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Allowed & not allowed advertising

    If you are architect, interior designer, real estate agent or data provider, I can post your banner on my website and/or I can refer you leads.

    ANGRY people

    I started a thread in Google Product Forums, hoping a little volunteer help. But, instead of answering my questions and telling me what is the real cause of Google Penalty and how to fix it possible issues/mistakes, the “helpers” used all possible words to make me guilty for all mistakes that I done and said that I deserve being penalized, bad words against me, against my website and business… this made ANGRY one of the visitors of my website, who joined me and posted the following RUDE message towards “helpers”.

    Dilemma: is my site a blog or website?

      Personally I define BLOG the ones where a person write their diaries (web log > weB LOG), so my one should be called WEBSITE, but many people referred me as “this blogger have…” , “found on his blog“.

      Dilemma: what are copyright issues?

        I have on website numerous photographs that are not made by me, all them are LINKED to their original source. Some people suggested to stop linking images from other websites and upload them on my own account instead. Is this a copyright issue?

        Chatting with website visitors

        I always wanted to interact with visitors, to exchange knowledge, make new friends with similar interests and get feedback about my works and products. For long time I did not know who visit my website and what they think about my projects, because I could not interact with visitors unless they were emailing me. I was not aware that knew that this is possible to chat directly with visitors, until January 2012 when I discovered SnapEngage. Since May 2012 I moved to Zopim Chat and made first sale.

        Ask help and run away!

        Please don’t consider these cases as lost customers or failure in customer services. Most of these people not interested in  my services, but just browsing multiple websites for ideas and free house plans. They may have found something better in another website and forgot me. But some of them are still funny how they asked for help from me then gone away…

        How to NOT address to a business partner

          During 2 days I got 4 chats from SAME IP located in Australia, first time gave me a BAD impression of a child making PRANKS claiming that is a diplomat and his parents are living North Korea. Next day said that is from a construction company and want to do business with me, and yesterday person was “a colleague”. Would you take this in serious?

          Childcare centres in Singapore

            If anyone knows where I can find list of childcare centres please tell me! I had at least 2 people contacting me and asking the same, while Elvin never answered me at emails to say where he managed to find the list in another website.

            Kids, please DON’T disturb me with dumb questions!

            Most visitors of this website are ADULTS, some of them businessmen, respectful people that knows to start a chat with me ONLY IF you want to buy something, pay a service, or need a professional consultation.

            But a small number of visitors are kids, especially the Housing around the World section seems to be popular among American school children looking for information about other countries for their school paper. This small number of kids cause a huge nuisance.

            What this guy wants from me?

            Every day, I am contacted by few people from Singapore for info about HDB and chit-chat, I am also contacted by people all around the world for architecture / CAD design services. I differentiate customers by chit-chatters by the way they address me and by what pages they click. Look how THIS guy is addressing me!! Sometimes I mistreat chit-chatters as potential customers, but could be this a potential customer, mistreat as chit-chatter and lost?

            Web Design

            If you need a little help how to create, improve or optimize a website, feel free to contact me!
            If you need someone to create a website from scratch and maintain it full-time in your place, then I am NOT the right person.

            Comparison: MSN Live vs Yahoo Messenger vs Google Talk

              Warning: this article is OUTDATED (written 2011-2012), it no longer reflect current situation. Live Messenger was discontinued in 2013 and users transferred on the shitty Skype, Yahoo Messenger was also discontinued in 2016, leaving only Google Talk.


              Map + database of buildings in Romania

                Given by the success of Map of HDB blocks made for Singapore in September 2017, I started in January 2018 a similar project for Romania. By end-2022 the database contains over 32,000 buildings, being complete for Bucharest plus 7 of the 40 countries of Romania. In 2022 I bought a domain name dedicated to this project:

                HDD crash and my experience with data recovery company

                  My HDD crashed on 1 October 2019, despite of paying $330 to data recovery company, the loss of data was significant and this incident forced me to STOP taking new projects for next 3 months to get back on track with existing projects.