Dilemma: is my site a blog or website?

Is my one a blog or a website? How do you define a BLOG?

Personally I define BLOG the ones where a person write their diaries (web log > weB LOG), so my one should be called WEBSITE, but many people referred me as “this blogger have…” , “found on his blog“.

I saw many idiots writing such journals on blogspot.com, I wanted something more professional, a website with static pages instead of posts sorted by date.

So, in 2009 when I made my first business-oriented website, I choose teoalida.WEBS.com. In the final days of Oct 2012, it reached 50 static pages, having 1 MB in total (the size of text, including page coding, not including images or any part of template).

Since early 2012 I was thinking about a new website under www.teoalida.com, I launched it in Aug 2012 and I choose WordPress platform, despite of the higher risk of being called BLOG. WordPress is well-known for blogs, but it is not only for blogs. BIG websites like www.archdaily.com use WordPress too.

One customer of Car Database praised the database but criticized the website because “looks like a blog“, (Aug 2012, while being under Webs.com = static pages, NO blog posts sorted by date).
So, what is wrong at me???? Please give me suggestions how to make it less blog-like, or anything to improve appearance!

A singaporean appreciated the blog-style posts because “we can see exact date you posted them” sorry to say but it is not posting date, I manipulate the dates to set certain order of posts, most important first (jan 2013).

Another singaporean criticized that the website looks too personal and suggested urgent improvements …. but that the truth, this IS a personal website!

How to make i less personal? I can replace “about me” with “about us”, “I am” with “we are” but wouldn’t be correct (March 2013).


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