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China car database

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China Car Database SAMPLE.xls

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Over years several people asked me if I can make a database of chinese cars, but I never been able to find an english car website from China. In June 2019 an Indian company who asked me to create databases for over 10 countriesa customer said that is OK if I make a database in chinese language. DONE! I translated column headers into english, but since I do not speak chinese, some may be incorrectly translated.

But now if I were to update all them regularly it means a huge workload for me and low number of customers from these countries do not justify effort.

Coverage: earliest car included is from 1985, but number of cars get significant only after 2000s. Is also well known that automotive market in China boomed recently. Each calendar year in which a car was produced is a separate row in database.

List of updates:
254 makes, 1341 models, 30319 versions – 22 June 2019

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