Furnished apartment

Furniture & interior design

I design furniture since ~14 years old (~2003), around 15 years old my mom employed in a furniture factory so we refurnished my room using my pre-made drawings. People who contacted me over years made me to pursue my career in architecture rather than interior design. Whenever I will do furniture design again, we will see… I am using AutoCAD so my drawings are more technical instead of photo realistic, like the ones made by professional interior designers in 3D Studio Max.

Architecture – Rules for an ideal city

My biggest passion, started in 2008, designing buildings for “Teoalida’s Virtual City”, since 2009 I wrote this page with the rules of an utopian IDEAL CITY. These rules apply for projects designed for myself as hobby. When I design for customers, I follow the laws of their country.

I love collecting BUILDING CODES of various countries.

Car design in AutoCAD

Cars 3D design

Before moving into architecture design in 2008, I also modeled few 3D car models in AutoCAD. I did NOT wanted to design the ultimate sport car, instead I designed an average classic family car, with many details as possible, to show my skill as graphic designer, and to use many of AutoCAD photorealistic effects as possible, to show the performance of AutoCAD render. Do you though that AutoCAD is only for 2D drawings?

City maps designed by me

The hobby for designing maps have a long history. Starting from 6 years old I was drawing random roads on paper and coloured them in various colors. The first time I designed a map of a real city was at age of 14, in 2003 I made on paper a map of my city downtown with a special attention given to historical buildings.

Palatul Cantacuzino "Micul Trianon" din Floreşti Prahova

Palace Trianon 3D design

This palace is one of the most beautiful 3D modeling works that I ever designed in AutoCAD. Many people were impressed not only by the beautiful 3D renders, but also for excellent model geometry that makes it to look like 18-19th century neoclassic architecture. Some people asked me how I got the idea to design such complex building, and suggested to change some details to make it better, BUT…

Paper to CAD conversion

Paper to CAD drawing conversion services

Most AutoCAD designers offering paper-to-CAD conversion simply put the scanned JPG in background and draw over it, every line, often making various identical drawing elements at different dimensions, aka low-quality CAD drawing.

Personally I offer quality paper-to-CAD conversion services, taking care to make every element of drawing a rounded dimension, and in case of floor plans of various buildings, I will give you option to add dimensions in CAD file as they are in the original floor plan, as well as adding more dimensions, or providing a CAD file without dimensions but designed according dimensions from the scanned floor plan.

You give me JPG, PNG or other raster image format, and I give you DWG, DXF or PDF. Contact me for price quote!

Most beautiful HDB

I explored all estates of Singapore via Google Earth and screened several HDB blocks with distinctive architectural styles. The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me.

Vote the most beautiful HDB blocks!
Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc.
You can vote multiple images.

Bedok Reservoir blk 633-649
Lots of squares and decorations

Bukit Panjang blk 607-624
White with blue splashes

Choa Chu Kang blk 469-474
White & brown

Jurong East blk 20-23 (Teban Vista)
White, orange, green vertical diversity

Pasir Ris blk 501-503
Red with double white stripes each floor

Punggol blk 632-636 (Edgedale Green)
Simple design with white squares

Punggol blk 195 (The Periwinkle)
Metal bars in lower part of windows

Sembawang blk 467-469 (Blue Riverview)
Rounded block with white and blue only

Sengkang blk 272-273 (Atrina)
Modern simplity

Tampines blk 497
Beige columns ending in horizontal lines

Tiong Bahru blk 126-127 (Kim Tian Green)
White & yellow vertical monotony

Woodlands blk 685-687
Modern mix of geometry and colors

Poll Maker

See also: previous poll results (351 votes in 2012-2015)
Large amount of votes towards Pinnacle & Duxton, showing that people are voting for best locations and not for architectural styles as this poll is intended. Due to this reason I removed Pinnacle when I remade the poll in 2015.

Most beautiful houses

I explored all corners of Singapore via Google Earth and screened the best houses I saw, a variety of bungalows, semi-detached and terraced houses. Do you know other houses? Tell me the address and I may add in the poll. The voting results may influence the future of houses designed by me.

Singapore houses are the most beautiful in the world. Due to country size, only few people, the rich class can afford a landed property. Terraced houses have usually 4-5-6 bedrooms and costs 2 to 5 million SGD (1.5 to 4 million USD), depending of location, while bungalows can be over 10 millions.

Vote the most beautiful HOUSE!
Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc.
You can vote multiple images.

Changi Road
American-styled houses

Da Silva Lane
Modern brick & green

Jalan Tari Payong
Oversized decorative elements

Kew Walk
Neoclassic design

Lorong Marzuki
Neoclassic design with large balconies

Pasir Panjang Hill
1990s stepped housing

Penaga Place
Modern house with bay windows

Phoenix Road
White design with oversized windows

Sennett Drive
Not sure how this style is called

Swiss View
Roman Empire-inspired house

Wak Hassan Drive
Another modern house

Wilkinson Road
Postmodernist house with oversized
cantilevered roof and balconies

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See also: previous poll results (78 votes in 2012-2015).
I removed the 2 worst-voted houses when I remade the poll in 2015.

Most beautiful condo

I explored whole Singapore via Google Earth and screened several condos, but there are so many condos… I do not know which ones to choose for posting there and let people to vote. You can come with suggestions! The voting results may influence the future of apartments designed by me.

Vote the most beautiful CONDO!
Vote for best architectural style. DO NOT vote for tallest, newest, best location, etc.
You can vote multiple images.

Arcadia Garden
1980s condo with stepped terraces

Bedok Court
1980s condo with very complex facades

Chelsea Lodge
Red & white design inspired from American townhomes

Costa Rhu
Variable roof levels

Newton Suites
Ultra-modern architecture with a bit too much black

Stafford Court
Reminds of Roman Empire architecture

Sunrise Gardens
Red & white vertical diversity

Thomson 800
Beige neoclassic design

Thomson Euro-Asia
Postmodernism masterpiece

Poll Maker

See also: previous poll results (119 votes in 2012-2015).
I removed few condos and added other condos when I remade the poll in 2015.

The FUNNIEST questions from people

This page shows the funniest and weirdest messages sent by website visitors. They are usually messages and questions that you should NOT ask to a customer support service.

Also please DO NOT contact me and talk funny, intending “to contribute” to website. The purpose of website NOT to make funny chats, but to show my works, primarily in architecture & real estate fields, and this page show funny chats that happened accidentally during running this website.

Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City

A political loophole between China and Hong Kong created a 2.6 hectare Chinese enclave in Kowloon where Hong Kong authorities had no rights and Chinese authorities refused to take care. Originally a military fort, it developed into a city for refugees, criminals, illegal businesses, drug dealers, unlicensed doctors and dentists, who could operate there without threat of prosecution. Was demolished in 1993 and replaced by a park.

Architecture good and bad deals

I am writing this page to inform all students, customers, and people who encouraged me to pursue my career in architecture, how it was a HORRIBLE experience for me. Nowadays I pass my customers to other architects, to negotiate price and do project in my place, in most cases I reject projects.

Cryptocurrency trading journal

Multiple people have asked me if I heard of Bitcoin, if I am so IT person why I am not investing into cryptocurrency, or asked how much I earned once I told them that am I already investing, or asked if I do trading after they noticed in Checkout page that I accept crypto payments.

After discussing privately with few people, I am writing this page to explain to everyone my journal of crypto trading. Page published May 2018.

Some idiot tried to hack my website

On 5 October 2014 I noticed that my website is loading slower than usual, I logged into Control Panel and saw a high server load over last 10 hours, and in visitor logs I saw that some IP is accessing wp-login.php page few hundred times per minute, causing high server load and “508 Resource Limit is Reached” error to innocent people.

Lost customers due to badluck

Happened lots of times that after I quote price for a project, customer said that will consult with boss / colleagues and get back to me tomorrow / in 1 week / next month. Due to large number of people contacting me, some more or less serious, I cannot keep track of all chat messages and emails I am receiving, to send follow-up emails to people who do not come back in the promised time. I suggest everyone who has requested a project from me, to contact me again if you are really interested in my services instead of waiting for me to reply your last email, to AVOID cases described here.

ANGRY people

I started a thread in Google Product Forums, hoping a little volunteer help. But, instead of answering my questions and telling me what is the real cause of Google Penalty and how to fix it possible issues/mistakes, the “helpers” used all possible words to make me guilty for all mistakes that I done and said that I deserve being penalized, bad words against me, against my website and business… this made ANGRY one of the visitors of my website, who joined me and posted the following RUDE message towards “helpers”.