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How to cite information from my website

I get often questions like “who wrote this?”, “who is the author?”, “when did you published website?” or “how to cite this website?” probably from students who use my articles for their school paper.


This is one-man website, some people don’t realize that Teoalida is not just a random website name but also a PERSON name. So you can cite “source: (name of cited page) + Teoalida’s Website“, or just Teoalida.

Publication date:

When someone asked me when I published website, in early years I was answering 2009 without knowing scope of being asked. If you cite specific information from a specific article, you want publication date of that particular information and NOT of article or of whole website.

This is difficult: unlike news websites where new articles are published daily and never edited after being published, personally I have few dozens articles that I am constantly updating with new information, and break an article into multiple articles when it grow too much. BTW, report me if you find outdated information, so I can update it.

Also, I manipulated article dates in WordPress dashboard so website display articles in the order by importance rather than publication date, consequently I had to hide “date posted” to prevent misleading readers. shows date of first publication for the main pages.

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