Database of HDB resale flat prices in Excel format

I got a database of HDB resale transactions from 1990 to present and spent over 10 hours studying them and doing data analysis in Excel.

HDB Resale Flat Prices Database
HDB resale flat prices by flat type HDB resale flat prices per sqm by flat type
HDB resale flat prices per square meter by lease year HDB resale flat prices per square meter by storey

I offer one Excel file containing the following analysis:
– Number of HDB resale transactions by year and month (1 table and 1 chart)
– Number of HDB resale transactions by year and town (1 table and 1 chart)
– HDB average resale flat prices by lease year (1 table and 1 chart)
– HDB average resale flat prices by storey (1 table and 1 chart, per sqm)
– HDB average resale flat prices by flat type (table and 2 charts, sale price and price per sqm)

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And another Excel file containing all the above analysis, plus:
– HDB average resale flat prices by town (5 tables and 5 charts, all flat types, 3-room, 4-room, 5-room, Executive)
– HDB average resale flat prices by town and flat type (27 tables and 54 charts, sale price and price per sqm)

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And another Excel file containing all the above analysis plus the database of resale transactions, so you can do your own analysis:

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Free SAMPLE – Bukit Timah resale transactions + analysis

Contact me for custom packages (specific towns only) or additional analysis.

Private property resale transactions

Several people asked me if I can provide similar Excel databases for private transactions.

Private property transactions are tracked by URA and REALIS and can be consulted on URA website (consulted only, not copied – I haven’t found any working method to scrap them). REALIS provide access to Excel database only to universities, I has been showing this by students telling me that are NOT ALLOWED to share data with third parties.

Old page 2012-2016

Is anyone interested in a table containing resale transactions listings from HDB website, but compiled in Excel thus easy to analyze, and including 140.000+ flats transacted last 6+ years?

FREE sample:
HDB-Resale-Flat-Prices-SAMPLE.xls containing transactions listings for ONE town + Most expensive flats + Statistics

Buy the complete database with 26 towns:

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Each package contains 3 files:
Original: 26 sheets, 1 flat = 2 rows (as copied from HDB website).
Enhanced: 26 sheets, 1 flat = 1 row, added colors, filter and sort macros.
Enhanced & towns merged: one sheet containing all 26 towns.

Why I made this HDB database and selling it?

On 1 April 2009, HDB improved its Resale Flat Prices e-service, now showing transactions for last 1 year instead of last 3 months, also added flat model beside floor area.

I copied the listings for 1 year (April 2008 – March 2009) in Microsoft Excel, which were displaying 20 per page. I spent about 10 days at 5 hours per day. I did this for purpose of personal analysis, for example estimate average apartment size nationwide and per town, and showing the results of analysis in HDB Statistics page.

Few months later HDB showed all transactions in a scroll-able list rather than 20 pages, allowing me to copy transactions much faster, so started to update my database once per year. I had no intention to publish or commercialize it.

I have published database on website in August 2012 because, while monitoring website traffic, I noticed 2 people searching on Google exactly the text shown on HDB Statistics page “I copied HDB Resale Transactions for one year in Microsoft Excel to make calculations”, probably they were trying to find the original Excel file, or possible other source of Statistics page (thinking that the Statistics were not mine but copied from elsewhere). The only way to get the Excel file source of statistics was to contact me.

So, some people may be interested in such database, I posted the Excel database for sale.

I am aware that the XLS table can be used by agents for a detailed analysis of HDB flat prices drop and rise, which is not possible in web version, or it can be even converted to CSV or SQL and used in websites by people who intend to make profit.

Due to the size of database, Microsoft Excel runs slowly, I am spending about 20 hours each time I update the XLS file, regardless if I update every month or once per year. Time is money! So I am selling it at a price that may be out of reach for private people. If you want just to view HDB flat prices (but only for last 1 year), you can do this for FREE on HDB website.

I offer updates at price of $50 per update. You decide if you want to pay $50 once per month, once per few months or once per year. As 2015, the database was purchased by 3 people and all them needing data one-time only and not interested in updates.

Note: HDB changed its e-service on 10 March 2014, now showing Resale Registration Date instead of Resale Approval Date, causing flats to jump from one month to another, some prices are different, also the storey is shown in ranges of 3 floors instead of 5. This cause some incompatibilities with previous database. So I decided to sell the database April 2008 – December 2013 (149930 records) and start a new database 2013-present, overlapping 1 year (23476 records as July 2014). Feel free to combine them if you want to have a messy database.

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