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How to cite information from my website

I get often questions like “who wrote this?”, “who is the author?”, “when did you published website?” or “how to cite this website?” probably from students who use my articles for their school paper.


This is one-man website, some people don’t realize that Teoalida is not just a random website name but also a PERSON name. So you can cite “source: (name of cited page) + Teoalida’s Website“, or just Teoalida.

Publication date

When someone asked me when I published website, in early years I was answering 2009 without knowing scope of question: they were citing information, which in most cases is newer than the initial date of page publication.

It would be more logical to indicate today date, last update date, or date of the particular information you are citing, instead of date when website or page was first published.

I created my first website in April 2009: (free hosting) and expanded it to 50 pages by 2012. I registered domain name in 2011 and in August 2012 I recreated website using WordPress platform on paid hosting on domain. By today, the website grew to few hundreds pages. Artwork from Childhood contains drawings made by me at 6 years old (1995).

Teoalida Website statistics – Excel table showing the date of first publication for most important posts / articles, as well as article size in KB to track the evolution of my website.

Dear Philip Ho, why were you so concerned that the date each article is missing and can be estimated only if there are comments?

By default, WordPress show “date posted” for each article but I hide it to prevent misleading readers. Date posted does not have any sense now, because:

  • I manipulated post dates for purpose of showing at top of homepage the most important posts, instead of newest posts.
  • Unlike news websites where new articles are posted daily and never edited later, personally I have few dozens posts that I am constantly expanding / updating with new information. When a post become too long, I split it into multiple posts.
  • Anyone finding outdated information can ping me with a message and I will update whenever possible.

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