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I made this database in July 2019 at request of an Indian company, who asked me to make databases for over 10 countries, and published it here to be purchased by other people needing same thing. But now if I were to update all them it means a huge workload for me and small size of South Africa country (low number of customers) do not justify effort to update it.

Source of data: (this a website that does shows specifications only for new cars, no discontinued models. There is nothing that indicate year of launch for each car model.

List of updates:
44 brands, 364 models (295 unique), 2478 versions (1812 unique) – 6 July 2019
44 brands, 380 models (305 unique), 1715 versions – 25 February 2020
44 brands, 383 models (306 unique), 1703 versions – 4 May 2020
45 brands, 379 models (310 unique), 1645 versions – 4 May 2021, after exactly 1 year someone requested update.
44 brands, 373 models (303 unique), 1582 versions – 27 September 2021.

Last update is too old? Request update today! I just need to open scraper, click Start, wait 1h, click Save, upload new file on my website and notify all past customers to re-download file.

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