European German car database

German Database is the biggest in terms of file size, breakdown of models and number of data fields. German car market is the most diversified in the world. 95% of car models sold in Europe are sold in Germany too (95% of models from European Car Models & Engines Database are included also in German database, with more details) so you can use this database even if you are from another country of Europe. Example of cars sold in (Eastern) Europe but not in Germany, missing from German car database but available in the original European database: old Dacia and Skoda models, some Lada models, Moskwitch, GAZ, UAZ, ZAZ, FSO, Zastava. Last update: 12 July 2020.

Small database SAMPLE:

German Car Database – make, model, image SAMPLE.xls

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BIG database SAMPLES:
German Car Database – naming only SAMPLE.xlsx (14 columns)
German Car Database – basic specs SAMPLE.xlsx (43 columns)
German Car Database – full specs SAMPLE.xlsx (239 columns)

Alternative formats: CSV and SQL (full specs)

Buy complete database + FREE updates for one year:

Last release: 12 July 2020, including 10617 cars launched in 2019, 2820 cars in launched 2020, and 15 cars scheduled for launch in 2021. Most cars are included in database 1-2 months ahead of launch, some cars, especially electric/hybrid ones, are announced sometimes a year in advance.

The website was originally 1990s-present, consequently some cars produced during 1990s do not have starting year. During 2016 they done extensive research on automobile history and coverage was extended to 1950s for German domestic manufacturers and 1970s other makes from Europe or Asia.

Looking for 2000-present at discounted price? Database being made in European format with production start/end year, there is not possible to filter automatically cars older than year X like in case of American and Australian car databases. I need to manually add a filtering column as I did for European Car Models Database and Car Models & Engines Database, but because this database is made via web scraping, each time I update database, anything added will be lost. So the only option is to purchase whole database 1950-present. Sorry for this.

Legal: data belongs to German Automobile Club, turned into Excel database after I paid my programmer partner to make a scraping software for this website, each scrap taking about 7 days at 3 seconds per car. I am not responsible for any legal issues you may face for using data copied from another website. If you care about legality, buy instead, which is an original product “Made by Teoalida” with no equivalent on internet, as the data is sourced from books.

Note for 2020 updates

They redesigned website shortly before Christmas and now data is provided in JSON format rather than HTML. I paid my programmer to make a JSON scraper, I ran it and got 318 columns of data instead of 206 columns before. After cleaning duplicates and empty / junk columns, it resulted a 240-column Excel database to sell you (the extra columns are make ID, model ID, model’s make ID, and so on, allowing you to make easier a multi-table relational database, this is temporary and subject to change according suggestions I may get from you and others). Everything good so far, BUT…

At time they redesigned website, their number of cars dropped with 341, many model names were changed, around 1-10 February they did an update that reduced number of models from 1383 to 1273 (by putting cars like BMW M3 under 3-Series rather than separate model) while increased number of versions from 126912 to 127821, by 14 February they reached 127887 cars, I didn’t released February update to customers (until March) because I was hoping for a bigger update from them, but since 14 February no single car been added, making a total of ONLY 914 cars been added since 15 December to end-March (for comparison, during 2019 they were adding ~1000 cars each month).

An update came on 1 April, adding 899 versions while number of models been further reduced with 90. I keep scraping weekly to monitor any change in number of cars.

In July 2020 website changed its JSON coding again, the resulted database have 239 columns now.

Date Makes Models Generations Body types Versions
Before redesign
15 Dec 2019 93 ? ? 5346 126973
After redesign
24 Dec 2019 to 10 Jan (at least) 93 1380 3136 5334 126632
01 Feb 2020 93 1383 3141 5347 126912
10 Feb 2020 93 1273 3024 5370 127821
14 Feb 2020 to 25 Feb (at least) 93 1274 3025 5371 127887
01 Apr 2020 94 1271 2935 5392 128786
07 Apr 2020 94 1232 2935 5392 128786
14 to 21 Apr 2020 94 1233 2936 5398 129303
13 May 2020 94 1235 2944 5415 129769
30 May 2020 94 1237 2948 5424 129893
22 June 2020 94 1238 2953 5445 130660
1 July 2020 94 1238 2956 5451 130828

List of car makes included

European: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, ALPINA, Alpine, Artega, Aston Martin, Audi, Auto Union, Bentley, BMW, Borgward, Brilliance, Bugatti, Citroen, CUPRA, Dacia, DAF, DKW, Donkervoort, DS Automobiles, e.GO Mobile, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Glas, Gumpert, Jaguar, Jiangling, Karabag, Koenigsegg, KTM, Lada, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, McLaren, Mercedes, MG, Micro, MINI, Morgan, NSU, Opel, Pagani, Peugeot, Piaggio, Polestar, Porsche, Proton, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Saab, SEAT, Skoda, smart, Sono Motors, Trabant, Volvo, VW, Wartburg, Wiesmann, Talbot.

Asian: Chevrolet Korea, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Datsun, Honda, Hyundai, Hyundai Precision, Infiniti, Isuzu, KIA, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, SsangYong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota.

American: Cadillac, Chevrolet USA, Chrysler, Dodge, Fisker, Hummer, Jeep, Tesla.

List of data fields included and their completion percentage

Allgemein: Marke 100.00%, Baureihe 100.00%, Herstellerinterne Baureihenbezeichnung 100.00%, Baureihenstart 82.96%, Baureihenende 100.00%, Modell 92.73%, Typ 99.64%, Modellstart 99.95%, Modellende 93.97%, HSN Schlüsselnummer 99.09%, TSN Schlüsselnummer 97.71%, TSN Schlüsselnummer 2 27.60%, KFZ-Steuer/Jahr (Kann aufgrund WLTP-Umstellung abweichen) 100.00%, CO2-Effizienzklasse 84.83%, Grundpreis 100.00%.

Motor und Antrieb: Motorart 100.00%, Kraftstoffart 100.00%, Kraftstoffart (2.Antrieb) 0.43%, Abgasreinigung 100.00%, Motorbauart 100.00%, Anzahl Zylinder 99.74%, Gemischaufbereitung 100.00%, Aufladung 100.00%, Anzahl Ventile 99.68%, Hubraum 99.75%, Leistung in kW 100.00%, Leistung in PS 100.00%, Leistung maximal bei U/min. 99.33%, Drehmoment 99.68%, Drehmoment maximal bei U/min. 99.01%, Antriebsart 100.00%, Getriebeart 99.99%, Anzahl Gänge 99.98%, Start-/Stopp-Automatik 35.62%, Schaltpunktanzeige 17.39%, Schadstoffklasse 100.00%.

Maße und Gewichte: Länge 100.00%, Breite 99.99%, Höhe 99.99%, Radstand 99.99%, Bodenfreiheit maximal 38.22%, Wendekreis 93.04%, Böschungswinkel vorne 7.55%, Böschungswinkel hinten 7.55%, Rampenwinkel 7.05%, Wattiefe 4.90%, Steigung maximal 3.72%, Kofferraumvolumen normal 94.93%, Kofferraumvolumen fensterhoch mit umgeklappter Rücksitzbank 18.55%, Kofferraumvolumen dachhoch mit umgeklappter Rücksitzbank 66.53%, Rücksitzbank umklappbar 85.88%, Leergewicht (EU) 99.30%, Zul. Gesamtgewicht 99.64%, Zuladung 99.16%, Anhängelast gebremst 12% 89.52%, Anhängelast ungebremst 88.42%, Gesamtzuggewicht 18.41%, Stützlast 63.17%, Dachlast 89.34%.

Karosserie und Fahrwerk: Karosserie 100.00%, Türanzahl 99.99%, Anzahl der Schiebetüren serienmäßig/auf Wunsch 100.00%, Fahrzeugklasse 100.00%, Sitzanzahl 100.00%, Sitzanzahl maximal 10.66%, Federung vorne 100.00%, Federung hinten 100.00%, Servolenkung 95.31%, Bremse vorne 100.00%, Bremse hinten 100.00%, Reifengröße 99.72%, Reifengröße hinten (abweichend) 5.77%, Reifendruckkontrolle 57.99%, Reifendruckkontrolle – Bezeichnung 57.97%, Runflat 16.50%, Runflat- Bezeichnung 16.49%.

Messwerte: Hersteller Beschleunigung 94.61%, Höchstgeschwindigkeit 98.26%, Höchstgeschwindigkeit elektrisch (Hybrid) 0.52%, Verbrauch Stadt (Drittelmix) 6.09%, Verbrauch 90 km/h (Drittelmix) 6.06%, Verbrauch 120 km/h (Drittelmix) 5.97%, Verbrauch gesamt (Drittelmix) 6.31%, Verbrauch Innerorts (NEFZ) 85.99%, Verbrauch Innerorts (2.Antrieb) (NEFZ) 0.00%, Verbrauch Außerorts (NEFZ) 86.00%, Verbrauch Außerorts (2.Antrieb) (NEFZ) 0.00%, Verbrauch Gesamt (NEFZ) 87.55%, Verbrauch Gesamt (2.Antrieb) (NEFZ) 0.31%, Reichweite (elektrisch) 0.92%, CO2-Ausstoss (NEFZ) 86.64%, Verbrauch nach WLTP langsam 2.96%, Verbrauch nach WLTP mittel 2.96%, Verbrauch nach WLTP schnell 2.96%, Verbrauch nach WLTP sehr schnell 2.96%, Verbrauch nach WLTP kombiniert 7.95%, Verbrauch nach WLTP langsam – 2. Antrieb 0.00%, Verbrauch nach WLTP mittel – 2. Antrieb 0.00%, Verbrauch nach WLTP schnell – 2. Antrieb 0.00%, Verbrauch nach WLTP sehr schnell – 2. Antrieb 0.00%, Verbrauch nach WLTP kombiniert – 2. Antrieb 0.12%, CO2-Wert nach WLTP kombiniert 9.27%, Tankgröße 99.93%, Tankgröße (2.Antrieb) 0.61%, Tankeinbauort 1.40%, Füllmenge AdBlue-Behälter 9.22%, Speichertechnik (z.B. Lithiumionen, Feststoff etc.) 1.00%, Batteriegewicht (Elektro- und PlugIn-Hybrid) 0.25%, AC-Ladeanschluss am Fahrzeug 0.53%, DC-Schnell-Ladeanschluss am Fahrzeug 0.15%, AC-Ladefunktion 0.54%, Ladeleistung (kW) 0.42%, Ladezeiten 0.52%, Heizungsart (E-Fahrzeuge) 0.23%.

Sicherheitsausstattung: Airbag Fahrer 90.68%, Airbag Beifahrer 88.99%, Seitenairbag vorne 82.33%, Seitenairbag vorne – Bezeichnung 13.26%, Seitenairbag hinten 17.80%, Seitenairbag hinten – Bezeichnung 0.02%, Kopfairbag vorne 66.78%, Kopfairbag vorne – Bezeichnung 66.72%, Kopfairbag hinten 63.77%, Kopfairbag hinten – Bezeichnung 63.74%, Airbag Sonstige 17.26%, Airbag Sonstige – Bezeichnung 17.26%, Airbag Deaktivierung 62.22%, Airbag Deaktivierung – Bezeichnung 62.00%, PreCrash-System 13.41%, PreCrash-System – Bezeichnung 13.38%, 3-Punkt-Gurt hinten Mitte 81.17%, 3-Punkt-Gurt hinten Mitte – Bezeichnung 80.86%, Kopfstützen hinten 90.60%, Kopfstützen hinten Mitte 65.74%, Aktive Kopfstützen 32.53%, Isofix 72.63%, Isofix – Bezeichnung 67.90%, Kindersitz integriert 11.09%, ABS 92.28%, Bremsassistent 73.72%, Bremsassistent – Bezeichnung 73.61%, City-Notbremsassistent 26.24%, Notbremsassistent 16.69%, Kollisionswarnung 28.98%, Kurvenbremskontrolle 16.86%, Antriebsschlupfregelung 77.72%, Antriebsschlupfregelung – Bezeichnung 77.54%, Fahrdynamikregelung 75.98%, Fahrdynamikregelung – Bezeichnung 75.67%, Fahrdynamikregelung – Anhänger 28.58%, Ladezustandskontrolle 0.93%, Bremslicht dynamisch 43.33%, Bremslicht dynamisch – Bezeichnung 43.06%, Aktivlenkung 2.98%, Nebelscheinwerfer 82.43%, Abbiegelicht 34.67%, Kurvenlicht 35.82%, Variable Lichtverteilung 13.97%, Xenon-Scheinwerfer 38.86%, LED-Scheinwerfer 19.51%, Laserscheinwerfer 0.54%, Lichtsensor 56.50%, Regensensor 62.47%, Autom. Abstandsregelung 24.33%, Autom. Abstandsregelung – Bezeichnung 22.67%, Stauassistent 8.41%, Nachtsicht-Assistent 2.77%, Fußgängererkennung 15.16%, Müdigkeitserkennung 24.99%, Spurhalteassistent 30.94%, Spurwechselassistent 26.64%, Emergency Assistent 1.49%, Kreuzungsassistent 3.45%, Querverkehrassistent 9.32%, Fußgängerschutz-System 6.90%, Verkehrsschild-Erkennung 27.54%, Head-up-Display (HUD) 13.20%, Speed-Limiter 27.53%, Fernlichtassistent 31.29%.

Herstellergarantien: Garantie (Fahrzeug) 98.48%, Lackgarantie 94.45%, Durchrostung 95.02%, Zusätzliche Garantien 82.14%, Sonstiges 21.39%.

Preise und Ausstattung: Grundpreis 100.00%, Klassenübliche Ausstattung nach Vorgabe 18.88%, Klimaanlage 91.87%, Zentralverriegelung 94.81%, Fensterheber elektr. vorne 94.09%, Fensterheber elektr. hinten 62.88%, Einparkhilfe 70.01%, Einparkhilfe – Bezeichnung 68.79%, Einparkassistent 24.80%, Trailer-Assist 1.60%, Berganfahrassistent 46.51%, Radio 88.56%, Radio – Bezeichnung 86.64%, Navigation 70.04%, Navigation – Bezeichnung 67.92%, Notruffunktion 26.98%, Alufelgen 83.59%, Lederausstattung 51.68%, Metallic-Lackierung 97.82%.


Teoalida’s Car Database originates in 2003, sourcing data from multiple AutoKatalog books issued yearly and typing data in Excel manually in a data structure invented by me, making an original product with no equivalent on internet, which you can use in your website or mobile app without risking to be sued by anyone. Because AutoKatalog is a printed book, space is limited so it include one row for each model engine, and if it was offered with both manual and automatic transmission, performance data is provided for manual one. This makes my database the perfect choice for auto parts businesses which do not need multiple rows per for each model engine.

However, a small amount of customers, who are interested in performance data, are not happy with my original database, they would like separate row for manual and automatic transmissions.

Since AutoKatalog was discontinued in 2014, I source data from German website to continue maintaining my database, In late 2015 I paid a programmer to make an application that visit each page of German website and scrap/extract the data into Excel, then I manipulate data to match the format of my car database, to have an original product which I can copyright.

I was NOT intending to sell the German database, but in late 2016 several people told me that this database having more rows is more suitable for their projects than my original database, so I made it public. Most people still preferred my original Car Models & Engines Database because the German one have equipment levels that are making too many rows for same engine.


Teoalida’s original car database
Demo / sample
German car database
Demo / sample
Cover whole Europe, including Rover high-powered variants sold only in UK, 2.0 litres cars sold only in Italy (example Ferrari 208), low-cost cars for Eastern Europe (Fiat Albea, Peugeot 301, Renault Symbol, Lada, Volga, etc) Cover only cars sold in Germany
Shows period of production as year only, based on their appearance in AutoKatalog, which is a bit off (cars launched in november-december may indicate starting year as next year) Show period of production as year/month in which the car was sold in Germany
One row per engine, regardless if it was offered with both manual and automatic transmission One row per each transmission type, also one row per each equipment level (this can be stripped off, don’t know who would need equipment levels that have same specs)
1 column for fuel efficiency (combined) 3 columns for fuel efficiency (urban, highway, combined)
Few additional columns: bore × stroke, compression ratio, camshaft, track width Does NOT include bore × stroke, compression ratio, camshaft, track width


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Teoalida’s original car database
German car database
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Is legal to sell German database after alteration?

You should NOT sell a database with data copied from German automobile club website that is not your original research. I will not buy such database and risk having legal troubles with automobile club
You should NOT sell a database with data copied from German automobile club but if you alter the data and create a semi-original product you can sell it and I will buy.
You CAN sell data scraped from German automobile club even in raw format, if they publish it online means that we are allowed to copy it in our websites.
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3 thoughts on “European German car database

  1. The database i received has far exceeded my expectations, not only by the size but also from the attention to detail from the seller.

    I needed a custom database with some special columns and teoalida offered to update it to my database FREE of charge!
    That’s right!

    Support was exceptional and i had really a pleasure to work with!

    Also teoalida is a very nice and friendly guy always eager to help you.
    So if you need a well maintained car database you came to the right place.

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