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What is wrong with this guy???

Wednesday, 9 Oct, 2013
Country: Singapore
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[14:58] Visitor: omg.. your housing design..
[14:59] Visitor: it brings shame to all architects
[14:59] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[14:59] Teoalida: more exactly?
[14:59] Teoalida: I am too good and make others feel in shame? or contrary
[14:59] Teoalida: I don’t understand
[14:59] Visitor: it is the most outdated, style-less architecture that i have seen
[15:00] Visitor: brings singapore to shame
[15:00] Teoalida: but look at comments
[15:00] Visitor: makes us look like a third world country
[15:00] Teoalida: comparing with singapore condos, maybe is outdated
[15:00] Teoalida: I admit that
[15:00] Teoalida: but people from other countries appreciate
[15:00] Visitor: yes if they are from indonesia or africa
[15:01] Teoalida: I was surprised when I was contacted by someone from Surbana… saying that is impressed
[15:01] Teoalida: ALSO take in consideration my age
[15:01] Visitor: because surbana is a horrible firm that specialises in building cheap buildings
[15:01] Teoalida: hmm…
[15:01] Visitor: yes it’s obvious that your sense of style is dated
[15:02] Teoalida: you look like someone born to criticize… well, what are good firms then?
[15:02] Visitor: i hate to criticise

[15:02] Visitor: it’s not that its bad architecture
[15:02] Visitor: its not architecture
[15:02] Visitor: its copy and paste from old styles in an ugly way
[15:02] Teoalida: in 2010 a british architect told me that my apartments looks like 1960s social housing
[15:03] Teoalida: but I really love sixties!
[15:03] Visitor: go back there and design something
[15:03] Teoalida: NOW don’t tell me that this one made in 2011 is outdated too!
[15:04] Teoalida: Are you architect, developer, etc, and eventually working for a company bigger than Surbana?
[15:06] Visitor: yeah
[15:07] Visitor: just because you can use cad does not mean you are an architect
[15:07] Teoalida: Who said that I am architect?

[15:08] Teoalida: Indeed… experienced architects may hate me but they represent 1% of all people who give me comments
[15:08] Teoalida: how do you explain that some architects from India, Africa, etc contacted me to collaborate?
[15:08] Teoalida: and 1 from Malaysia
[15:09] Visitor: because they are also uneducated and without skill except construction
[15:09] Visitor: there is so much more to design
[15:09] Teoalida: I guess so
[15:09] Visitor: it is an art
[15:10] Visitor: and you are actually slowing down the cultural development of the entire human race by propagating this nonsense
[15:10] Teoalida: also, I never said that I intend to collaborate or compete with Singapore architects
[15:10] Visitor: whether you build this rubbish or not,
[15:10] Teoalida: I don’t see myself with low expectations but I admit that especially in Singapore, others are better than me. I have happy customers in third-world countries.
[15:10] Visitor: you are spreading this around
[15:11] Visitor: giving people the idea that this is good design
[15:11] Teoalida: can I know more exactly… which is most rubbish?

[15:11] Teoalida: and show me a better design
[15:11] Teoalida: btw, do you have any idea how old I am? by looking at website content?
[15:11] Visitor: how can you put rules for an ideal city on your website?!
[15:11] Visitor: what do you know about that
[15:12] Visitor: picking random areas for minimum room sizes based on trying to be more generous than standards
[15:12] Visitor: what if someone thinks that this is an expert and uses that?
[15:12] Teoalida: what is the problem there? I don’t understand
[15:12] Visitor: if anything, as the world becomes more dense, we need to live in smaller and smaller places
[15:12] Visitor: but you arent thinking about that
[15:13] Visitor: you are thinking of generating copious content and playing up your ego
[15:13] Teoalida: house sizes are GROWING in the world outside Singapore
[15:13] Visitor: meanwhile those who cannot afford are pushed into slums
[15:14] Visitor: or these growing houses are taking up all of nature
[15:14] Teoalida: and slums too… are growing in terms of size and sqm per person
[15:14] Teoalida: if not eliminated
[15:14] Teoalida: more and more countries start programmes of slum clearance
[15:15] Teoalida: can you give me an age?
[15:17] Visitor: i think you are 13
[15:17] Teoalida: OMG
[15:17] Teoalida: why there’s so many guesses around 30-40 years old?
[15:17] Teoalida: I am 24
[15:18] Teoalida: now show me anyone of THIS age able to do better than me
[15:18] Visitor: i am 24. i have designed an entire city. modern museums, high rises, award winning structures
[15:19] Visitor has left the conversation

[15:21] Visitor has joined the conversation
[15:21] Teoalida: at what detail level you “designed” ?
[15:21] Teoalida: btw check this … I want you opinion
[15:22] Teoalida: someone praising me after started a chat in a unprofessional way
[15:27] Teoalida: ALSO explain me why there’s so many positive comments on ?
[15:49] Visitor has left the conversation


  1. [15:02] Visitor: i hate to criticise

    yeah right, wasn’t it what you intend to do in the first place when you start the chat? LOL!!!

  2. [15:02] Visitor: i hate to criticise
    yeah right, wasn’t it what you intend to do in the first place when you start the chat? LOL!!!

  3. i agree with this singaporean. Tcuh, you are an embarassment calling yourself practicing architecture while all you do just goof around with a AutoCAD and you call those all design. 24 years old and dumb enough to claim yourself a prodigy and great in design. kill yourself please.

    1. You said over live chat that you’re working at DP Architects in Singapore… why you are so stupid to compare a major architecture company of Singapore with a person like me who never attended any university? But I have seen architects who finished university that aren’t smart enough to design themselves and ask help from me.

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