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Map of HDB blocks by height

Click each dot on map to view year built, number of floors, number of units, upgrading programmes, typical floor plans, chances to get SERS, etc. Use a computer (not phone) for best experience. Open map on full screen.

HDB block color legend

Red (1015): 1-5 floors.
Orange (936): 6-10 floors.
Yellow (3806): 11-13 floors.
Light yellow (2528): 14-16 floors.
Light green (1285): 17-20 floors.
Green (674): 21-25 floors.
Cyan (255): 26-30 floors.
Light blue (151): 31-40 floors.
Blue (38): 41-50 floors.
White (177): unknown (lack of Google Street view to count floors)

This map is an alternative to the map of HDB blocks colored by construction year, which is one of most popular projects I made on this website.

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