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Wheels and Tires Size

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Coverage: 1953-present, worldwide, in case of cars sold with different specs in various regions, the “market of sale” column shows EUDM (Europe), USDM (United States), MXDM (Mexico), LADM (Latin America), AUDM (Australia), etc. Cars sold with same specs all over the world have this column empty, so there is no way to filter out only cars sold in a particular country.

I created this database in March 2018 after requests from 3 people from Middle East to scrap data from a website. I made it for all people needing wheels and tires size in Excel format who are outside Europe and America and cannot purchase my original databases intended for these regions.

You are welcome to purchase it even if you are in Europe and America if you need more tire sizes per car than OEM size indicated in Car Models Engines Tires (Europe) and Second American database.

List of updates:
105 makes, 32953 model years, 430497 tire sizes – March 2018. First scraping!
107 makes, 32112 model years, 400057 tire sizes – October 2018. Source website changed codes so I had to pay my programmer again to make another scraper.
111 makes, 3265 models, ?? model years, ?? tire sizes – March 2019. After scraping makes and models, I figured out that the scraper that gets all tire sizes no longer works. I asked my programmer to make a 3rd scraper, but shortly afterwards Wheel-Size.com owner contacted me and told me to STOP selling database and make partnership with him to buy from him if anyone need such data.

I will NOT update this database anymore. Number of people purchasing database was low, does not worth to pay my programmer to make a new scraper each update due to coding changes in source website.

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