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The Sims 2 list of neighborhoods and lots

The Sims 2 base game comes with 3 pre-made neighborhoods, with all expansion installed will be 6 pre-made neighborhoods, plus 8 pre-made sub-neighborhoods which can be linked to each neighborhood separately and visited (3 university campuses, 1 downtown, 1 shopping district, 3 vacation destinations). Total 14 pre-made neighborhoods with 350 lots. Additional 5 hidden neighborhoods do exist in game files and are used to generate NPC, they cannot be played. List of lots is also available in Excel format.

Image Neighborhood name Game # of lots Total lot value # of families
Pleasantview Pleasantview Base 26 $1,447,983 6
Strangetown Strangetown Base 11 $855,803 5
Veronaville Veronaville Base 26 $1,614,811 3
Riverblossom Hills Riverblossom Hills Seasons 22 $1,221,275 6
Desiderata Valley Desiderata Valley Free Time 23 $1,207,190 6
Belladonna Cove Belladonna Cove Apartment Life 49 $5,453,828 11
Sim State University Sim State University University 26 $1,194,024 3
La Fiesta Tech La Fiesta Tech University 25 $1,060,288 4
Académie Le Tour Académie Le Tour University 30 $1,174,785 3
Downtown Downtown Nightlife 44 $3,298,073 0
Bluewater Village Bluewater Village Open For Business 32 $2,049,080 5
Takemizu Village Takemizu Village Bon Voyage 11 $1,071,539 0
Three Lakes Three Lakes Bon Voyage 12 $1,072,802 0
Twikkii Island Twikkii Island Bon Voyage 13 $1,164,386 0
TOTAL 350 $23,885,867 52

Total lot value: calculated by making a total of the values shown when you enter lot and click “Lot Information” in top-left corner, this is how I was able to get value for community lots and apartment lots. But in university campus, dorms display $0 value and residential houses display rent value instead of built-up value.

Excel table – list of houses in all The Sims 2 neighborhoods

I compiled an Excel table with all lots in every neighborhood. Database format: Lot address, Lot size, Lot zoning, Lot value, Default lot value, Rent value, Family name, Family funds. Considering that I spent some time writing every lot (about 30 minutes hour per neighborhood), and NO equivalent database is available on internet, I deserve one dollar for each neighborhood!

Download FREE sample:

The Sims 2 lots from Belladonna Cove.xls

Buy FULL database:

SC4 templates

Which is the biggest neighborhood in The Sims 2? Most people say that IslaSegundo and Driftwood. Personally I say Isla Segundo, followed by Alpinoch and Driftwood. But… how do you define the “size” of a neighborhood? Longest roads, distance between roads, build-able space, or…?

I decided to count the length of roads. Results are shown in the following table:

SC4 map Neighborhood name Game Road tiles
Alpinloch Alpinloch.sc4 Base 404
Arbordale Arbordale.sc4 Base 390
Aridia Aridia.sc4 Base 376
BrineyFjord BrineyFjord.sc4 Base 387
CrystalSprings CrystalSprings.sc4 Base 296
Driftwood Driftwood.sc4 Base 435
IslaSegundo IslaSegundo.sc4 Base 584
OasisValley OasisValley.sc4 Base 364
Pleasantview Pleasantview.sc4 Base 385
sample sample.sc4 Base 286
Sedona Sedona.sc4 Base 352
Strangetown Strangetown.sc4 Base 306
Veronaville Veronaville.sc4 Base 416
ViperCanyon ViperCanyon.sc4 Base 361
Bluewater Bluewater.sc4 Open For Business 363
RiverblossomHills RiverblossomHills.sc4 Seasons 369
CrescentIsland CrescentIsland.sc4 Bon Voyage 214
MoonIslands MoonIslands.sc4 Bon Voyage 125
TakemizuVillage TakemizuVillage.sc4 (vacation) Bon Voyage 91
ThreeLakes ThreeLakes.sc4 (vacation) Bon Voyage 164
TwikkiiIsland TwikkiiIsland.sc4 (vacation) Bon Voyage 83
DesiderataValley DesiderataValley.sc4 Free Time 321
BelladonnaCove BelladonnaCove.sc4 Apartment Life 530
Duality Duality.sc4 Apartment Life 48
AutumnBay AutumnBay.sc4 Made by Gethane 597
BlackrockBluffs BlackrockBluffs.sc4 Made by Gethane 772
HarborValley HarborValley.sc4 Made by Gethane 629
LakeCrossing LakeCrossing.sc4 Made by Gethane 823
StarlingSprings StarlingSprings.sc4 Made by Gethane 692

Warning: the road length may not reflect apparent size of map. Maps with too close roads may look smaller, for example Veronaville. Also Strangetown having 2 parallel roads at 1 square apart, plus 3 side roads, looks a very small city. However all other maps have the roads at about 7-15 squares apart so a comparison using length of roads will be no problem.

Sedona have 4 roads going to map edges so the actual city is very small, while Alpinoch have only 1 road going to road edge so the city looks huge, would be nice map if it was not hilly.

IslaSegundo is the only one The Sims 2 map with no roads connecting the road edges, it also have longest roads so is definitely the BIGGEST map.

Note: All the photos shows lush or desert according default settings of game. All neighborhoods can be made lush, desert, dirt or concrete. Pleasantview SimCity terrain is different than the decorated Pleasantview. But as coincidence, road length is the same.

Which is my favorite neighborhood?

None of the above. ALL SUCKS!

Personally I prefer neighborhoods with roads close enough to be able to build everything and leave none or little space between houses, and with all “city” flat, surrounded by mountains and some water. The only neighborhood which partially match criteria is Pleasantview, but it is too small. So I usually build houses on better, player-made neighborhoods downloaded from, my favorites are the neighborhoods made by an user named Gethane.

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