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If you need a little help how to create, improve or optimize a website, feel free to contact me!
If you need someone to create a website from scratch and maintain it full-time in your place, then I am NOT the right person.

I am writing this page in 2013 because some people attempted to hire me to design websites for them… this being quite surprising because previously (until I wrote this page) I DID NOT stated anywhere that I am webdesigner or that I offer webdesign services. Probably they confused graphic design (AutoCAD, architecture, mechanical, technical drawings, etc) with webdesign.

But yes, I can offer web development services too. I am skilled in HTML and CSS, I have high experience in SEO too, earned in 4 years of running this website, 90% of people do not even know these basic stuff, so I would like to help people of anyone need help in this field. Please note that do not know PHP yet, so I may not be able to make custom CMS or other complex websites.

I cannot claim myself a professional web designer… but I made MY website without any professional help, the only external help being the ideas submitted by visitors. I partially participated in websites of other people, by adding content, optimizing, submitting to directories, etc.

Making a website for someone else FROM SCRATCH is difficult especially if you do not give me enough details. In some cases may be better to start yourself the website then contact me to improve its design, do SEO and other kind of promoting.

I also offer:
Article writing (in the domains of my interest), I am a good english writer, able to make original and SEO-friendly articles, optimal keyword density without annoying the reader, read my website to be convinced. No part of my website articles were been copied from anywhere else.
Translator: genuine translations without Google Translator!
Plus a lot of other small services that do not come in my mind at this moment.
Just ask me and I will tell you if I can!

Web design procedure

Try avoiding the companies who spam our emails offering WordPress website development for several hundred dollars, eCommerce website with Paypal integration for several thousand dollars, etc. They just want to get rich and scam the newbies, steal your money and provide what you can do yourself at much cheaper price.

You can have your own WordPress website for FREE on, or if you want more flexibility, download the platform from and install on (free hosting with PHP support), or on a paid hosting for safety (hosting plans starts at about $5 per month). A .com domain name is only $10 per year. There are few eCommerce plugins for WordPress, that may transform your website into a web store, for FREE. So why would you pay several hundred dollars?

I wonder what these Webdesign & SEO companies are actually doing for the large sums of money they are charging. Do they include cost of hosting? Do they write articles in your places? Do they customize WordPress less or more? But do YOU really need a customized, unique, non-standard website? In case you want to make a large online store such as Amazon, yes in that case you may need to hire a dedicated web development company.

If I will design a website for someone else than myself, I will breakdown the costs… so you will be able to choose exactly how much service do you want from me and how much to do yourself. Example:

  • I invite you to choose between free hosting and paid hosting, you pay for hosting and give me password.
  • $20 for assistance to install and setup a blank website (if you want to add content yourself)
  • $10 for each page/article you want me to write (but I am afraid that I do not have imagination to write articles outside of architecture, real estate, and gaming fields, maybe is better to let you writing articles)
  • $5 for each image retouching if needed.
  • Some more $ for theme customization.
  • And so on…

After serving few customers, to make sure I am able to design websites, I will decide the prices for future customers, probably higher.

SEO procedure

  • I do not guarantee putting your website on 1st page of Google. This is a phrase used by scammers. No SERIOUS person can guarantee this. In some fields with low competition you can be #1 in Google with minimum of effort, in other fields is impossible a new website to beat the competitors.
  • I do not guarantee 2x, 5x, 10x times increase of traffic. This depends from case to case. If you made a new website without most basic knowledge of SEO, and it gets 10 daily visitors, I may help you to get 50 daily visitors (500% increase), but if your website is already optimal and gets 1000 daily visitors, would be very difficult to get even 10% increase.
  • I focus on On-Page SEO, I do not offer link building services, although this may offer a major increase of traffic on short term, it violates Google guidelines and if done at certain extent, on long term your website will be dropped from search results, BEWARE! Also, emailing other websites asking for link exchange is time-costly job if done manually, major SEO companies have tools that automatically discover email addresses and send bulk mail (and people will report you as SPAM then your email will no longer reach Inbox, when I tried to do for my website I had to email 10 people to receive 1 reply).
  • Do not make 1-page website then ask me to put on 1st page of Google. Write 5 pages of at least few hundreds words then I see what I can do in terms of SEO.
  • If you have time and want to do SEO yourself with my advices, no problem! Unlike dedicated SEO companies who do not disclose their strategy and wants to let your website in their hands, personally I give FREE SEO advices that you can do yourself!

Do you want to see my SEO skills? Search the following keywords on Google

While some companies offer SEO packages for 10, 20, 50 keywords, and spam other websites for backlinks, my website does have few hundred combinations of 2-3 keywords for which it appears on 1st page of Google, I managed to do this myself without paying any kind of SEO services and without spamming for backlinks. Here are the keywords which bring most traffic (as 2015):

HDB floor plan
floor plan + name of a street from Singapore
3-room / 4-room / 5-room + name of a street from Singapore
List of HDB BTO
BTO list
List of EC
Executive Condominium Singapore
Will HDB prices drop?
Will prices drop in 2016 Singapore?

Hong Kong floor plans

Architecture & Design pages
3-room / 4-bedroom house design
60 / 80 / 100 sqm house design
Malaysia house design
Philippines house design
40 sqm house plan Philippines
house plan 6 meter frontage
narrow house plans

Car Database pages
car database
car models list
vehicle list excel
list of cars csv
car specs excel


  1. Thanks for the good articles. I went through your blog and I think you have putting quite a lot of effort in creating these. Quite impressive with your SEO skills. Thumbs UP!

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