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Midtown Madness

Caesar III CoverMidtown Madness is a racing game developed by Angel Studios and published by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows. It was released in April 1999, with Midtown Madness 2 sequel released in September 2000.

I obtained this game from a friend in 2002 and it was the most played game by me in 2002-2004 until I connected to neighborhood LAN where friends informed (and gave me) GTA Vice City, and next year San Andreas.

I made Excel tables with vehicles available in game: car details (horsepower, top speed, durability, mass, figures as provided by game itself), top speed in each gear (measured by me), gearbox max speed speedometer range, max rpm, acceleration (seconds) to 50% and 75% of max speed (again measured by me).

Midtown Madness 1.xls
Midtown Madness 2.xls

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