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Contact Teoalida

The fastest and safest way to contact me is to use Live Chat in lower-right corner of screen.
You have 90% chances to find me online between 09:00 – 23:00 GMT.

(4 AM – 6 PM New York Time, 5 PM – 7 AM Singapore time)

Alternatively you can:
Skype: teoalida
Email: [email protected]

LiveChat shows pages you viewed so I can answer accordingly. I also setup chatbot provide instant answers to 50+ most common questions: “do you accept PayPal?”, “how often do you update”, “oldest car included?”, if you write anything else, chatbot transfer you to human support (when I am online: 08:00 – 22:00 GMT) or show FAQ (when I am sleeping).

If you contact me via email, you must indicate which page/product are you interested in (some people don’t realize how many services I offer and send vague emails). I receive 50 emails/day, mostly notifications and spam, I try to reply every human-written email but half don’t reply me back. If you do not receive email reply in 24 hours, probably your email or my reply landed in SPAM folder, alert me with a message via LiveChat or Skype when I am online.

Do not make phone calls, I cannot answer multiple phone calls simultaneously like how I answer multiple chats, and most deals require sharing links, photos and other files.

Please keep chats short by asking ONLY questions that aren’t already answered on website. Avoid long conversations if you do not intend to buy something or other business collaboration: good example vs bad example. Having less questions to answer help me offering more frequent updates for everyone.

Over 2000 people visit website daily and I am the only one answering ~20 chats and 10 emails per day (see full statistics), beside this I need to maintain regular updates for my databases. Per month 60-80 people buy something or pay me for a service, while the rest are thankful for free information offered on website.

Don’t contact me if you are bored and want to talk with someone (like these kids). If you don’t hear from me, most likely I am overloaded by too many customers and/or a kid spamming too many messages distracted me from seeing your message. Just ping me with 1 more message to attract my attention.

When you can contact me

Feel free to contact me if you have any enquiry about AutoCAD, architecture, real estate, databases research, data mining and analysis, or any other stuff covered by articles of this website, comments about my works, errors to report, critics, ideas for new projects, etc.

For purchase of properties in Singapore contact my partner agent William Chui – Tel. +65 8111 5505 – [email protected].

For architectural design services, I have 5 architects located in India, Philippines, Romania and United States, and 2 programmers located in Egypt and Pakistan that can do your projects. I do not post their contact info here to protect them from being spammed by people looking for free services. You must contact me, explain project requirements and confirm your budget, then I put you in contact with most suitable architect.

DO NOT contact me if you need FREE help at school projects. You can cite my website as (name of cited page) + Teoalida’s Website, but if you need additional info use Google to find information yourself, or ask help on Reddit / Facebook groups.

DO NOT contact me if you are a SEO company and/or looking for guest posts. is personal website, I DO NOT outsource SEO and I DO NOT accept sponsored articles written by third-party people. Read more: allowed & not allowed advertising.

When you should post comments

Post public comments if you want to praise me (after purchase or consultation), suggestions, questions for other website visitors, or have information to add that may be interesting for other visitors.

Do not post comments to ask questions that require MY answer, example “I want to buy this, how I can contact you? / please email me your PayPal address“, instead contact me yourself via chat or email. While I do get email notifications for every comment posted, 90% comments are posted by spam bots rather than human visitors, so I seldom read comment notifications. One day I noticed an 1-month old comment posting his email address waiting for me to contact him, I emailed him, but was too late.

Please post comments to reply also comments left by other people. Do not leave all communication to be ONLY between me and the 2000+ people who visit my website daily.

Please post comments in the relevant page, NOT in this general Contact page, for example house builders in Philippines post your comment in House Plans page or Philippines page, while for questions about Singapore SERS programme post your comment in SERS page.

Frequently asked questions

Do you stay at computer all time to greet visitors and answer questions?

I stay online as long I am home and not sleeping, but I do not always stay in front of computer. When I am online, the chat automatically greet everyone staying on website few minutes. This is why you may see chat popping up multiple times if you visit website repeatedly. If chat do not pop-up, most of you may not realize that could get help from me via chat.

Just having chat popping up does NOT mean that I know that you are here. You MUST write a message in chat to make my computer or phone ringing to call me, case in which I try to reach computer as fast I can to answer you. If you don’t need my help, just close chat popup, do NOT write “no thanks” to avoid “calling” me unnecessarily.

I used Zendesk Chat between 2012 and April 2021 when I changed to LiveChat, which allow me to reply messages even after you closed website, and in November 2021 I put ChatBot in addition of LiveChat.

Do you get paid to chat with people? Do you help people for free?

I am NOT employed, affiliated with any government or company, or get paid “to help people”. I am independent, this is my personal website and only YOU can pay, for example if my chat with you helped you to decide to buy a $500,000 property, I appreciate if you can donate to paypal @ whatever sum you like. Example: someone paying $20 for architectural consultation.

While chat consultation is usually FREE, research, drawings and database services are NOT FREE. This is how I make a living. If you are NOT PAYING for any service you are advised to not stay in chat too long time.

Can I hire you for a project?

In the past I made projects on request basis, but currently I have big responsibilities: to provide regular updates for few hundreds companies who purchased databases from me. Consequently I am NOT a freelancer that you can hire to “do a project just for you”. I can earn more $ doing SEO and marketing to increase sales of existing projects, rather than increasing number of projects.

Instead, you can suggest ideas of new projects if you want something that I don’t have already. I do new projects depending by available time and (unless your project can be done in few minutes – example) only if multiple people are interested, and post them on website so anyone interested can make payment and download it in seconds.

You are also welcome if you need 10-minute consultation, having pre-purchase questions about my projects, etc. But if you request an architectural design or anything else that takes hours/days and have NO USE for anyone else than yourself, I won’t spend my personal time helping you, instead I connect you with my partners offering services starting at $10/hour (useful if you need long-term workforce).

Can I work for you?

If you are architect, interior designer, programmer (experienced in data mining), or real estate agent, you are welcome to be my part-time partner and I can pass you leads occasionally.

This is Zendesk Chat dashboard I use to answer chats from visitors like YOU
(screenshot taken in a moment of RARE coincidence: 6 simultaneous chats opened)
Zendesk Chat

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