Good indian customers

Most of world businesses avoid Indian customers because most of them aggressively ask services but do not want to pay for, ask off-topic stuff without reading what we offer, bargain asking for ridiculous discounts, try to scam you to work for free and run away without paying, etc.

Here are few examples of GOOD Indian customers PAYING for services, hope others will do the same.

BAD indian customers

I am writing this page to inform all architecture students and professionals (and not only) what they should expect from Indian customers.

Architecture is a difficult job to be done online, with many customers coming for free consultation and not interested in paying complete service, but Indian people are by far, the WORST customers, having NO RESPECT for architects and aggressively requesting custom house plans that they are not willing to pay for. This makes almost impossible to get a paying customer in India (also nearby countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc).

Some people hate chat pop-up

I use a chat widget on my website since January 2012. As 2014 about 10 people message me per day, over 3000 per year, thousands people say thanks for helping them via chat, but someone thinks that the chat widget invade his privacy… probably he will never visit my website again!

Hi, I am Mr. X

People who previously chatted with me, when they visit my website again, are advised to say Hi, I am Mr. X, to help me knowing that are same person. But sometimes people who visit my website for first time also start conversation using their names, and if it match someone else’s name, the chat turns FUNNY!

Idiot wasting my time

I don’t know how he managed to land from Google in my World City Database page if he was actually looking for airports, I gave him link to Airports Database and he said that wants for FREE. If you cannot pay my services then go to a website offering free stuff… why do you waste my time?

What does this person wants?

To prove that my article about North Korea is not accurate (I already stated that may be not accurate) or that is accurate or he is asking or… I have no idea what he wanted but wasted me 30 minutes in a pointless conversation.

RUDE gamer (2020-04-26)

RUDE gamer, he start a conversation with “fuck you”, closed it and started another pretending that is a different person, then swear me again because I associated it with the one who was swearing few minutes ago.

Annoying kid (2020-04-08)

Childish attitude, someone ask dumb questions and unhappy of my answers, he start swearing. Then say that will find another person who sell… SELL WHAT? I’m doubt that he was buying anything. He closed chat and started another chat pretending that want to buy a property in Singapore, then to buy a car “to have sex in it”. It’s clearly he is just a stupid kid who do not realize that is wasting my time from serving real customers.

The Sims player accuse me for being RUDE when actually SHE is rude

Someone asked which The Sims 4 expansion packs to buy, I don’t think that I am supposed to answer because this depends by each person preferences. After 16 hours I got a very similar question, I though that is same person and I answered without checking chat history to see that they were from different countries… she replied accusing me for being RUDE. Other people said SHE is the rude one, not me.

Most STUPID reason to cancel booking of a HDB BTO flat

99% people live in 4-sided rooms, there are few HDB blocks numbered 444 with healthy and happy residents, and below you can see a chatlog with a very paranoic person that cancel flat booking just because he booked a BTO flat on 4th floor and heard from an idiot friend that number 4 means DEATH in chinese superstition culture!

Lost customer for a stupid reason (2020-03-10)

He said that my formula is “not correct” and when I asked him to give a correct formula, he didn’t replied anymore, 20 minutes later he quit chat and I feel sorry for not emailing him immediately, I was also busy with website redesign during 13 and 20 March, I hoped that he will come back by his own to continue conversation, 3 days later I sent follow up emails to 20 people that I talked with over last few months, asking him to come back to continue our conversation, but he said that made own database because lost a week waiting for me. I do not understand what he was waiting a week for?

Bad customer from Vietnam (2019-12-13)

This customer claim that will build 200 apartments… but cannot pay more than $400 to architect? Thanks to these idiots I am no longer interested in offering architectural design services or answering people contacting me on architecture subject.

Idiot wasting my time for 4 years

This person from Croatia asked few questions about Chinese cars, and assuming that he want to purchase a car database, I answered his questions. Usually do not take more than 15 minutes to convince customers to purchase or not purchase a database, but he kept asking questions for more than 90 minutes and I realized that he is not going to buy anything, he is just an idiot chatting non-sense and wasting my time from serving REAL customers!
Update: I believe that SAME person is responsible for few dozens stupid messages received over last 4 years (at least).