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Dilemma: is this commercial or not?

Despite being online on CHAT, a visitor made an enquiry via EMAIL regarding Car Database
Beside answering his questions, I also added:

Do my chat popped up in your lower-right corner? You are not the first one who seems to ignore chat pop-up and use email to contact me. No problem to email me, but I am curious why most ignore the chat that would help you to get FASTER answer…

His reply:
I did not click chat because it looks a bit like commercial or spam so I was careful.

One more reply from me:
What do you mean “commercial or spam” ?? Since I sell stuff I can call it commercial, but SPAM… what?!

Days later, a visitor using the chat said contrary…
[14:58] Visitor: I was searching sth about HDB
[14:59] Visitor: and I found you collect quite a lot of information about that
[14:59] Visitor: and I cannot see any commercial purpose from you .. so I am a bit curious … about YOU 😀
[14:59] Teoalida: I was sure that you were looking for HDB
[14:59] Teoalida: But can I know exact google search?
[15:00] Teoalida: to understand how do you landed in About me page instead of in any page about HDB?
[15:00] Teoalida: Commercial purpose? what do you mean?
[15:01] Teoalida: someone emailed me saying that I looks commercial
[15:02] Visitor: the first page I landed is “HDB history”
We talked for 15 min and he went away without explaining what did mean with commercial…

I am confused! What does mean commercial? I am commercial or not?


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