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I started a thread in Google Product Forums, hoping a little volunteer help. But, instead of answering my questions and telling me what is the real cause of Google Penalty and how to fix it possible issues/mistakes, the “helpers” used all possible words to make me guilty for all mistakes that I done and said that I deserve being penalized, bad words against me, against my website and business… this made ANGRY one of the visitors of my website, who joined me and posted the following RUDE message towards “helpers”.

Another guy who join me against a bad visitor in an ANGRY way

Note: the discussion was done in PUBLIC comments on a non-english page of website. Approximate translation into english would sound like this:

First, I displayed 2 sample floor plans of apartments from my city. Someone left a comment asking where he can get floor plans of a specific building.

My reply: But do you know from where I can get floor plan of any typical building? That in case you are asking for the original floorplans used when they were built in 1980s, which as far as I know, they cannot be found. Otherwise I CAN HELP YOU by drawing floorplans in AutoCAD, like the two floor plans posted in this page (they are my family relatives so I visited them with a measuring tape), but only if someway we can get keys to access in all apartments of the building… probably impossible but I don’t know any other way to do this.

His reply: If I knew how I could get original floor plans I won’t disturbed you. When I will get the keys of every apartment I will get back to you. You really need some education and good sense. I asked you a simple question and I expected a simple answer but you’re an idiot and your attempts of irony are just fail attempts. Thanks for your so-called superior answer.

My next reply: I don’t see what do you call irony and idiocy. This is a nice way to inform you that I don’t have requested floor plans but I CAN draw them, even if is unlikely to do in your case as we can’t get into and measure every apartment. Being a person offering services would have not been nice to reply shortly “NO!”

He visited website once more but never replied again. Can someone explain what made him angry?

A third person (one of my real life friends) added 1 more reply: Hey you poor handicapped kid made via masturbation for social welfare, you are fucking blind or retarded what the fuck you don’t understand… Teoalida is offering design services so how the hell do you desired to be treated? With a kick in your fat ass? Teoalida’s answer was very nice but YOU are the idiot with no education and no good sense, do us favor and jump off from building please!


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