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The Sims 3 career tracks and jobs

I compiled an Excel database with all career tracks and job positions, showing also job description, salary, work days, skills and responsibilities required, etc. Creating this Excel table was more difficult compared with The Sims 1 and 2, because The Sims 3 have careers some with 2 branches (paying hourly), professions (paying weekly) and part-time jobs, in total 49 careers and 482 job positions. Summary of salaries is shown in this table:

Career Game Job levels
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Normal careers
Art Appraiser – Appraisal University Life $30/h $40/h $42/h $60/h $70/h $80/h $175/h $250/h $367/h $600/h
Art Appraiser – Acquisition $80/h $175/h $238/h $360/h $500/h
Astronomer – Astrophysicist Into the Future $23/h $29/h $38/h $54/h $75/h $167/h $250/h $438/h $500/h $1000/h
Astronomer – Space Explorer $167/h $250/h $438/h $500/h $1000/h
Athletic base game $13/h $25/h $33/h $43/h $77/h $134/h $201/h $241/h $385/h $462/h
Bot Arena – Arena mechanic Into the Future $30/h $33/h $38/h $54/h $86/h $167/h $217/h $350/h $400/h $750/h
Bot Arena – Arena official $167/h $217/h $350/h $400/h $750/h
Business base game $27/h $35/h $46/h $59/h $76/h $99/h $128/h $239/h $287/h $316/h
Criminal – Evil base game $17/h $24/h $32/h $40/h $52/h $63/h $109/h $142/h $240/h $420/h
Criminal – Thief $96/h $122/h $225/h $525/h
Culinary base game $25/h $32/h $39/h $57/h $87/h $108/h $124/h $150/h $210/h $350/h
Education Ambitions $20/h $24/h #29/h $35/h $47/h $54/h $76/h $124/h $169/h $541/h
Film – Acting Late Night $21/h $25/h $36/h $52/h $62/h $93/h $126/h $820/h $1216/h $2310/h
Film – Directing $93/h $610/h $795/h $1028/h $1803/h
Fortune Teller – Mystic Supernatural $20/h $24/h $30/h $38/h $48/h $63/h $80/h $118/h $207/h $419/h
Fortune Teller – Scam artists $75/h $130/h $249/h $381/h $768/h
Game Development – Engineer University Life $26/h $32/h $39/h $48/h $65/h $101/h $144/h $220/h $393/h $987/h
Game Development – Game Artist University Life $48/h $65/h $101/h $144/h $220/h $393/h $987/h
Journalism base game $38/h $44/h $50/h $76/h $97/h $126/h $151/h $189/h $236/h $383/h
Law Enforcement – Special agent base game $40/h $47/h $55/h $73/h $94/h $147/h $172/h $202/h $292/h $477/h
Law Enforcement – Forensic analyst $143/h $159/h $245/h $285/h $397/h
Medicine base game $22/h $25/h $28/h $33/h $78/h $102/h $192/h $210/h $225/h $480/h
Military base game $40/h $44/h $49/h $94/h $108/h $145/h $167/h $192/h $265/h $334/h
Music – Rock base game $21/h $25/h $30/h $48/h $57/h $97/h $126/h $182/h $286/h $?/h
Music – Symphonic $93/h $111/h $144/h $206/h $361/h
Politics base game $24/h $31/h $33/h $45/h $69/h $91/h $130/h $160/h $267/h $423/h
Science base game $44/h $53/h $63/h $97/h $117/h $140/h $208/h $224/h $316/h $481/h
Sports Agent University Life $30/h $38/h $50/h $71/h $110/h $182/h $273/h $350/h $400/h $750/h
Acrobat Showtime $275/w $340/w $400/w $525/w $650/w $850/w $1125/w $1475/w $1850/w $2475/w
Architecture Ambitions $272/w $336/w $400/w $560/w $584/w $800/w $1120/w $1440/w $1520/w $2480/w
Firefighter Ambitions $276/w $340/w $400/w $520/w $640/w $840/w $1132/w $1480/w $1840/w $2480/w
Ghost Hunter Ambitions $280/w $344/w $400/w $520/w $640/w $840/w $1144/w $1480/w $1840/w $4280/w
Investigator Ambitions $275/w $340/w $400/w $525/w $650/w $850/w $1125/w $1475/w $1850/w $2475/w
Lifeguard Island Paradise $276/w $340/w $400/w $520/w $640/w $840/w $1132/w $1480/w $1840/w $2480/w
Magician Showtime $275/w $340/w $400/w $532/w $640/w $840/w $1160/w $1480/w $2000/w $3600/w
Singer Showtime $275/w $340/w $400/w $532/w $640/w $840/w $1160/w $1480/w $2000/w $3600/w
Stylist Ambitions $182/w $240/w $298/w $444/w $458/w $700/w $984/w $1310/w $1352/w $2306/w
Self-employed careers
Daycare Generations $100/w $200/w $300/w $400/w $500/w
Self-employed skill careers
Alchemist Supernatural N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Angler Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Band Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Bot Builder Ambitions $50/w $50/w $60/w $60/w $70/w
$70/w $80/w
$80/w $100/w
Gardener Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Horse(wo)man Pets N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Inventor Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Nectar Maker Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Painter Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Photographer Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Scuba Diver Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Sculptor Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Writer Ambitions N/A None None None $500 None $1500 None $2500 $5000
Part-time jobs
Alien Test Subject Seasons $64/h $84/h $114/h
Bookstore Clerk base game $30/h $50/h $80/h
Film Late Night $30/h $50/h $80/h
Grocery Store Clerk base game $30/h $50/h $80/h
Mausoleum Clerk base game $33/h $55/h $88/h
Receptionist base game $33/h $55/h $88/h
Spa Specialist base game $33/h $55/h $88/h

Excel file with job details

Even if The Sims 3 game is few years old, I did not made also a The Sims 3 career tracks as I made The Sims 2 career tracks in 2012, because of complexity of game: it have normal career tracks, skill career tracks, professions and part-time jobs. Some career tracks have 2 branches in higher levels.

If this was not worse enough, looks messy (list of jobs is shown in different format from one career to another, some shows salary per hour and others per week – once I created Excel file I realized that this is because the ones with weekly salary are professions rather than careers) and is incomplete (some jobs do not indicate promotion bonus or pension).

Given by the fact that The Sims 1 & 2 career tracks became in 2019 the most visited pages on my The Sims sub-website, I decided to try to make a list of The Sims 3 career tracks… and found time for this task in January 2020. I may make for The Sims 4 afterwards.

It took me about 12 hours to copy-paste data from Sims Wiki into Excel and standardize format (as seen in below video). I am not responsible for any errors in Sims Wiki that I copied in my Excel. I do not have time to go in game and put sims in each job to check for possible errors.


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