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The Sims 4 career tracks and jobs

I compiled an Excel database with all career tracks and job positions, showing also job description, salary, work days, daily tasks and promotion requirements, etc. As end-2022 the database contain 46 career tracks of which 35 have details for 441 jobs. Summary of salaries is shown in this table:

Career Game Job levels
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Normal careers
Actor/Actress Get Famous §640/g §640/g §1755/g §1755/g §4010/g §4010/g §4010/g §9800/g §9800/g §9800/g
Astronaut – Space Ranger base game §26/h §34/h §54/h §71/h §96/h §104/h §119/h §179/h §297/h §422/h
Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler §201/h §299/h §413/h
Athlete – Professional Athlete base game §16/h §19/h §28/h §39/h §51/h §66/h §86/h §130/h §242/h §333/h
Athlete – Bodybuilder §47/h §57/h §85/h §149/h §279/h §500/h
Business – Management base game §16/h §20/h §23/h §35/h §53/h §75/h §90/h §134/h §201/h §375/h
Business – Investor §112/h §145/h §218/h §406/h
Civil Designer – Civic Planner Eco Lifestyle §31/h §42/h §57/h §68/h §76/h §112/h §145/h §216/h §280/h §350/h
Civil Designer – Green Technician §65/h §70/h §95/h §101/h §149/h §199/h §237/h
Conservationist – Environmental
Island Living §14/h §18/h §25/h §37/h §43/h §62/h §127/h §178/h §231/h §340/h
Conservationist – Marine Biologist §87/h §130/h §208/h §325/h
Criminal – Boss base game §9/h §13/h §17/h §23/h §32/h §106/h §273/h §319/h §383/h §445/h
Criminal – Oracle §43/h §73/h §130/h §234/h §316/h
Critic – Arts Critic City Living §21/h §29/h §34/h §47/h §66/h §93/h §130/h §182/h §273/h §454/h
Critic – Food Critic §49/h §73/h §110/h §164/h §230/h §345/h §441/h
Culinary – Chef base game §15/h §16/h §26/h §35/h §43/h §52/h §104/h §131/h §253/h §410/h
Culinary – Mixologist §45/h §64/h §111/h §166/h §197/h
Detective Get to Work §20/h §28/h §38/h §52/h §78/h §92/h §123/h §150/h §205/h §265/h
Doctor Get to Work §18/h §23/h §35/h §49/h §68/h §95/h §135/h §195/h §245/h §280/h
Education – Administrator Discover
§22/h §32/h §38/h §44/h §56/h §100/h §125/h §170/h §225/h §325/h
Education – Professor §72/h §110/h §135/h §175/h §265/h
Engineer – Computer Engineer Discover
§24/h §28/h §38/h §49/h §82/h §115/h §145/h §220/h §285/h §375/h
Engineer – Mechanical Engineer §145/h §220/h §285/h §375/h
Entertainer – Musician base game §23/h §36/h §40/h §54/h §67/h §78/h §87/h §130/h §208/h §340/h
Entertainer – Comedian §67/h §115/h §172/h §258/h §310/h §474/h
Freelancer Patch 79 Per Gig
Gardener – Botanist Seasons §20/h §21/h §23/h §25/h §40/h §45/h §70/h §75/h §90/h §420/h
Gardener – Floral Designer §35/h §42/h §60/h §60/h §75/h §350/h
Interior Decorator Dream Home
Per Gig
Law – Judge Discover
§15/h §18/h §22/h §30/h §52/h §75/h §105/h §120/h §220/h §425/h
Law – Private Attorney §140/h §224/h §450/h
Military – Covert Operator StrangerVille §26/h §34/h §54/h §71/h §96/h §104/h §119/h §179/h §297/h §422/h
Military – Officer §104/h §119/h §179/h §297/h §422/h
Painter – Master of the Real base game §21/h §23/h §26/h §29/h §35/h §44/h §65/h §140/h §280/h §492/h
Painter – Patron of the Arts §70/h §126/h §227/h §328/h
Politician – Politician City Living §16/h §26/h §39/h §49/h §65/h §91/h §127/h §178/h §231/h §340/h
Politician – Charity Organizer §57/h §98/h §123/h §153/h §219/h §342/h
Salaryperson – Expert branch Snowy Escape §14/h §21/h §25/h §37/h §37/h §112/h §127/h §177/h §190/h §272/h
Salaryperson – Supervisor branch §70/h §120/h §155/h §201/h §250/h §355/h
Scientist Get to Work §24/h §32/h §39/h §48/h §72/h §102/h §142/h §187/h §215/h §247/h
Secret Agent – Diamond Agent base game §17/h §19/h §21/h §37/h §47/h §52/h §87/h §173/h §208/h §284/h
Secret Agent – Villain §191/h §278/h §479/h §515/h
Social Media – Internet Personality City Living §16/h §23/h §29/h §35/h §56/h §97/h §156/h §278/h §389/h §540/h
Social Media – Public Relations §44/h §83/h §142/h §227/h §318/h §399/h §453/h
Style influencer – Stylist Patch 73 §18/h §28/h §35/h §44/h §70/h §100/h §220/h §310/h §380/h §455/h
Style influencer – Trend Setter §85/h §205/h §290/h §365/h §410/h
Tech Guru – eSport Gamer base game §31/h §38/h §47/h §63/h §73/h §78/h §121/h §194/h §261/h §328/h
Tech Guru – Start-up Entrepreneur §98/h §185/h §371/h §516/h
Writer – Author base game §25/h §32/h §38/h §44/h §50/h §60/h §115/h §202/h §296/h §465/h
Writer – Journalist §56/h §83/h §145/h §189/h §287/h
Afterschool activities
Drama Club Get Famous Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid
E-Sports Competitor Discover
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Scout Seasons Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid
Soccer Team Player Discover
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Cheer Team Member High School Years Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid
Chess Team Member High School Years Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid
Computer Team Member High School Years Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid
Football Team Member High School Years Unpaid Unpaid Unpaid
Part-time jobs
Babysitter base game §33/h §40/h §48/h
Barista base game §13/h §16/h §25/h
Diver Island Living §45/h §59/h §70/h
Fast Food Employee base game §14/h §15/h §16/h
Fisherman Island Living §33/h §40/h §48/h
Lifeguard Island Living §33/h §40/h §48/h
Manual Laborer base game §45/h §59/h §70/h
Retail Employee base game §33/h §40/h §48/h

Excel file with job details

I started working at this on April 8th and published above summary table on April 11th 2020 sourcing data from Finished writing all job details on 17th April, and updated later with new jobs added by expansion packs.

Note: The Sims 4 development is still undergoing as 2022, new expansions packs may be released anytime, including new jobs. Beside this, Fandom Wiki is made by volunteers and there may be a delay until all info is added (Freelancer career is missing info) or mistakes that will be corrected over time. I do not intend to buy the game myself, and even if I would buy it, I do not have time to play and check myself each job to correct possible errors.


  1. so, lemme get this straight…you’ve taken freely available data from a wiki maintained by fans of the series, put it into an excel file…and you’re charging people for it? for information that they could very easily get for free?


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