Car Models List

Car Models List

Download FREE version (sample): complete list of manufacturers and list of models for 4 manufacturers, one for each continent

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Last release: 19 April 2021Full change log.


Complete for World War II – present. All major (and few minor) manufacturers of Europe, United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Argentina. Commercial vehicles under 3.5t are included too. No concept cars, prototypes or custom-made presidential limousines, but only vehicles actually sold on market.

The database does include also ~100 antique cars old as 1900, if they are related with post-war cars, but it is not and will never be complete for pre-war period. Before WW2 the world had over 1000 small manufacturers and the internet do not provide sufficient accurate info to include them.

The database include model generations (example: VW Golf IV), platforms (example: BMW E46), chassis code (example: Mercedes W124), with exact years of production for each of them. If you want just model names, without separate row for each Golf I to Golf VII, you should use Car Nameplates List instead.

Because in the recent updates I added too many minor brands / exotic cars that are seen more at museums and collectors than driving on roads, at May 2019 update I also added a column that allow you to delete easily the exotic brands, if you want to have a database with only cars commonly seen on roads.

Example of cars included and marked as minor brands: Cizeta-Moroder (1990s supercar with only 20 units produced), Messerschmitt (cheap 1950s bubble car, 15,000 units produced but most of them been scraped and are not driving anymore), Peel (1960s, 2 models, less than 100 units produced, but famous for Peel P50 which is listed in Guinness book of records as world’s smallest car).

Cars produced in China are not included yet due to insufficient data available online. If you check Wikipedia pages of each manufacturer from China, many links to individual models are red (non-existent pages), nowhere is indicated production year for each model. Other websites are also incomplete offer contradictory data.

Source of data

Mostly Wikipedia, the most comprehensive car database ever! I manually compiled the list of cars into an Excel database, creating an original product “Made by Teoalida” with no equivalent on internet! Excel allow for easy reading, sort, filter, as well as conversion to CSV and SQL database to be used in web building and mobile app development.

There is also a column for number of units produced, but I was able to find this info for only 11% of total models included in database, mostly exotic cars, so if you are looking for a production figures for all cars, this Car Models List will NOT help you. See instead Car Sales Figures.


I guarantee 100% completion for European and North American markets, plus for the market of the country of origin of each manufacturer. For example the Car Models List may not include any possible cars produced in Korea and sold somewhere else than EU, US, or Korea markets. This because Korea and Japan manufacturers often sell ONE car model under dozens of different names in various countries. There are over 200 countries in the world, making a global world complete database for every country is HARD JOB. But you can contribute!

The Worldwide edition include also the sheet of Europe edition.
The Europe edition include all markets from United Kingdom to Russia and Turkey, does not focus only on Western Europe.
For North America I offer a different database in Year-Make-Model format instead of Make – Model – Start year – End year.

Car Models List is intended to be as simple is possible, thus it does NOT include more breakdown than model names. If you need breakdown by engine version or trim, see Car Models & Engines Database (Europe) and Year Make Model Trim (United States).

There is a common practice to launch a car at a major auto show, but start sales (deliveries to customers) few months later, which can fall in next year, thus you may see differences when comparing production years between my database and random websites. If you want more accuracy, you are advised to purchase UK or German car databases, that indicate exact month/year of sales in those countries.

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  1. Hello
    I need a car database of UK cars that has make model . And picture of registration number that matches the cars.

  2. Dear Teoalida,
    I’m Bruno Messina and I attend Marketing Management course in Bocconi University. I’m doing a project for a Predictive course about used cars, I need to have a complete list of car models in the world and I would like to use your dataset. Could you, please, send for free the very interesting Car Models List that I’ve seen in Your site?
    Best regards!

    1. please, send for free” sorry but a database that took dozens hours of work cannot be given for free regardless you are a student or business. You contacted me via LIVE CHAT too and said that will consult with your colleagues and purchase it… hope we will make a deal.

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  4. Really great service and excellent support to get me to the correct database for my needs despite this being cheaper than the original version i was looking for. I was skeptical about downloading from an unknown site but so glad I did “CAR MODELS LIST – Europe Version”


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