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The hobby for cars started in 1999 but only in 2003 I decided to start making an Excel database of all cars. The research was done independently from the internet world (I connected to internet in 2005), sourcing data from AutoKatalog books (German publication), making an original compilation that you cannot find anywhere else online (except on websites that purchased the database from me).

I published the car databases on my website only in 2011, intending to share my research with other car buyers, hobbyists, car experts, etc, without expecting that I will be visited by various companies (auto insurance, auto parts shops, car shipping services, etc), programmers, web designers and mobile app developers, and I can make a business from this! Most of these visitors have zero experience in cars, and make often mistakes such as buying wrong database, buying an American car database while they do business in Europe, or buying from other data providers selling bad quality database just because it is cheaper or have higher number of model variations.

First sale was done in May 2012. Had to do some changes to make it appealing for this unexpected audience, both in data structure and in website presentation. The rising flow of customers gave me a REAL motivation to dedicate time for updating car database constantly. Since late 2012, NO month had passed without adding or changing something, creating the MOST UPDATED car database ever found on the internet.

Beside original European car database manually compiled from AutoKatalog books, since 2013 I create database for American market, and seeing the success, I created additional databases for India, Middle East, Australia, as well as real estate databases, mobile phones, etc, via web scraping.

Sales been growing and in 2015 I exceeded 100 databases sold, producing 80% of my income, making me to quit my job of AutoCAD and architectural design and dedicate my life to data providing industry!

Enter Car Database sub-website

Car Database

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  1. New to your blog. Stumbled upon it browsing the web. Keep up the great work. I am hoping you update it regularly.

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