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Car design in AutoCAD 3D models

Before moving into architecture design in 2008, I also modeled few 3D car models in AutoCAD.
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You may say that these are Very Old Looking Vehicular Objects (VOLVO). Making curvy surfaces in AutoCAD is difficult, a lot or vertexes were manually calculated at the joints of curvy surfaces, the software do not allows to trim a 3D surface with another 3D surface, like how it allows trimming 2D objects. Or maybe… I also like VOLVO cars?

I did NOT wanted to design the ultimate sport car, instead I designed an average classic family car, with many details as possible, to show my skill as graphic designer, and to use many of AutoCAD photorealistic effects as possible, to show the performance of AutoCAD render. Do you though that AutoCAD is only for 2D drawings?

1990s-styled European Sedan (2006 design)

Teoalida's Car Design 2006

I started designing 3D car models in AutoCAD in 2000, when I was 11 year old, but the first ones were boxy and really bad, does not worth to publish them on website.

I enjoy making perfect drawings, and because in replicating a real car, a perfect accuracy is impossible, I choose to design own car models to calculate myself optimal dimensions for each part of the car.

The car presented here was started in March 2006, when I decided to improve my 2004 square-ish car, being grown up I got more skilled, so I redesigned the lower half of exterior body. It was intended to be an early 1990s European average family car.

In July-August 2006 I worked hard and I redesigned all parts of the 2004 car, even the parts designed 4 months ago were redesigned.
I had a dream to have my own range of models designed by me, so started design more cars: one roadster, one microbus, one Japanese small hatchback, and one American 1970s muscle car over 5 meters long.

But this would waste my life, so I abandoned all except the first car model, now in 2 variants: sedan and station wagon, and during late 2006 and 2007 I added more and more improvements and details, for example the curved windows where made in November 2006 and dashboard in 2007.

Some little parts are still missing, maybe the dashboard must be further improved and mirrors should be added, even if I prefer video cameras.

1990s-styled European Sedan & Estate (2007 redesign)

Added more curved surfaces in upper half and interior, front end redesigned.
AutoCAD 3D model of a car, side view
AutoCAD 3D model of a car, back & interior view
AutoCAD 3D model of a car, front view

Dimensions: the car was designed using pixel system and binary proportions rather than metric system. The length is set to be equal with 16384 (2^14) pixels at 96 per inch, then every piece of car is sized as proportions with the length. Length 4335 mm (1 unit), width 1897 mm (7/16 units), body height 1219 mm (9/32 units) plus ground clearance 203 mm (3/64 units), wheelbase 2709 mm (5/8 units), bonnet 1335 mm (10/32), front door 1084 mm (8/32), rear door 948 mm (7/32), trunk 948 mm (7/32), roof width 1287 mm (19/64), wheels diameter 542 mm (1/8), tire width 203 mm (3/64), tire height 68 mm (1/64) so the closest tires may be 205/35 R 16.

Unfinished 1970s-style American car (2007 design)

AutoCAD 3D car design 2007

I love the style of the European family cars launched late 1980s and early 1990s, medium class, especially for Volkswagen Passat Mk 3, but also Alfa Romeo 155 and 164, Citroen XM, Fiat Tempra, Ford Escort Mark V, Peugeot 405 and 605, Renault 19 and 21, Volvo 850, probably because these models (used cars) populated my country in early 2000s when my passion for cars started.

But in case if I need to buy a car, I will take more attention to technical part rather to aesthetics, so I will buy a BMW.

I designed many more AutoCAD cars in the past, but all were simple and cubish, maybe the situation could be better now if I had a chance to learn 3D Studio Max from childhood, from same age when I learned AutoCAD, because AutoCAD is definitely NOT a software suitable for designing cars!

From 2008 I am focused to architecture… 3D buildings can be designed much faster (in one day) due to square shapes and repetitive objects, and the renderings are more impressive than these cars (drew in about 2 months).



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