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The Sims 1 & 2 list of items

I compiled Excel tables with list of items in The Sims 1 (took about 15 hours) and The Sims 2 (took about 50 hours). Due to large amount of work spent making these stuff, and being probably the only person (or at least the first) who made such complete database of items in Sims games, I offer the database for paid download only.

List of items in The Sims 1:

List of items in The Sims 2:

Watch video to see the Excel files you receive after payment:


In 2003 shortly after I got The Sims 1 (base game only), I created a list of items in Word (146 buy mode items and 111 build mode items). I don’t remember how long took, but probably many days, I had no internet connection, not many things to do on computer, so I wrote full description of every item in The Sims menus (314 items were in total). I was screenshoting every item in game, minimize game, paste in Paint and write in Word on half screen of 1024×768.

In 2012 I created in Excel a list of Buy / Build Mode items in The Sims 2, indicating their price and the expansion packs that add items, it took me about 50 hours to write 4500+ item names and prices, using all expansions installed, then I used AnyGameStarter to start expansions one by one and see what items are added by each one.

I considered a necessity to create this list because been playing The Sims 2 with all expansion packs installed and I wanted to know which expansion pack does add the items I am using, so I can build houses with AnyGameStarter with minimum expansion packs required. I did not included motives or description (as I did for The Sims 1) considering them unnecessary and extra effort needed.

In December 2019 I recreated list of items in The Sims 1 in Excel, this time using “The Sims 1 Complete Collection”, it took about 15 hours, in addition of this I copy-pasted the descriptions from ~350 base game items from the Word document I wrote in 2003. I did not wrote description for remaining items to save time. At same time I spent about 5 hours improving The Sims 2 list of items, adding motives and visually-enhanced table.

After finishing The Sims 2 list of items in 2012, I was thinking about making a similar database with The Sims 3 list of items, after its last expansion pack will be launched, if The Sims 2 list sells well, but this did not happened.

The work will be more complex in case of The Sims 3 than The Sims 1 and 2, because there are some items added by patches and not by expansion / stuff packs.


    1. Incidentally YES, I have a list of items for The Sims 1 made in 2003 before connecting to internet, it is made in Word and only items from base game, and possible some errors due to my age (I was 14), due to this reason I didn’t published it on website.

      I was intending to publish ONLY if I remake it in Excel and include all expansion packs, but the fact that so far NOBODY paid me for The Sims 2 list of items (I did sales of The Sims 3 worlds and list of lots, as well as many other databases in real estate and automotive industry), it discourage me to make similar list of items for other Sims games.

      I had a surprise when you said via live chat that you’re willing to pay for it!

      1. Thank you very much! It was exactly what I was looking for! The list is fantastic, and has everything that I need. List was sent within minutes of paying, and was worth every bit.

    1. I imagine that you are dumb enough to pirate The Sims instead of buying game legally, and you think that everything on internet is FREE.

      Someone who spend few hundreds $ for all The Sims games and expansion packs would have no problem paying also for my Excel table.

      Unfortunately most The Sims players are children with no money, so my Excel databases related to games have far less sales than Excel databases related to real estate or automobile industry that I am also selling.

  1. Teoalida,
    Thank you for making this valuable corpus of knowledge available to us. This is an impressive spreadsheet, and you have clearly put a ton of work into it.

    As I mentioned to you, I’m not actually using this for Sims, I’m using this as seed data for a software project that needs a library of things found around the home. This is like a treasure trove to me and I don’t blink at the price you are asking, especially considering the amount of time, expert domain knowledge, and technical acumen that was invested.

    To those who are throwing rocks at Teoalida for selling this product, I find it really discouraging that you have so little respect for another’s labor. Obviously, if it is not worth the price to you, don’t buy it. But I assure you, it is certainly worth the price in my opinion.

  2. Hey I found great that you did this, I was thinkong of doing the same thing. But right now my sims 2 is at my parents home so I couldn’t access it and I found this. Too bad it’s really expensive for me ? but I don’t blame you as you spend so much time, energy and concentration on this. Have a good day 🙂

  3. Look, I don’t pay that much for database, my mom won’t let me use her credit card and we have no paypal, how do I purchase it?

    1. Find a friend who have PayPal or credit card, give him some cash money and ask him to buy from me. But what do you need this database for?

  4. That’s stupid making people pay this for a database i don’t care how much hours it took you, that’s a scam if it was 20 dollars i could but not 45 lmao,
    nah you tweaking

    1. The dumbest fucking thing that I see over and over again is complete ignorance of how pricing works in an economy. This offering has no value for you? Fine, don’t buy it! This might be worth 20 but not 45? Useful comment. I’m saddened for you if your world is so small that you denigrate others for valuing their own work.

  5. I paid and received the Sim 1 career to use while I get re-acquainted with the Sim 1. In looking at it, it is worth the little bit I spend to get it. Thanks Teoalida.

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