Database projects

Singapore HDB Database

Database of HDB blocks in Excel format

HDB Database is an original compilation “Made by Teoalida” which took over 500 hours of work. Collecting data from multiple sources, I manually entered data in one Excel table for all HDB blocks ever built in Singapore, indicating block number, street address, postal code, GPS coordinates, construction year, lease commence date, number of floors, number of units breakdown by flat type, upgrading programmes, brochures and floor plans.

The database has been purchased by several companies, including home insurance, telecommunication, door-to-door services, real estate portals, flyer distributors, as well as many people who did not told me what business field they are in.

Car Models Engines All Details Database

Car database in Excel

List of car makes, models, trims, engine versions, specifications and features. All automobiles sold in Europe, America, Middle East, India, Japan, Australia, etc. I started this project voluntarily in 2003 and since 2012 the hobby turned into a business, databases been purchased by companies including car parts, dealers, tuning, classifieds, shipping services, insurance companies, web designers and mobile app developers. I am planning to offer in the future also API SaaS web service beside Excel download.

Mobile phones database

Mobile phones database

If you want to download a database of mobile phones specifications in Excel format to create a website, use in a GSM shop or anything similar, I created an Excel database for you, including smartphones, old featured phones, tablets and smartwatches. I offer FREE monthly updates and weekly updates for $100/year.

Index of databases made by me

Here is the list of 100+ databases I made during my life. I made them public for everyone, from students practicing data analysis, to multi-national companies in real estate and automobile industry.

Most projects I made from personal interest to distribute freely or sell for professional use. Some projects I made at request and published on website to allow other customers to purchase if interested.

I offer web scraping services in VB.NET and Python, making custom databases according your requirements. I work in Word and Excel, other file formats available: CSV, SQL, XML, JSON.

Singapore Condo Database

Database of Condos

If you need to download a list of condos in Excel format to organize your work, I made some databases for you, extracting data from SingaporeExpats and PropertyGuru, plus the database of MCST Enquiry from BCA for people doing phone SMS marketing to condo management corporations. Sorry for people looking for email marketing but I do NOT have MCST email addresses.

World Cities Database

World cities database

Worldwide cities database organized by country, state and province, with city population indicated. This is a handmade database that I started in 2003, currently having over 10000+ cities, with possibility of expansion in the future, based on demand from customers.

Web scraping services

I offer data mining and web scraping services. “Scraping” usually means coding a bot that visit a list of given pages, copy specific data from each page and put it in an Excel / CSV file automatically, at rate of few pages per second. Watch the video!

If you are building a website, a mobile app, or just require specific data but cannot find in usable format, just give me link to a website having required data, I will make a scraper and turn website into an Excel database, for you and for future customers.


Solar System Database

Solar System Database

Are you looking for a database of planets and satellites in Excel format with their facts and figures, for research or to make a website? I made a database in 2014 with planets and main satellites, sourcing data from

Given by high number of free downloads, in 2019 I made a larger Excel database containing EVERY celestial body listed on NASA website (1 sun, 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets, 190 satellites) and offer for paid download.

Countries database

World countries database

Are you looking for a database of countries in Excel format with their facts and figures, for research or to create a website? I made a database for you. Took few hours to make a scraping script which extract data from The World Factbook and create a CSV file. Takes about 35 min to extract the 268 entries, and I can update anytime you want!

Buildings database

After making databases of HDB and condos from Singapore, as well as public and private housing estates from Hong Kong, and other databases, in November 2015 I started making a database of skyscrapers, published it in January 2016, having over 15,000 buildings taller than 100 meters. Under construction buildings are included.

Music database

Music Database

First time I used Excel to organize and rate songs I had in my computer was in 2002. The current Music Database, including complete discographies of selected artists, is a project started in 2005, shortly after connecting to internet I started creating a database in Excel with the MP3 songs downloaded from internet, to review each song and give a rating from 0 to 16, and make top best artists, best albums, best genres, etc, using complex mathematical formulas, to show to friends exactly what music I like and how much. Database is useful for me to organize my own music. How useful is for other people, I don’t know… your feedback is needed to make a better database for YOU and future customers!

Digital cameras database

Digital cameras database

If you are looking for a database of digital cameras specifications in Excel format to create a website, use in a repair shop or anything similar, I created an Excel database for you.

Brands included: Acer, AgfaPhoto, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Concord, Contax, Epson, Fujifilm, GE, HP, Jenoptik, JVC, Kodak, Konica, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Leica, Minolta, Minox, Nikon, Nokia, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Praktica, Ricoh, Rollei, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma, Sony, Toshiba, Vivitar, Yakumo.

Is possible (and legal) to obtain a mobile phone numbers database?

Homeowners associations does have phone numbers of some owners (is a good practice to give your contact info to be announced in case there is a problem in your home while you are away), car insurance companies also have phone numbers of their clients, but what makes you to think that they would give their database to you or potential competitors? Also, distributing / selling phone numbers without owner consent is ILLEGAL all over the world. In Singapore you can be fined up to $10,000 or up to 12 months of jail according

Football stadiums database

Football Database

Download free SAMPLE: 2018-FIFA-World-Cup.xls

Took me about 5 minutes to compile this table sourcing data from Wikipedia using “XPath Helper” extension for Chrome.

If you are interested in similar table for all FIFA World Cups 1930-2018, UEFA Euro Cups and other football tournaments, please contact me.

Singapore Buildings Database

Database of all buildings in Singapore with postal codes

The database contains EVERY searchable item in Singapore map, including HDB blocks, condominiums, landed houses, commercial, office and industrial buildings, schools, places of worship, gas stations, parks, MRT stations, and few more. Data included is building name, address, street name, postal code, latitude and longitude, X and Y coordinates of, etc.

HDB Resale Flat Prices Database

Database of HDB resale flat prices in Excel format

On 1 April 2009, HDB improved its Resale Flat Prices e-service, now showing transactions for last 1 year instead of last 3 months, also added flat model beside floor area. I copied the listings for 1 year (April 2008 – March 2009) in Microsoft Excel, which were displaying 20 per page. I spent about 10 days at 5 hours per day. I did this for purpose of personal analysis, for example estimate average apartment size nationwide and per town, and showing the results of analysis in HDB Statistics page. Few months later HDB showed all transactions in a scroll-able list rather than 20 pages, allowing me to copy transactions much faster, so started to update my database once per year.

Airports database

Airports database

Are you looking for a database of airports and other airfields in Excel format for research or to make a website? I made a database for you, you can open XLS file, save as CSV and import in SQL if needed.

ID 100%, Ident 100%, Type 100%, Name 100%, Latitude 100%, Longitude 100%, Elevation (ft) 87.33%, Continent 100%, ISO country 100%, Country 100%, ISO region 100%, Region 100%, Municipality 89.67%, Scheduled service 100%, GPS code 74.11%, IATA code 16.58%, Local code 52.24%, Home link 5.43%, Wikipedia link 17.86%, Keywords 17.22%.

Singapore car database

Singapore car databaseAre you a car parts shop, car rental, dealership, tuning, insurance company, or any other business that deal with cars? Or you just need a table with cars sold in Singapore in Excel format to make a website, a mobile app, or data analysis for a school project?

I spent several hours coding a scraper for and created this Excel database for YOU!

For other countries, see

Computers Database

Laptop & desktop computers database

If you want to download a database of laptops and desktop computer specifications in Excel format, I created an Excel database for you, including over 8,000 desktop computers and 60,000 laptop models. 300+ columns of specifications.

World hotels database

Been thinking that many people all over the world would be interested in a hotels database, and it can be a single database unlike Car Database which require dozens separate databases for cars sold in each region.

Business database

Although I am making databases for over 20 years (See whole list of 100+ databases made by me), the business databases that include email and phone numbers for marketing/spamming (aka B2B databases) are a NEW field for me.

CIBD Malaysia Contractors Database

In September 2019 someone paid me for web scraping service from to obtain Malaysia contractors data, registration number, phone and fax number, etc, I got over 150,000 results, I publish database here in case other people are interested too.

Excel colors

Colors database RGB & HEX

First time I made such table was in 2004 (15 years old) when I spent few days making in Paint an image with 48 hue levels and 32 lighting levels (Excel 97-2003 was limited to 56 colors).

In 2018 I remade it in Excel, adding RGB values for easier use, the job took about 4 hours, 48 hue levels and 16 lighting levels. In 2019 also made a Scalable Vector Graphics table with HEX colors.

Cryptocurrency markets

Daily prices for 2071 coins, 942297 rows and 13 columns. Source of data: > click each coin > click Historical Data.