Car engines database for tuning companies

Chip tuning ECU remap database

FREE sample: Dyno-Chiptuning-SAMPLE.xls (BMW only)

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For many years, tuning companies were buying my original Car Models & Engines Database that I compiled manually from books, and write themselves remapped power and torque.

In February 2018 someone asked me to extract data from showing engine power and torque before and after ECU remapping. In April 2018 a second person was interested in similar database, by this way I made database public on website so everyone needing it can purchase. About 10 people purchased by end of 2018. By this way I realized that there are many tuning companies among my customers.

2 customers said that CelticTuning is not accurate and suggested to scrap instead from and, which I have done in December 2018. And probably tomorrow a 4th customer will say that all 3 above websites are not accurate and suggest scraping from a 4th website. I do not really enjoy scraping multiple too similar websites, and waste time updating multiple databases with less than 5 sales per year. We need to decide at ONE website. What makes one better than others?

Since 18 February 2019 when I updated both, as October 2019 Dyno got 7 sales and Celtic only 2 sales, giving me impression that does not worth to update Celtic anymore. Few people asked me to email them SQL version too, so since March 2020 I am providing CSV and SQL files by default for everyone. At April 2020 update I found that Dyno Chiptuning’s number of brands and models increased significantly, they added many trucks, tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Coverage: all cars and light commercial vehicles, plus some heavy trucks sold in Europe, earliest car included is BMW 3-Series from 1991, but completion is significant after 1995. Dyno Chiptuning include also few cars that are not sold officially in Europe (GMC, Holden, Pontiac, etc).

Data fields included and their completion percentage

General: URL 100%, Name 96.36%, Make 100%, Model 100%, Generation 100%, Engine 100%.

Engine specifications: BHP standard 96.36%, BHP tuned 96.36%, BHP difference 96.36%, TORQUE standard 96.36%, TORQUE tuned 96.36%, TORQUE difference 96.36%.

Tuning details: Type of fuel 93.38%, Method 96.36%, Tuningtype 96.36%, Cylinder content 89.87%, Engine ECU 76.37%, Compression ratio 86.07%, Bore X stroke 87.02%, Engine number 82.23%, Read methods 74.17%, Additional options 92.14%.

Abandoned CelticTuning

I advise everyone to purchase Dyno Chiptuning database so I can reduce number of databases that I need to update regularly. I keep CelticTuning here in case someone wants to purchase specifically this database (or both).

FREE sample: CelticTuning-SAMPLE.xls

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for one year:

List of updates CelticTuning:
64 makes, 901 models, 4628 engines, as February 2018.
64 makes, 904 models, 4631 engines, as April 2018.
64 makes, 940 models, 4971 engines, as 18 February 2019.

List of updates Dyno Chiptuning:
76 makes, 862 models, 1445 generations, 7514 engines, as 28 December 2018.
78 makes, 866 models, 1455 generations, 7586 engines, as 18 February 2019.
82 makes, 926 models, 1591 generations, 8189 engines, as 16 October 2019.
81 makes, 939 models, 1638 generations, 8397 engines, as 10 February 2020.
99 makes, of which 96 makes with 1581 models, of which 1577 models with 2285 generations, of which 2256 generations with 9544 engines, as 3 April 2020.
99 makes, of which 96 makes with 1582 models, of which 1578 models with 2291 generations, of which 2262 generations with 9572 engines, as 23 April 2020.
99 makes, of which 96 makes with 1583 models, of which 1579 models with 2295 generations, of which 2266 generations with 9599 engines, as 22 May 2020.


ECU files

At the moment I created these databases I was not aware how tuning works. Several people asked me how to download the “tuning files”, I was confused what they meant since all what I am selling are Excel files with public data extracted from tuning company website (and many other websites).

This until someone informed me that anyone can tune his own car by downloading remapped files from internet and importing in their ECU. if you need this, you need to approach a tuning company, NOT me (database provider).

Later, someone else told me that can provide me few thousands ECU files in exchange of my Excel database. Can I trust this? If I get these ECU files, how do I should provide them to you and all people who want to tune themselves their own car? Been informed by other customers that thousands ECU files are available on eBay for $5. Most likely above person was trying to save $115 by buying ECU files from eBay for $5 and trying to exchange with my $120 database. Files sold on eBay are shit, they can damage your car or are not working at all. I do not have ability to read ECU files to see if they are real / usable.

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