Good indian customers

Most of world businesses avoid Indian customers because most of them aggressively ask services but do not want to pay for, ask off-topic stuff without reading what we offer, bargain asking for ridiculous discounts, try to scam you to work for free and run away without paying, etc.

Here are few examples of GOOD Indian customers PAYING for services, hope others will do the same.

BAD indian customers

I am writing this page to inform all architecture students and professionals (and not only) what they should expect from Indian customers.

Architecture is a difficult job to be done online, with many customers coming for free consultation and not interested in paying complete service, but Indian people are by far, the WORST customers, having NO RESPECT for architects and aggressively requesting custom house plans that they are not willing to pay for. This makes almost impossible to get a paying customer in India (also nearby countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc).

Some people hate chat pop-up

I use a chat widget on my website since January 2012. As 2014 about 10 people message me per day, over 3000 per year, thousands people say thanks for helping them via chat, but someone thinks that the chat widget invade his privacy… probably he will never visit my website again!

Hi, I am Mr. X

People who previously chatted with me, when they visit my website again, are advised to say Hi, I am Mr. X, to help me knowing that are same person. But sometimes people who visit my website for first time also start conversation using their names, and if it match someone else’s name, the chat turns FUNNY!

Kids wasting my time (2021-01-22)

Someone (probably a kid) started a pointless conversation, admitting that “just wanted someone to talk to” then said “sorry for wasting your time” but after 2 days he/she came again, asking “But do you remember me?” I only answered that I don’t have time for pointless conversations. Probably thinking that I do not have ability to see same IP, he/she started few more conversations, in one pretending to be a businessman, in other pretending that want to buy one of my items (but not indicating what item, probably he/she didn’t even know what I am selling). In the end I banned IP.

Mobile phones strange customer

Over 30 customers and all were HAPPY… except below one. He tells me to check/fix an error but personally I don’t see any error, I don’t understand what he expect me to change? Does anyone else understand?

Serious customer or kid doing a PRANK?

This person started conversation like a kid bored in school, asking childish questions, then after he figure out that I has been working in architecture, he said that want to build a house and ready to pay $1000… I asked for site plan and he DID gave me a site plan, but looks like he googled for a site plan just to find one to send me and keep conversation on-going for NO REASON, when he actually did not owned or building any house.

RUDE customer (2020-10-14)

Customer asked for price, I answered $400-500 for construction equipment extracting data from, and asked customer from where I should extract data for trucks, price depends by complexity of website, he has NOT provided any website to source data from, rated chat bad and called me a time-waster… why some customers are so RUDE?

12-year old PRANK me that want to buy a database

Given by his attitude, repeating “hello” and “are you here” if I didn’t answered in 10 seconds, is obviously that he was a kid who is not buying anything = NOT A CUSTOMER, so the way I talk have NO importance. He closed chat and started another chat pretending that is his parent and apologize for his son… but using same childish attitude!

Serious customer who started chat in a stupid way (2020-09-23)

I do not take in serious visitors messaging me questions about other countries than the pages viewed, they are often kids doing research for a school project, bored in classroom and want to talk with / PRANK someone.

But not this time… behind initial messages that looked like an idiot asking about New Zealand on a website primarily aimed on Singapore housing, there was a hidden businessman who want to pay me $2000/month

Idiot cannot explain properly what he needs but call me RUDE

I am selling databases and he say “I don’t have a database I need to find a program” = inability to write english correctly. Never clicked the links I gave him in chat to understand what databases I am selling… and in the end he say “Wow you trying to sell something and your rude to me”… does anyone understand what he actually wanted?

Funny & dumb student

DUMB question “how many floors are there in a storey building of 5 levels” the way he addressed me, repeating “are u still there” every 20 seconds when I asked him how I can help him, gave me impression of a kid having fun that doesn’t worth taking in serious.

Idiot wasting my time

I don’t know how he managed to land from Google in my World City Database page if he was actually looking for airports, I gave him link to Airports Database and he said that wants for FREE.

Why do you contact a SELLER if you cannot pay for his work? Good luck finding a website offering such database for free!

What does this person wants?

To prove that my article about North Korea is not accurate (I already stated that may be not accurate) or that is accurate or he is asking or… I have no idea what he wanted but wasted me 30 minutes in a pointless conversation.

RUDE gamer (2020-04-26)

RUDE gamer, he start a conversation with “fuck you”, closed it and started another pretending that is a different person, then swear me again because I associated it with the one who was swearing few minutes ago.