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MCST managing agent database

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In August 2016 someone who saw Condo Database asked me for MCST and managing agent contact number, this info was available for FREE on (in 2016), however he said that this Excel file is not updated and told me to make a scraper to extract latest data from but did not paid me. A second customer asked me to extract data from same website in January 2017.

Having 2 requests, I made a scraper for BCA website, expecting that there will be more people willing to PAY for such data. And this happened… MCST database outsold the previous condo databases extracted from SingaporeExpats and PropertyGuru condo directory.

Getting data for all MCST numbers from 0001 to 5000 takes about 8 hours of running a scraper in background, so it can be done any day you need. Because most people buy this database for one-time use in telemarketing, database need to be updated at the time you are using it. Because few people asked me to update database promising to buy afterwards, but never bought it, if you request update you need to pay first and I will provide you the updated database next day!

Several people asked me if I have a database with MCST email addresses. provide phone numbers but NOT email addresses (if you know other website that provide email addresses let me know). This because email marketing is NOT efficient. If you send 100 emails is likely to have 5 people reporting you as SPAM then nobody else will receive your emails in inbox. If you really want customers, do phone calls or SMS!

Fields completion percentage

MCST No 100%
UEN 100%
Date of MC Constitution 100%
Development Name 94.20%
Status 99.90%
Development Location 95.18%
MC Address 94.25%
MC Contact No 87.51%
Name of Managing Agent 84.20%
Managing Agent Contact No 75.65%

List of updates

Jan 2017 – 4210 MCST
May 2017 – 4253 MCST
Aug 2017 – 4269 MCST
Nov 2017 – 4271 MCST

15 Jan 2018 – 3982 MCST
03 Apr 2018 – 4373 MCST
20 Sep 2018 – 4406 MCST

22 Feb 2019 – 4440 MCST
02 May 2019 – 4450 MCST
06 Jul 2019 – 4453 MCST
12 Oct 2019 – 4464 MCST

04 Feb 2020 – 4477 MCST
03 Jun 2020 – 4482 MCST
01 Oct 2020 – 4490 MCST

09 Feb 2021 – 4502 MCST
21 May 2021 – 4517 MCST
19 Aug 2021 – 4524 MCST

24 Jan 2022 – 4534 MCST
14 May 2022 – 4439 MCST
14 Nov 2022 – 4557 MCST

13 Feb 2023 – 4371 MCST
16 Mar 2023 – 4562 MCST

More than 1 month passed since last update? ASK me to do a new update! For best results please request update few days BEFORE the day you intend to do telemarketing.

9 thoughts on “MCST managing agent database”

  1. Does anyone know a website where I can get MCST email addresses? Too many people asking!

    Chat started on Sunday, April 12, 2020 7:11:10 PM

    (7:11:10 PM) *** Visitor 70782651 has joined the chat ***
    (7:11:12 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hello visitor from Singapore, are you looking for a specific database? Let me know if I can help you!
    (7:13:20 PM) Visitor 70782651: if i do want the emails of the condos in SG
    (7:13:27 PM) Visitor 70782651: do u have it?
    (7:13:28 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
    (7:13:32 PM) Teoalida: mcst
    (7:13:37 PM) Visitor 70782651: yup
    (7:13:38 PM) Teoalida: As you can read on this page, MCST data comes from and BCA provide phone number but not email addresses, this because email marketing is not efficient. If you send 100 emails is likely to have 5 people reporting you as SPAM then nobody else will receive your emails in inbox. If you really want customers, do phone calls or SMS!
    (7:14:02 PM) Visitor 70782651: im willing to take the low numbers
    (7:14:38 PM) Visitor 70782651: let me know if you have them
    (7:14:39 PM) Visitor 70782651: tks
    (7:15:03 PM) Teoalida: wasn’t clear above message that I don’t have phone numbers?
    (7:16:00 PM) Visitor 70782651: my question is very simple… do u have the email addresses of all the MCST
    (7:16:21 PM) Teoalida: sorry for confusion, wasn’t clear above message that I don’t have emails but just phone numbers?
    (7:16:35 PM) Visitor 70782651: ic
    (7:16:49 PM) Visitor 70782651: im looking for the email addresses
    (7:16:57 PM) Visitor 70782651: anyway u can scrap
    (7:17:07 PM) Teoalida: I can scrap, but from where?
    (7:17:30 PM) Visitor 70782651: from www
    (7:19:38 PM) *** Visitor 70782651 has left ***

  2. Hi I’m looking for a MCST list for nbrs and developers names for condos. May I ask if you have them and how are your charges?

    1. Price can be seen at top of this page, $224 for managing agents database.

      You contacted me by sending a message via chat when I was offline too, I replied you via email but you never replied me and my email still appears as UNREAD. I did not noticed that you posted also a comment here until today when I re-read all chats between 21 and 31 July and checked each IP address or email of every person who intended to purchase something from me, to see if made the purchase, by this way found your comment instead of purchase.

      Offline Message left on 27 Jul 2020, 02:43 AM (GMT+0)

      Morning, may I pls ask how much do you charge for data on MCST’s number and Developers Names?

    1. Glad that you don’t need contact emails because I don’t have them.

      Just click Add to cart at top of page, pay and get MCST database with contact numbers, what procedure do you need? Is there anything that I can improve to my website design?

  3. Hi, just wondering if you can contact me. To discuss on the price.
    Interested in your condos’ data
    Is it all with valid email address?

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