30×60 Overstated Opulence, 2br/2.5ba Simovitch
30 Palm Tree Avenue 30×30 Cozy Comfort, 2br/2.5ba Torrance
32 Palm Tree Avenue 50×50
33 Palm Tree Avenue 40×20 The Pier, 1br/1.5ba
35 Palm Tree Avenue 40×20 The Houseboad, 2br/1.5ba Thebe
37 Palm Tree Avenue 40×20
38 Palm Tree Avenue 20×25 The Frugal Find, 1br/1ba
39 Palm Tree Avenue 40×20 The Stage, 5br/4ba Marks
40 Palm Tree Avenue 40×40 The Garden, 3br/4ba Davis-Welles
52 Pond Road 50×50 Downtown Fishing Park (Fishing Spot)
30 Prosperity Street 64×64 Resting Meadows (Graveyard)
32 Prosperity Street 20×30
33 Prosperity Street 40×64 Gilded Guard Police Station (No Visitors Allowed)
20 Paradise Drive 64×64
49 Rainbow Drive 64×64 Clyde’s Hideout (No Visitors Allowed)
50 Rainbow Drive 30×20
52 Rainbow Drive 50×50
37 Ruhlmann Road 25×25 Downtown Dwelling, 3br/3.5ba Nest
39 Ruhlmann Road 40×40 Dr. Terrible’s Science Building (No Visitors Allowed)
35 Stadium Street 64×64 Sixam Field
37 Stadium Street 40×40 Flawless Expressions Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
39 Stadium Street 40×26 Bar-Bell’s Gym (Gym)
42 Stadium Street 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
46 Sunburst Street 40×30
47 Sunburst Street 40×40 Estate Elevated, 2br/2.5ba Davidson
49 Sunburst Street 40×40
50 Sunburst Street 25×25 Stunning Starter, 1br/1ba
51 Sunburst Street 40×40 Purple Palace, 4br/2.5ba Morgan
52 Sunburst Street 30×30 The Little Treasure, 1br/1ba Cassat
53 Sunburst Street 50×50 The Family Fortress, 4br/6ba
54 Sunburst Street 40×40 The Field, 2br/3.5ba Ruth
55 Sunburst Street 40×40 The Citadel, 3br/1.5ba Shear
34 Van Alen Street 40×40 Bee’s Knees Books (No Visitors Allowed)
35 Van Alen Street 64×64 Roaring Heights Plaza (Big Park)
36 Van Alen Street 50×30 Downtown Museum (Art Gallery)
38 Van Alen Street 30×30 Gilded Apartmets, 2br/3ba Astare
40 Van Alen Street 40×40 The Chic Corner, 2br/3ba West
41 Van Alen Street 40×40 The Grand Castle, 5br/5.5ba

Apartment block U-shaped

An apartment block intelligently designed to make its external shape as complex is possible, 44 segments of facade, while internal rooms are all rectangular. It feature a very efficient floor plan with two big rooms living and dining 7×6 squares, three bedrooms 4×4 squares, two bathrooms 4×2 an 3×2 squares, each room having 2 doors to other rooms to prevent sims getting stuck.


Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: North.
Lot price: $425,975, unfurnished $96,863.
Rental price: $2,868
Building size: 26×21.
Apartment sizes: 146 squares plus 8 squares balcony.
Floor area: 660 squares (excluding 29 squares of void).
Pool area: 68 squares.
Expansions required: Apartment Life.

Pyramid house

Inspired from Egypt pyramids or Luxor Hotel from Las Vegas, this The Sims home is shaped like a pyramid and feature 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, so it can house families up to 8 Sims. Made in October 2018, this is the first house designed by me where I decorated interior in stone and bricks, instead of wood and carpet seen in most of my houses.


Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: west.
House price: $138,048 furnished, $32,843 unfurnished.
House size: 14×14.
Floor area: 268 squares (208 squares first floor, 60 squares second floor, excluding 4 squares void).
Expansions required: none, base game only.

Săvârşin Castle 3×3

This is a The Sims 2 replica of the castle located in Săvârşin vilage in Romania. Built in 17th century, it was owned by various Hungarian noble families. Rebuilt in current form in 1860, it was purchased by King Michael I of Romania in 1944, confiscated by communists in 1948, then given back to King’s family in 2001. Restoration works were made from 2007 to 2015, changing castle color from yellow to white.

Real castle measure 40 x 18 meters with balcony on south side, and lies in middle of a 6.5 hectare park and do not have any lake, pool or fountain. No floor plan of real castle is available online or any information about number of rooms.

The Sims 2 castle measure 26 x 12 squares but have exactly same number of windows like real palace, and balcony is in north side to prevent shadows, while at south side I added a swimming pool like in most of houses built by me. Front yard measure 8 squares to allow you adding carport if you want.

Designed in September 2018, it have 4 bedrooms for families up to 8 sims, 4 bathrooms, living room, dining room with 12 seats, 3 TVs, 2 pianos, 2 desks with computers, 2 empty desks, etc.

Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $371.129, unfurnished $86,912.
House size: 26×12.
Floor area: 451 squares (excluding 29 squares of void).
Pool area: 68 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife and Apartment Life.

Condominium 5 blocks 116

I planned this condominium using AutoCAD to make it as big as possible while keeping under limit of 2100 wall segments. I made 5 blocks with 8 floors, each floor having 116 squares and 52 wall segments. 52 x 8 x 5 = 2080 wall segments. Gate uses remained 20 wall segments. Then I built half-height walls, 24 segments per floor x 8 x that do not count towards wall limit, roof terrace with 66 x 5 half-height walls. Then I build foundation tall like one floor and pool that does count towards wall limit but can be built even after 2100 limit was reached. It took about 5 hours to build in September 2018.

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: North.
Lot price: $493,962, unfurnished $470,612.
Floor area: each floor is 116 squares + 32 squares balconies x 8 floors x 5 floors = 5920 squares in total.
Pool area: 272 squares.
Expansions required: Apartment Life.

Midnight Hollow

Midnight Hollow is a world from The Sims 3 Store that was released on September 26, 2013. It was first announced on September 12, 2013. This world is based on sleepy towns from classical monochrome horror movies. The whole town has a dull and darkened color scheme. It features brand new locations, new retail businesses, and new characters.

Midnight Hollow

Total number of lots: 92
Lots 20×20: 6
Lots 20×30: 11
Lots 30×30: 7
Lots 30×40: 0
Lots 40×40: 13
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 9
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 0
Lots 64×64: 7
Odd-sized lots: 39

List of lots and houses in Roaring Heights world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
40 Breach Bend 15×20 Fanciful Resicence, 1br/1ba
41 Breach Bend 20×25 Relevant Residence, 1br/1a Ainsley
42 Breach Bend 20×40 Prim Roost, 2br/1.5ba
43 Breach Bend 20×25 Orderly Quarters , 2br/3.5ba Synapse
44 Breach Bend 30×30 Somber Home, 1br, 2ba Watts
45 Breach Bend 20×30 Old Haunt, 1br/1.5ba Limb
46 Breach Bend 25×35 Conventional Domicile, 2br/2.5ba
47 Breach Bend 20×25 Curious Home, 1br/1ba
48 Breach Bend 25×25 Historic House, 2br/1.5ba Specter
49 Breach Bend 50×50 Traditional Lodging, 3br/3ba Prince
50 Breach Bend 64×64 Demure Habitat, 4br/4ba
51 Breach Bend 40×40
53 Breach Bend 25×50 Moldy Missives Library (Library)
55 Breach Bend 25×25 School of Hard Knocks (No Visitors Allowed)
56 Breach Bend 50×50 Pitch Park (Big Park)
57 Breach Bend 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
58 Breach Bend 30×30 Deserted Hymnasium (Gym)
59 Breach Bend 50×25 Antiquity Art Museum (Art Gallery)
61 Breach Bend 40×40 The Just Us Justice Department (No Visitors Allowed)
63 Breach Bend 20×40 Talentless Theatre (Visitors Allowed)
65 Breach Bend 40×40 (No Visitors Allowed)
67 Breach Bend 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
68 Breach Bend 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
69 Breach Bend 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
70 Breach Bend 40×40 Antique Lodging, 2br/2.5ba
72 Breach Bend 25×50 Strange Lodging, 2br/3ba Vasquez
74 Breach Bend 15×20 fantastic De, 1br/1ba
75 Breach Bend 20×25 Shaded Shack, 1br/2.5ba Hyde
77 Breach Bend 20×25 Typical Shanty, 1br/1ba Poirot
1 Lake View Rd 50×50 Blackish Fish Pond (Fishing Spot)
121 Poffald Place 30×30 Atypical Habitat, 2br/2.5ba Flynn
120 Poffald Place 20×25 Precarious Pub (Visitors Allowed)
122 Poffald Place 30×30 Vintage Sheler, 1br/2ba
123 Poffald Place 20×30 Extraordinary Home, 3br/2.5ba Lau
124 Poffald Place 20×40 Serious Shack, 2br/3ba Winchester
125 Poffald Place 20×40 General Roost, 1 br/1.5ba Bledsoe
1 Rojo Road 20×20 Grave Grocer (Hangout)
2 Rojo Road 40×20 For Lease (Hangout)
3 Rojo Road 40×20 Avant-Garde Gallery (Art Gallery)
4 Rojo Road 25×35 Noble Noshery (No Visitors Allowed)
5 Rojo Road 64×64 Simagon Alley (No Visitors Allowed)
6 Rojo Road 25×35 Darkside Books (Hangout)
7 Rojo Road 20×30 For Rent (Hangout)
8 Rojo Road 35×25 Fanciful Furniture Store (Hangout)
8 Shallow Street 50×25 Ghastly Graveyard (Graveyard)
9 Swallow Street 20×20
10 Swallow Street 50×50
11 Swallow Street 64×64 Sooty Abode, 2br/2ba Yates
12 Swallow Street 25×25
14 Swallow Street 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
16 Swallow Street 30×20
15 Swallow Street 30×30 Hazardous Hideaway (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Swallow Street 30×20 Fascinating Facts Observatory (No Visitors Allowed)
19 Swallow Street 50×50
20 Swallow Street 40×40
23 Swallow Street 25×50 Gloomy Garden (Visitors Allowed)
22 Swallow Street 40×40
24 Swallow Street 40×40 St. James Simitarium (No Visitors Allowed)
25 Swallow Street 40×40 Abnormal Habitat, 4br/3.5ba Doe
27 Swallow Street 25×50 Irregular Quarters, 3br/3ba Salas
26 Swallow Street 25×35 Unusual Abode, 1br/1.5ba Nguyen
28 Swallow Street 64×64
29 Swallow Street 64×64
30 Swallow Street 25×50 Weird Shelter, 3br/2.5ba Entrepreneurs
32 Swallow Street 20×30 Bizzare Dwelling, 1b4/1ba
100 Shearin Stroll 40×40 Bizzare Beach (Beach)
102 Shearin Stroll 20×20 Fledgling Fishing Pond (Fishing Spot)
103 Shearin Stroll 20×20 Deviant Shanty, 1br/2ba Pham
104 Shearin Stroll 50×50 Stately Stadium (No Visitors Allowed)
106 Shearin Stroll 20×40 Fast or Fresh (No Visitors Allowed)
107 Shearin Stroll 25×20 Eerie Den, 2br/3ba Wheeler
108 Shearin Stroll 50×25 Proper Shanty, 3br/3ba
109 Shearin Stroll 20×20 Eccentric Abode, 1br/1ba
110 Shearin Stroll 50×50 Grimy Residence, 2br/3ba Ziggfield
111 Shearin Stroll 40×40 Lonely Literary Café (Hangout)
112 Shearin Stroll 40×20 Passe Park (Small Park)
113 Shearin Stroll 40×40 Peculiar Pool (Pool)
80 True Terrace 50×25 Murky Dwelling, 1br/1.5ba Carter
82 True Terrace 25×25 Whimsical Shack, 1br/1ba
84 True Terrace 30×20 Mysterious Domicile, 1br/2ba Stewart
86 True Terrace 20×15
87 True Terrace 25×25 Classic Shelter, 1br/2ba Finley
88 True Terrace 50×50 Common Quarters, 2br/2ba
89 True Terrace 25×25
90 True Terrace 25×50 Peculiar Roost, 4br/1.5ba Sombre
91 True Terrace 20×20
92 True Terrace 30×30
93 True Terrace 30×30 Bubbles N’ Books (No Visitors Allowed)
94 True Terrace 50×50
95 True Terrace 64×64
96 True Terrace 40×40
97 True Terrace 40×40 Somber Beach (Beach)

Realistic apartment block 3×2

A The Sims 2 apartment block designed to be realistic, floor plan inspired from a block type common across many Asian cities. Two-storey, 3 bedroom apartments per floor, with bedrooms accessible via hallway. Made in April 2013 shortly before leaving gaming world thus remained not published… published it on website in 2018.


Lot size: 3×2.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $308,264.
Building size: 26×12 (excluding balconies).
Apartment sizes: 107 squares plus 8 squares of balcony.
Rental fees: $2,230-2,344.
Expansion needed: Apartment Life only.

Dragon Valley

Dragon Valley is a The Sims 3 Store world that was released on May 30, 2013. It was first announced at the Live Broadcast on April 16, 2013. The theme of this world is medieval and fantasy. It features brand new locations, features, as well as new characters.

Dragon Valley

Total number of lots: 81
Lots 20×20: 7
Lots 20×30: 10
Lots 30×30: 29
Lots 30×40: 8
Lots 40×40: 9
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 2
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 1
Lots 64×64: 7
Odd-sized lots: 8

List of lots and houses in Dragon Valley world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
60 Abbey Alley 20×20
53 Ardmore Avenue 50×50 Sláinte chugat Harmony Hospital (No Visitors Allowed)
55 Ardmore Avenue 30×40 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
57 Ardmore Avenue 40×30 Tome Traders (No Visitors Allowed)
59 Ardmore Avenue 20×20 Miser McCann’s Restaurant (No Visitors Allowed)
61 Ardmore Avenue 40×40 Home for the Gentry – 3Br, 2.5Ba O’Reilly
45 Brea Bend 30×30 Thatched Cottage – 1br, 1Ba Walsh
81 Claddagh Court 30×30 Humble Home – 1Br, 1.5Ba
81 Claddagh Court 64×64
82 Claddagh Court 30×30 Limmerick House – 1Br, 1.5Ba Finnigan
83 Claddagh Court 30×40 Playful Park (Big Park)
84 Claddagh Court 30×30 City Cairn Memorial Lot (Graveyard)
86 Deidre Drive 30×20
87 Deidre Drive 20×30 Simple Shack – 2Br, 1.5Ba
40 Elm Grove 30×30 Mith, Legend, Lore, and Fact Facility (No Visitors Allowed)
41 Elm Grove 30×30 Prctice Pit Gymnasium (Gym)
42 Elm Grove 30×30 Heart and History Art Galery (Art Gallery)
43 Elm Grove 30×30 Freedom Books (Library)
44 Elm Grove 30×30 Garda Police and Military (No Visitors Allowed)
46 Elm Grove 30×40 Like Minded Individuals, inc. (No Visitors Allowed)
50 Elm Grove 30×30 The Local Grocer (No Visitors Allowed)
51 Elm Grove 25×40 Community Garden (Small Park)
1 Mithrilen Manor 40×40 Secure Stronghold – 2Br, 2Ba Mithrilen
2 Mithrilen Manor 30×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
3 Mithrilen Manor 40×40 Carrybeg – 2Br, 1.5Ba
9 Mithrilen Manor 20×30
56 Morrigan Mews 30×30
71 Shillelagh Street 20×30
72 Shillelagh Street 30×30 McCafferty’s Pub (Visitors Allowed)
73 Shillelagh Street 20×30 Dormer House – 3Br, 3Ba
74 Shillelagh Street 30×30 Small Steady Home – 1Br, 1.5Ba Murphy
75 Shillelagh Street 30×30 Defended Domicile – 2Br, 1.5Ba Sackholme
76 Shillelagh Street 30×30 Solidly Built Home – 2Br. 2Ba MacAnna
77 Shillelagh Street 30×40 The Cottage – 1Br, 1.5Ba MacGrath
78 Shillelagh Street 30×20 Very Comfortable House – 2Br, 1Ba
80 Shillelagh Street 30×30
Downtown extension
38 Aibell Avenue 64×64
52 Brighid Bend 20×40 Meek Manor – 1Br, 1Ba
54 Brighid Bend 30×30 Glenbeg – 1Br, 1.5Ba Kelly
88 Deidre Drive 40×40
4 Mithrilen Manor 30×20
5 Mithrilen Manor 30×30 Glen House – 2Br, 2Ba
6 Mithrilen Manor 60×30 The Orphanage – 6Br, 4.5Ba
7 Mithrilen Manor 60×60 Feudal Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot)
8 Mithrilen Manor 20×30
South area
58 Balor Bend 30×40 Wisteria House – 2Br, 2.5Ba Eames
63 Oak Grove 25×25 Rusti Home – 1Br, 1Ba
64 Oak Grove 64×64
66 Oak Grove 30×30
68 Oak Grove 40×20 Cladach Beach (Beach)
70 Oak Grove 20×20 Vantage Point – 1Br, 1Ba Grey
West area
35 Aibell Avenue 30×30
37 Aibell Avenue 20×30 Landing Place – 1Br, 1Ba McCann
90 Dagda Drive 30×30 Humble House – 1Br, 1Ba Ordhen
91 Dagda Drive 50×25 Cozy Cottage – 1Br, 1.5Ba
92 Dagda Drive 50×40 Sun Home – 2r, 2Ba Delaney
32 Lugh Lane 64×64
33 Lugh Lane 40×40 Carrigbeg – 2Br, 1Ba Cromos
34 Lugh Lane 40×40 Sweet Shelter – 1Br, 1Ba Burb
North area
47 Aine Avenue 40×40
49 Aine Avenue 64×64 Tourney Tent of Novices (No Visitors Allowed)
85 Deidre Drive 30×40 The Gables – 2Br, 2.5Ba O’Shea
100 O’Connell Heights 64×64 The Big House – 3Br, 3.5Ba O’Connell
101 O’Connell Heights 64×64 Drake School o Life and Learning (No Visitors Allowed)
East area
40 Clan Road 30×20 Crios Pond (Fishing Spot)
10 Clover Drive 50×50 Ubiquiitous Unity Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
11 Clover Drive 30×30 Swimmer’s Safety Practice Pool (Pool)
13 Clover Drive 30×30 World’s Theatre (No Visitors Allowed)
14 Clover Drive 20×20
15 Clover Drive 20×20 Sturdy Home – 2Br, 1.5Ba Flanagan
16 Clover Drive 25×25
17 Clover Drive 30×30
19 Clover Drive 30×40
20 Clover Drive 40×40
21 Clover Drive 20×20 Cozy and Content – 1Br, 1Ba
23 Clover Drive 30×30 Dragon Tavern (No Visitors Allowed)
24 Clover Drive 30×30 Hefry Home – 3Br, 1.5Ba Dolan
25 Clover Drive 30×30 Mol Beach (Beach)
26 Clover Drive 30×30 Dara Cotage – 1Br, 1.5Ba Hooley
28 Clover Drive 40×40 Mithrilen’s Madmen Hideaway (No Visitors Allowed)
30 Clover Drive 20×20 Loch House – 1Br, 1.5Ba Lochlan

3rd city – StarlingSprings

In February 2008 I started to built a third The Sims 2 urban town, this time by using University Expansion Pack. I downloaded few user-made maps and choose to use StarlingSprings map because is a medium-sized, flat neighborhood, with dense and regulated street network, plus a river that split the map in two asymmetric zones (the map can be downloaded from or

Initial development – 2008-2010

I standardized tower blocks of 9 storeys (originally 8) and walk-up blocks of 3-4-5 storeys arranged in an even more dense and efficient layout than in previous urban city PleasantView. Here are some 2 screenshots from 2008.


I turned into an adult and a busy businessman, so was unlikely to ever finish this city. The city remained built less than a half. The construction advanced, thanks to some working in 2009 and 2010, but meantime I changed my plan and now I like to have 4 different housing estates each with own design style, a less repetitive design, more layouts, lines of tower blocks on each coast and sides, so I need to rebuilt, and this takes very very very much work time! I was thinking to “hire” a child with free time to build the city according my plan, but did not found anyone willing to help me.

These are most recent screenshots taken in 2010.


This architectural masterpiece, according 2010 plan, had to have around 180 housing lots with around 600-650 apartment blocks, plus 4 or 5 narrow parks and community spaces, and several landed housing areas.

Resumed construction – 2016

Between 2010 and 2015 been busy to build my business so i can live independently from parents. In 2016 I started having again free time for gaming, and resumed construction of this city. I designed a master plan in AutoCAD, with existing blocks and re-planned many blocks according ideas which came during 2010 as well as completely new ideas. After making plan in AutoCAD and went in game to start building, saving time, instead of planning directly in game by building foundations only. I took another break in August 2016 and Resumed in March 2017.

According 2016 plan, the city has to have 226 lots with 54 tower blocks, 623 low-rise blocks and 139 houses. I modified the plan several times and in 2017 the count was 231 lots, 55 tower blocks, 599 walk-up blocks and 164 houses.

City master plan made with AutoCAD including lot numbering – click image to open PDF

StarlingSprings map have two 3-squares zones aligned north-south approximately at middle of each side of river, since 2008 I decided to develop them as park. Another 2-3 parks were planned in 2009-2010, but in 2016 I turned into built-up areas, leaving just 2 parks.

In 2008 the block pattern was a mess, in 2009-2010 I choose to make most walk-up blocks aligned east-west, while tower blocks are all aligned north-south. In 2008 I made blocks facing park 5-storey, blocks facing streets 4-storey, rear blocks 3-storey (one extra storey compared with PleasantView), and tower blocks 7+1-storey (increased to 8+1 storey in 2009). But this caused certain blocks to be covered by the taller blocks near parks. In 2016 I changed mind to make east-west blocks 3-storey and north-south blocks 4-storey (with some exceptions). By this way I also removed the 45-degree corners, to make corner blocks from 2 interlocked cubes of different heights and colors.

I created an uniform city design but vibrant in terms of colors and patterns. Due to non-regulated street layout, was a challenge to make symmetric patterns, that mix up with other asymmetric patterns.


At some moment I was thinking to build few unique buildings in some strategic places in the city, but I abandoned idea because will break the uniformity.

Finalized city – 2017


North Zone



South zone


West zone



Comparison with a real city

StarlingSprings urban neighborhood was inspired by public housing built in communist Romania, nice blocks at street and uglier blocks behind usually painted blue, in 2008 I made all blocks white then colored in blue and green the rear blocks. Then I realized that in The Sims there is no distinction between street blocks and rear blocks. In 2010 I came with idea to make 4 zones each with a distinctive color. In 2016 I further improved the idea and made 4-storey blocks white and 3-storey blocks in the distinctive color of each zone.

See the following screenshots taken in Google Earth from Bucharest. In Virtutii neighborhood you can see corner blocks and Z-shaped blocks having one side with 1 extra floor. Same in my The Sims city.


Download SAMPLE lot

Purchase whole city

Aurora Skies

Aurora Skies is the eighth world from The Sims 3 Store, it was released for purchase in The Sims 3 Store on February 21, 2013. Aurora Skies is an Icelandic coastal town-themed world. The standard version of the world costs 2,205 SimPoints while the gold version costs 3,915 SimPoints.

Aurora Skies

Total number of lots: 84
Lots 20×20: 5
Lots 20×30: 14
Lots 30×30: 12
Lots 30×40: 0
Lots 40×40: 13
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 8
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 0
Lots 64×64: 9
Odd-sized lots: 23

List of lots and houses in Aurora Skies world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
24 Geothermal Lane 30×20 Basalt Beach (Beach)
25 Geothermal Lane 25×25 Lake View Mango
26 Geothermal Lane 50×50 Sundhöll Community Pool (Noi Visitors Allowed)
41 Lupin Lane 35×25
42 Lupin Lane 30×20
43 Lupin Lane 30×20
44 Lupin Lane 20×30
45 Lupin Lane 64×64
52 Velkominn Rd. 64×32 Groomed Grounds (Big Park)
53 Velkominn Rd. 64×32 Recreational Reserve (Big Park)
54 Velkominn Rd. 40×40 Perspective Park (Big Park)
56 Velkominn Rd. 20×40 Natural Nest Adamsson
57 Velkominn Rd. 25×50 Steadfast Ingberg
58 Velkominn Rd. 20×40 Rowan House
59 Velkominn Rd. 20×30 Ayres End Olivia
60 Velkominn Rd. 50×25 Hostility-Free Hostel Day
61 Velkominn Rd. 25×35 Human Habitat Frimann
62 Velkominn Rd. 40×20 Domestic Domicile
64 Velkominn Rd. 30×30
65 Velkominn Rd. 25×35 Caring Co-Op Apple
66 Velkominn Rd. 20×30 Recycled Refuge Warbler
68 Velkominn Rd. 25×35 Coastal Condo Elliot
69 Velkominn Rd. 40×40 Cuisine and Contracts Business Park (No Visitors Allowed)
70 Velkominn Rd. 35×25 Björn Cafe (Visitors Allowed)
80 Edgewood Ave. 20×25 Juniper House
82 Edgewood Ave. 20×30 Hallbjörn Birch
83 Edgewood Ave. 20×30 The Holm Wong
84 Egdewood Ave. 25×50 Weights & Waves Gym (Gym)
85 Edgewood Ave. 40×40
86 Edgewood Ave. 20×25 Home Sweet Holm
87 Edgewood Ave. 50×25
88 Edgewood Ave. 50×25 Placid Park (Small Park)
90 Edgewood Ave. 20×30
91 Edgewood Ave. 40×40 Plays, Productions, and Pictures (No Visitors Allowed)
93 Edgewood Ave. 40×40 Füd Feud (No Visitors Allowed)
95 Edgewood Ave. 20×30
96 Edgewood Ave. 64×64 Competitor’s Delight Stadium (No Visitors Allowed)
97 Edgewood Ave. 30×30
98 Edgewood Ave. 50×50 Peaceful Protection Agency (No Visitors Allowed)
43 Hovedgated Rd. 30×30 Serenity Sands Beach (Beach)
45 Hovedgated Rd. 64×64 Nature and Nurture Learning Academy (No Visitors Allowed)
47 Hovedgaten Rd. 25×50 The Wallpaper Museum of Modern Art (Art Gallery)
Downtown extension
1 Garden Götukort Ave. 40×40 Sustainable Community Garden (Visitor Allowed)
32 Livingsotne St. 30×30 Luxurious Lodge Olsson
33 Livingstone St. 30×30 Mud Baths and Manuscripts (No Visitors Allowed)
34 Livingstone St. 40×40 Lend and Learn Library (No Visitors Allowed)
35 Livingstone St. 20×30
39 Livingstone St. 30×30 Sunrise Reflection Fishing Park (Fishing Spot)
17 Foss View Rd. 40×40
19 Foss View Rd. 25×25 Lowland Lakehouse Svard
20 Foss View Rd. 30×30 Humble Homestead
22 Foss View Rd. 30×30 Eco Edifice
3 Rock Ridge Rd. 50×50 Helgason
5 Rock Ridge Rd. 30×30
6 Rock Ridge Rd. 40×40 Roomy Roost
7 Rock Ridge Rd. 64×64
8 Rock Ridge Rd. 40×40 The Green Cottage Clark
9 Rock Ridge Rd. 50×50
37 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64 The Glade
38 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20
40 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20
41 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×30 Forest Den Wrede
42 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20
43 Sulfur Springs Rd. 25×25 Quarry House
44 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20 Swim and Soak Station (Pool)
45 Sulfur Springs Rd. 25×25 Weight-Lifter’s Wonderand (Gym)
46 Sulfur Springs Rd. 40×40 The Birchwoods
47 Sulfur Springs Rd. 25×25 Cozy Cottage Oss
48 Sulfur Springs Rd. 50×50 The Blue Lagoon (Visitors Allowed)
49 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×20 Auspicious Accomodation
50 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
Hilly area
13 Foss View Rd. 50×50 Fiskar Fishing Spot (Park)
14 Foss View Rd. 40×40 Highland Home Hallur
15 Foss View Rd. 30×30 Jusat an Abandoned Warehouse (No Visitors Allowed)
21 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64 Cure-All Collective (No Visitors Allowed)
22 Sulfur Springs Rd. 50×50 Morningside Morgue and Cemetery (Graveyard)
24 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×20 Fjara Beach (Beach)
26 Sulfur Springs Rd. 50×50 Chapter House Vinter
28 Sulfur Springs Rd. 20×30 Coastal Cove Beach (Beach)
30 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×30 Lynnwood Hannes
32 Sulfur Springs Rd. 30×20 Bonfire Beach (Beach)
33 Sulfur Springs Rd 64×64
34 Sulfur Springs Rd. 40×40
36 Sulfur Springs Rd. 64×64

Monte Vista

Monte Vista

Total number of lots: 84
Lots 20×20: 7
Lots 20×30: 15
Lots 30×30: 8
Lots 30×40: 2
Lots 40×40: 7
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 3
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 3
Lots 64×64: 4
Odd-sized lots: 35

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
1 Regalia Court 42×42 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
2 Regalia Court 20×15 Admirable Abode Mancini
3 Regalia Court 20×20 The Bibliotech (Library)
4 Regalia Court 30×32 Civic Center (No Visitors Allowed)
5 Regalia Court 25×25 Piazza Regalia (Big Park)
6 Regalia Court 20×15 Sunny Sanctum Bianchi
7 Regalia Court 25×35 Teatro Fantastico (No Visitors Allowed)
8 Regalia Court 60×20 Rustic Retreat
9 Regalia Court 30×30 The Public Pizzeria (Visitors Allowed)
10 Regalia Court 25×30 Simcatti Industries (No Visitors Allowed)
11 Regalia Court 15×20 Honest Homestead Costa
12 Regalia Court 20×30 Commendable Condo Rivers
13 Regalia Court 30×30 Historic House Rossi
14 Regalia Court 20×20 Terracota Townhouse Lin
15 Regalia Court 32×32 Good Guys Inc. (No Visitors Allowed)
16 Regalia Court 20×30 Favorable Flat Ferrari
17 Regalia Court 40×35 Tasty Treats and Tomes (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Regalia Court 20×15 Hilltop Heights
19 Regalia Court 20×20
20 Regalia Court 25×25 Museum D’Art (Art Gallery)
West bank
713 Bella Vista Drive 40×40 Moonlit Stroll Park (Big Park)
714 Bella Vista Drive 60×60 Scuola Simatica (No Visitors Allowed)
715 Bella Vista Drive 50×50 Palacial Pools
716 Bella Vista Drive 50×40 Gymnasium Ultima (Gym)
717 Bella Vista Drive 35×35
718 Bella Vista Drive 40×20 Poetic Property Monty
719 Bella Vista Drive 35×35 Picturesque Plot Toledo
721 Bella Vista Drive 20×20
723 Bella Vista Drive 20×30 Rustic Den Seng
724 Bella Vista Drive 20×30
725 Bella Vista Drive 30×20 Graciella’s Groceries and Delfina’s Diner (No Visitor Allowed)
726 Bella Vista Drive 30×20 Lonely Lot Perry
727 Bella Vista Drive 40×20 Renaissance Retreat Romano
729 Bella Vista Drive 30×15 Happy Hive Lombardi
730 Bella Vista Drive 25×50 Restful Mausoleum (Graveyard)
731 Bella Vista Drive 30×15 Reputable Residence James
732 Bella Vista Drive 15×30 Hidden House
57 Globe Street 30×30
28 Stratford Street 64×64 Coliseum
30 Stratford Street 20×20 Stylistic Shack
31 Summer Street 30×30 Cypress Retreat
33 Summer Street 25×35 Villa Paradiso Monty
40 Toscana Drive 40×40 (No Visitors Allowed)
43 Via Morena 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
44 Via Morena 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
21 Verona Way 30×30 Dramatic Digs Almeria
23 Verona Way 64×64 Fashionable Farm Moretti
25 Verona Way 50×50
27 Verona Way 60×60
29 Verona Way 40×40
31 Verona Way 30×30 Tuscan Tudor DeLuca
31 Verona Way 35×35
45 Verona Drive 50×25 Sunbather’s Retreat (Beach)
1 Via Veronaville 20×20 Attractive Tract
2 Via Veronaville 25×35 Unmarred Utopia
3 Via Veronaville 30×20 Average Acreage Russo
4 Via Veronaville 40×30
5 Via Veronaville 25×35 Homey Haven Pantalone
6 Via Veronaville 30×30
8 Via Veronaville 30×30 Cozy Cottage
9 Via Veronaville 20×20 Little Gipper Fishing Park (Fishing Spot)
10 Via Veronaville 25×25 Worries and Woes Country Pub (Hangout)
80 Desdamona Drive 40×40 Marvelous Mansion Modena
East bank
17 Avon Avenue 40×40 Etruscan Park (Visitors Allowed)
35 Bard Boulevard 60×60 Ample Accomodations
37 Bard Boulevard 40×40 Beautiful Barn Taylor
83 Chorus Court 64×64 Quiet Quarters Giordano
54 Poet Place 35×35
33 Verona Way 30×20 Lovely Lodging Valenci
35 Verona Way 64×64 Seafood Hideaway Fishing Pasrk (Fishing Spot)
37 Verona Way 64c64
12 Via Veronaville 40×40
14 Via Veronaville 30×20 Sun-Kissed Starter
16 Via Veronaville 50×50 Deluxe Domicile Rassi
18 Via Veronaville #A 40×50 Siesta Community Pool (Pool)
18 Via Veronaville #B 40×64 Mucho Espresso Café (Hangout)
18 Via Veronaville #C 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Via Veronaville #D 40×30 Slanciato Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Via Veronaville #E 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Via Veronaville #F 40×64 Doctor Simano’s Sanatorium (No Visitors Allowed)
19 Via Veronaville 40×20 Sunlit Stride Park (Small Park)
South island
47 Olive Way 20×30
45 Olive Way 30×20 Venice Beach (Beach
67 Stella Street 20×60 Decent Dwelling Stefani

My first The Sims 3 house

In April 2013, after several dozens hours of extensive studying of Sims behavior on 3 experimental houses made by me, using two families of 2 and 8 sims, plus the pre-made ones, I made my first (final) house in The Sims 3.

I hate The Sims 3 lot sizes, for being too big. Look at this, I used the smallest standard-sized lot available in game (20×30) to build an oversized house with 258 square meters for 6 Sims (with possibility to add 2 more beds), 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, carpark for 2 cars, pool, BBQ, etc. I say oversized because 6 Sims normally need 200 squares.

Error: the two doorways near staircase may appear half-walled, I placed using the cheat “moveobjects on”, because of The Sims 3 limitations, this was working well in The Sims 2.


Lot size: 20×30.
Lot price: about $170.000.
House size: 16×12.
Floor area: 258 squares + 35 squares of terraces + 8 squares of void.
Expansions required: none, The Sims 3 base game only.

Sunlit Tides

Sunlit Tides is a world from The Sims 3 Store, and it was announced on August 15, 2012. It is based on a tropical island with sparkling beaches and palm trees. It was released on August 23, 2012. The town features new rabbit holes and the Pleasant family.

Sunlit Tides

Total number of lots: 86
Lots 20×20: 7
Lots 20×30: 6
Lots 30×30: 18
Lots 30×40: 0
Lots 40×40: 14
Lots 40×50: 5
Lots 50×50: 8
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 0
Lots 64×64: 7
Odd-sized lots: 21

List of lots and houses in Sunlit Tides world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
Zone A – Mountain
1 Ocean Overlook 25×25 The House That Love Built Pleasant
2 Ocean Overlook 30×30 Sunshine Park (Small Park)
The Volcano 64×64 The Lair (No Visitors Allowed)
Lagoon Overlook 40×40 The Overlook (Big Park)
The Lagoon 30×20 Hot Sands Beach (Beach)
The Cliff 20×30 (No Visitors Allowed)
The Mountain Top 40×40 The Relaxation Station (angout)
15 Azure Avenue 40×40 Final Sunset Graveyerd (Graveyard)
13 Azure Avenue 30×30 Favorite Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
The Mountain Base 20×20 Jungle Fishing Spot (Fishing Spot)
6 Paradise Circle 50×50 Lagoon View Pools (Pool)
10 Azure Avenue 15×10 The Jungle Recluse Waterson
Zone B – Mango
9 Paradise Circle 40×40 The Island Pearl Kahale
10 Paradise Circle 40×40 The Shark Hut
11 Paradise Circle 50×50 Rhapsody Hale
15 Paradise Circle 30×30 Sand, Sun, and Surf Corp. (No Visitors Allowed)
16 Paradise Circle 30×30 Captain Jack’s Theater (No Visitors Allowed)
17 Paradise Circle 40×40 Serpentine Labs (No Visitors Allowed)
18 Paradise Circle 30×30 Pleasant Pages Bookstore (No Visitors Allowed)
20 Paradise Circle 30×30 Seaside Sculpture Park (Small Park)
22 Paradise Circle 30×30 Midnight Moon Bistro
6 Silent Shores 20×25 Life on the Lagoon
4 Silent Shores 25×25 Paradise Park and Garden (Small Park)
8 Castaway Cove 20×20 Heavenly Home
1 Mango Way 15×10 Harmony Home Mango
Military Atoll 50×50 Mango’s Militry Base (No Visitors Allowed)
3 Mango Way 20×15 The Hot House
5 Mango Way 15×10 Ocean Views Ernest
The Hidden Beach 20×25 The Hidden Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
Zone C – Beach
24 Paradise Circle 25×25 The Hideaway (Hangout)
25 Paradise Circle 40×40 My Little Piece of Paradise Wahine
26 Paradise Circle 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
27 Paradise Circle 40×40 Sanctuary
29 Paradise Circle 30×20 (No Visitors Allowed)
30 Paradise Circle 15×10 Equatorial Abode
31 Paradise Circle 30×30 Forever Tropical Beach Bums
32 Paradise Circle 30×30 The Hot Spot (Hangout)
33 Paradise Circle 20×30 Tropic Fever Gonzalo
34 Paradise Circle 10×15 The Wanderer’s Way Keilani
35 Paradise Circle 20×20 I Can Smell the Sea Yang
36 Paradise Circle 50×50 Semitropical Abode
Tidal Beach 25×35 Captain Jack’s Beach (Beach)
Zone D – Cove
37 Paradise Circle 64×64 The Island Academy (No Visitors Allowed)
2 Castaway Cove 20×20 Lovely Lot
4 Castaway Cove 25×25 Lovely Lot
6 Castaway Cove 35×25 Lovely Lot
10 Castaway Cove 35×25 Lovely Lot
14 Castaway Cove 40×40 Lovely Lot
16 Castaway Cove 50×50 Lovely Lot
1 Cove Road 64×64 Lovely Lot
2 Cove Road 64×64 Lovely Lot
13 Paradise Circle 25×20 Lovely Lot
Zone E – Tropical Circle
39 Paradise Circle 30×30 Grotto Groceries (No Visitors Allowed)
41 Paradise Circle 30×30 Island Police Headquarters (No Visitors Allowed)
43 Paradise Circle 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
45 Paradise Circle 25×25 (No Visitors Allowed)
10 Tropical Circle 30×20 Hapy Habitat
11 Tropical Circle 40×40 Paradise Pools (Pool)
12 Tropical Circle 20×20 I Can Hear the Sea Allender
The Sandy Beach 40×40 Lovely Lot
14 Tropical Circle 30×30 Home, Now with Sand Parrott
16 Tropical Circle 35×25 The Tropical Zone Alto
4 Reef Road 30×30 A Moment in Time Adams
Reef Road Beach 64×64 The Beach House
5 Reef Road 25×25 The Sun’s Smile Pepper
1 Reef Road 40×40 Jungle Jim’s Gym (Gym)
The Hideaway 50×50 Pleasant View Park (Big Park)
20 Tropical Circle 64×64 Seaside Sports Center (No Visitors Allowed)
22 Tropical Circle 40×40 Coconut Palms Medical Facility (No Visitors Allowed)
25 Tropical Circle 50×50 Tropic Llama Library (Library)
Zone F – Oceanside
47 Paradise Circle 25×20 Riku’s Luau Diner
48 Paradise Circle 20×20 Paradise Pad
49 Paradise Circle 20×25 Shady Rest Strong
50 Paradise Circle 50×50 Starfish Sands Playground (Big Park)
52 Paradise Circle 20×20 Retreat from the Sun Best Friends
54 Paradise Circle 25×35 Tropic Times Carnegie
56 Paradise Circle 30×30 The Wayfarer Fitzpatrick
57 Paradise Circle 30×30 Oceanview Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
58 Paradise Circle 20×15 The Jungle Green Young Romance
59 Paradise Circle 20×40 Lovely Lot
60 Paradise Circle 30×30 Jungle Dwelling
1 Lagoon Beach 25×25 Pirate’s Pool (Pool)
2 Lagoon Beach 40×40 My First Vacantion Home Hoffman
1 Oceanside 25×35 Seaside Retreat Grantham
2 Oceanside 30×30 Dreams of Paradise Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
The End of the Road 30×30 (No Visitors Allowed)

Palace of the Empire 6×5

Palace of the Empire is the biggest building made by me in The Sims 2, its overall shape is inspired from the Romanian Palace of the Parliament, which I also designed a realistic replica in The Sims 2, but by keeping number of windows to the real building, several people criticized it for having too many windows.

So, I wanted to make a new bigger building that does look nice in The Sims 2 and maximize game limits. I designed several polylines in AutoCAD that does calculate perimeter for each, adjusted the polylines to find the optimal shape to make the building to appear as large and tall is possible while keeping it under the limit of 2100 wall segments and basement + 14 floors (adding 1 more floor would cause game to crash).

Palace of the Empire aerial front Palace of the Empire aerial rear
Palace of the Empire day front Palace of the Empire day rear
Palace of the Empire night front Palace of the Empire night rear
Palace of the Empire neighborhood view

The building is composed by the following shapes based on 5-squares grid:
4 floors measuring about 50×40 squares (50×42 with bays), 706 squares floor area, 298 wall segments;
3 floors measuring about 30×20 squares (32×21 with bays), 390 squares floor area, 170 wall segments;
6 floors measuring about 20×5 squares (20×7 with bays), 116 squares floor area, 58 wall segments;
1 floor having 2 rooms 4×7 squares, 56 squares floor area, 44 wall segments.
Total: 14 floors, 4746 squares floor area, 2094 wall segments.

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: North.
Lot price: about $396,458.
Building size: 50×42 squares.
Floor area: 4746 squares.
Expansion needed: Apartment Life only.

But what if I do an even bigger building?

Once again I used AutoCAD to design polylines and calculate perimeter and area. This time making a very fat building without many bays.

Biggest building in The Sims 2 Biggest building in The Sims 2

The building is composed by the following shapes:
5 floors measuring 52×42 squares, 1308 squares floor area, 264 wall segments;
3 floors measuring 46×16 squares, 764 squares floor area, 128 wall segments (46×18 with bays);
6 floors measuring 14×18 squares, 252 squares floor area, 64 wall segments;
Total: 14 floors, 10344 squares floor area, 2088 wall segments (not including attics).

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $446,950.
Building size: 52×42 squares.
Floor area: 10344 squares.
Expansion needed: Apartment Life only.

The biggest theoretical building that can be built in The Sims 2 would be an octagonal building measuring 46×46 squares (4 straight sides 28 squares long and 4 diagonal sides 9 squares long), would make 148 wall segments per floor and 1954 squares floor area, 14 floors would make 2072 wall segments and 27356 squares floor area. But will be an ugly piece of shit!

Lucky Palms

Lucky Palms is a world for The Sims 3. It was announced on June 18, 2012 and released on June 28 of the same year. It is the fifth world released for The Sims 3 Store. Lucky Palms is set in a desert setting with small pockets of green scattered throughout the world. There are 50 residents (and 5 unborn babies), making Lucky Palms the same size population-wise as Bridgeport, Hidden Springs, and Riverview.

It is available in a Standard and Gold edition. The Gold edition contains The Lucky Simoleon Casino, as well as several extra objects, including the blackjack table and the slot machine.

Lucky Palms

Total number of lots: 96
Lots 20×20: 3
Lots 20×30: 5
Lots 30×30: 8
Lots 30×40: 3
Lots 40×40: 33
Lots 40×50: 1
Lots 50×50: 8
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 60×60: 2
Lots 64×64: 10
Odd-sized lots: 23

List of lots and houses in Lucky Palms world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
Main side of highway
150 Casino Boulevard 60×60 Empty Lot
10 Civic Circle 64×64 City Hall (No Visitors Allowed)
17 Civic Circle 50×50 Grand Canyon Community Library (Library)
19 Civic Circle 60×60 Brittlebush Academy (No Visitors Allowed)
21 Civic Circle 40×40 Rio Vista Park and Playground (Small Park)
25 Civic Circle 40×40 Sun Health Hospital (No Visitors Allowed)
28 Civic Circle 40×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
30 Civic Circle 30×30 Local Law Enforcement (No Visitors Allowed)
32 Civic Circle 50×50 Paint A Desert Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
30 Garden View Lane 30×30 Drinks at Diamondbacks (Hangout)
33 Garden View Lane 25×50 Botanical Garden (Small Park)
34 Garden View Lane 40×40 Sport Fishing (fishing Spot)
59 Gobi Road 40×40 Block Motel Dreamer
63 Gobi Road 30×30
68 Gobi Road 40×40 Happy Hour House
52 Golf Links Lane 50×50
54 Golf Links Lane 64×64
65 Golf View Road 40×40
67 Golf View Road 40×40 Casa Xanadu Hendrix
69 Golf View Road 64×64 Pillars of Society King
71 Golf View Road 40×40 Modernista Sosa
73 Golf View Road 40×40 A Bridge Apart Lovers?
75 Golf View Road 40×40 Nefertiti’s Abode Price
77 Golf View Road 50×50 The Claw
78 Golf View Road 40×40
80 Golf View Road 40×40
70 Great Sand Road 64×64 Classic Compound Shaw
35 Kalahari Crossing 50×50 The Golden Simoleon Gymnasium (Gym)
36 Kalahari Crossing 40×40 Palms Park (Small Park)
69 Lake Access Road 30×30 The Solitary Novel (No Visitors Allowed)
70 Lake Access Road 20×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
71 Lake Access Road 20×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
75 Pleasant View Road 30×40
74 Pleasant View Road 40×40 Intersecting Planes Matlapin
25 River Road 50×50 Silver Swallow Day Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
100 Sahara Boulevard 30×40 Sahara Corporate Headquarters (No visitors Allowed)
200 Sahara Boulevard 64×64 Lucky Llamas Stadium (No Visitors Allowed)
61 Sand Road 40×40 Chic Retreat
65 Sand Road 30×30
66 Sand Road 40×40 Halcyon Hideaway Loera
93 Sonora Street 40×40 Baby Bungalow Ross
95 Sonora Street 40×40 Adorable Adobe Sparks
97 Sonora Street 40×40 Sangria Arms
98 Sonora Street 40×40
96 Sonora Street 40×40 La Casa Tanner
94 Sonora Street 30×30 Imagine That! Theater (No Visitors Allowed)
90 Sonora Street 30×30 Goody’s Groceries (No Visitors Allowed)
228 Sedona Lane 64×64
230 Sedona Lane 40×40
323 Sedona Lane 30×30
77 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Hearts of Palm
79 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Irony Ranch Hudson Hipsters
80 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Symphony of the Cube
74 Sunset Boulevard 40×40 Mid Century, Not at All Modern
20 Sunshine Way 36×39 Lakeside Reetreat (Beach)
100 The Fairway 40×40
100 The Green 40×40
10 The Lake 35×13 Community Parking Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
13 The Lake 29×13 Wave Motion Laboratory Best Friends
14 The Lake 29×13
17 The Lake 29×13 Landlubbers Loft
18 The Lake 29×13 The Deadliest Danger Survivalist
21 The Lake 29×13 Betty Barracuda Golden Gals
The Overlook 60×64 The Blooming Cactus Bistro (No Visitors Allowed)
10 Tombstone Drive 50×50 Sunwest Graveyard (Graveyard)
55 Vista Boulevard 40×40
60 Wellspring Parkway 40×40 Perfect Paradise Pool (Pool)
62 Wellspring Parkway 25×20 Desert Diner (No Visitors Allowed)
70 Wellspring Parkway 30×20 Wonderful Wells Community Garden (No Visitors Allowed)
1 Wishing Well Way 15×15 The Wishing Well (No Visitors Allowed)
The Park at Civic Circle 64×64 Civic Center Park (Big Park)
Other side of highway
103 Lakeside Drive 40×40 The Warehouse (No Visitors Allowed)
105 Lakeside Drive 40×40 Area-52 Test Labs (No Visitors Allowed)
107 Lakeside Drive 64×64
109 Lakeside Drive 20×30 Empty Lot (No Visitors Allowed)
110 Lakeside Drive 50×50
111 Lakeside Drive 20×50 Sunshine Art Gallery (Art Gallery)
113 Lakeside Drive 20×20 The Sandy Place (Hangout)
114 Lakeside Drive 64×64 Lovely Lane Park and Playground (No Visitors Allowed)
115 Lakeside Drive 50×25 The Perfect Park (Small Park)
116 Lakeside Drive 25×25 Lovely Lake Public Pool (Pool)
117 Lakeside Drive 20×30 Lakeview Manor Diwan
118 Lakeside Drive 20×20 Crib Fantastique The Unlikely Twosome
119 Lakeside Drive 10×15 The Breakers West Bard
120 Lakeside Drive 15×20 Highgate Hacienda
121 Lakeside Drive 20×25 Palazzo Paradiso Gilbert
124 Lakeside Drive 35×25 Petrol Palace
125 Lakeside Drive 20×20 The Lido Lancaster
126 Lakeside Drive 15×20 Pharm Haus
127 Lakeside Drive 35×25 The Fo’c’sle
130 Lakeside Drive 40×20 Super House Irwin
133 Lakeside Drive 40×40 Salty Springs Resort
136 Lakeside Drive 35×25
137 Lakeside Drive 64×64
145 Lakeside Drive 60×55 Desert Arms Military Base (No Visitors Allowed)
140 Lake View Road 15×20 Sandy Knoll Retreat