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Business database

Although I am making databases for over 20 years (See whole list of 100+ databases made by me), the business databases that include email and phone numbers for marketing/spamming (aka B2B databases) are a NEW field for me.

Over time I has been contacted by several customers interested in business databases, but I could not help them because they did not indicated any website to extract info from, I did not bothered to find myself sources, because businesses change quite often and any database will never be 100% complete and will get outdated quickly.

I created databases that I could guarantee 100% completion in fields like geography, cars and real estate, such as Singapore HDB blocks database, since buildings once they are build, they stand for dozens years so frequent database updates are not required, I only need to add new buildings each year.

My mind changed in June 2020 when a customer asked me specifically to scrap business data from a specific website saying that is not necessary to be 100% complete, be just needs few thousands email addresses to market his products to. It was first time I saw such website, I did the scraping for him and posted on my website for sale, but nobody else bought within one year, then I got a Cease & Desist letter from that website. I noticed that most people have different requirements in terms of country and industry field, thus chances to sell same database to multiple people are low and effort required to update databases regularly makes such projects a WASTE OF TIME. So I rejected all requests of creating databases of business contact info.

Example of other requests received:

Sent: Friday, 18 September, 2020 4:25 PM
Subject: RE: Email Database Scraping for Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand

Are u able to scrape / harvest EMAIL ADDRESSES (a MUST field) along with other B2B data fields (Company Name, Job Title, Name, Company Size, Address, Tel, etc)? We need it for Southeast Asia, mainly we are looking for such data in country like: Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand.


My reply:

If you require scraping services from me YOU NEED to provide a link where to source data from. Then I can tell if I can scrap or not.

Quote from
Theoretically I can scrap data from any website, but only websites having the required data in a consistent structure from page to page, can produce a good usable database. An example of non-consistent website is Wikipedia, trying to make a database of cities I successfully extracted city name and GPS coordinates because they are at top of every page, but I did not succeeded to extract population because it is varying in position in each city info box.

Another request:

Offline Message left on 14 Oct 2020, 07:18 AM (GMT+0)

Hi, I am looking to get a database onto a speadsheet from a single website. This website has Doctor practices and has details including Practice Name, Address, Phone number and Email contact. Each practice needs to be clicked into (a separate window) to get these details. Is this something you can do?

My reply:

This website has Doctor practices” WHICH WEBSITE?
if you know any regular website that have doctors info you are looking for, PLEASE TELL so I can make a script to extract data and sell you spreadsheet… for some $.

1st person never replied me, 2nd person replied but never provided me any website URL. We just wasted time talking.



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