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List of BTO projects, brochures and flat prices

For best viewing of table use phone in landscape, or a computer. Additional details (flat types and selling prices) are available in Excel format for download and can be visualized on map too.

Build-To-Order was introduced in April 2001, currently BTO sale launches are in February, May, August, November, in which you have a week to apply for a BTO flat. BTO locations (towns) are announced 6 months in advance. Exact launch day, BTO name, 3D render, number of flats, prices and floor plans are not known in advance until the day of launch. Download-able PDF brochures are published 1 month after launch.

Upcoming launch December 2023: Bedok, Bishan, Bukit Merah, Bukit Panjang, Jurong West, Queenstown, Woodlands; (subject to change, source:

Town nameBTO name . . . . . .Launch
date (note)
of units
Choa Chu KangRail Green I & II @ CCK04 Oct 2023  1895  
TengahPlantation Edge I & II04 Oct 20231010
Kallang Whampoa Rajah Residences04 Oct 2023  739  
Kallang WhampoaTenteram Vantage04 Oct 20231040
Kallang Whampoa Verandah @ Kallang04 Oct 2023  1143  
QueenstownTanglin Halt Cascadia04 Oct 2023973
BedokBedok South Blossoms30 May 20233Q 20271640 Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaFarrer Park Arena (PLH)30 May 20234Q 2027569 Brochure 
SerangoonSerangoon North Vista30 May 20233Q 2027330 Brochure 
TengahParc Meadow @ Tengah30 May 20231Q 2027 – 2Q 20271985 Brochure 
TengahPlantation Verge30 May 20233Q 2027971 Brochure 
TengahBrickland Weave28 Feb 20234Q 20271641Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaFarrer Park Fields (PLH)28 Feb 20232Q 20281274Brochure 
Jurong WestJurong West Crystal28 Feb 20233Q 2027271Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaRajah Summit28 Feb 20232Q 2028510Brochure 
QueenstownUlu Pandan Glades (PLH)28 Feb 20232Q 2029732Brochure 
YishunAranda Breeze @ Yishun23 Nov 20222Q 2028699Brochure 
TengahGarden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah23 Nov 20221Q 20272077Brochure 
QueenstownGhim Moh Natura (PLH)23 Nov 20221Q 2028991Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaKallang Horizon (PLH)23 Nov 20221Q 2028477Brochure 
YishunMiltonia Breeze @ Yishun23 Nov 20222Q 20291334Brochure 
QueenstownQueensway Canopy23 Nov 20224Q 2028751Brochure 
QueenstownUlu Pandan Banks (PLH)23 Nov 20223Q 20291330Brochure 
YishunVanda Breeze @ Yishun23 Nov 20222Q 2029961Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Glades @ Bukit Batok23 Nov 20221Q 2028790Brochure 
Bukit MerahAlexandra Vale (PLH)30 Aug 20222Q 2028782Brochure 
Ang Mo KioCentral Weave @ AMK30 Aug 20222Q 2028896Brochure 
Bukit MerahHavelock Hillside (PLH)30 Aug 20224Q 2028869Brochure 
Jurong EastJurong East Breeze30 Aug 20222Q 2028562Brochure 
Choa Chu KangKeat Hong Grange30 Aug 20224Q 2026987Brochure 
TampinesSun Plaza Spring30 Aug 20222Q 2026267Brochure 
WoodlandsWoodlands South Plains30 Aug 20221Q 2027630Brochure 
Bukit MerahBukit Merah Ridge (PLH)27 May 20221Q 20281669Brochure 
QueenstownGhim Moh Ascent (PLH)27 May 20221Q 2028867Brochure 
Toa PayohKim Keat Heights27 May 20223Q 2027385Brochure 
Jurong WestLakeside View27 May 20224Q 20261016Brochure 
YishunYishun Beacon27 May 20222Q 2026646Brochure 
GeylangDakota Crest17 Feb 20224Q 2027443Brochure 
YishunGrove Spring @ Yishun17 Feb 20224Q 2024987Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaKing George’s Heights (PLH)17 Feb 20223Q 2027398Brochure 
TengahParc Flora @ Tengah17 Feb 20223Q 2025560Brochure 
TengahPlantation Creek17 Feb 20222Q 2026713Brochure 
YishunYishun Boardwalk17 Feb 20222Q 2025852Brochure 
Choa Chu KangHeart of Yew Tee17 Nov 20213Q 202668Brochure 
HougangHougang Olive17 Nov 20211Q 2025390Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaKent Heights17 Nov 20214Q 2026430Brochure 
Jurong WestNanyang Opal17 Nov 20214Q 2025221Brochure 
TengahParc Clover @ Tengah17 Nov 20214Q 20241124Brochure 
TengahParc Glen @ Tengah17 Nov 20214Q 20241008Brochure 
CentralRiver Peaks I & II (PLH)17 Nov 20212Q 2028960Brochure 
HougangTanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang17 Nov 20212Q 2026300Brochure 
HougangHougang Citrine11 Aug 20211Q 2025749Brochure 
HougangKovan Wellspring11 Aug 20213Q 2026586Brochure 
QueenstownQueen’s Arc11 Aug 20213Q 2027610Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenJade11 Aug 20213Q 2025546Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenQuartz11 Aug 20212Q 20261613Brochure 
Jurong EastToh Guan Grove11 Aug 20211Q 2026569Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaTowner Residences11 Aug 20214Q 2026316Brochure 
TengahGarden Bloom @ Tengah25 May 20213Q 2025782Brochure 
GeylangMacPherson Weave25 May 20211Q 20261382Brochure 
Bukit MerahTelok Blangah Beacon25 May 20211Q 2027175Brochure 
WoodlandsWoodgrove Ascent25 May 20213Q 20251540Brochure 
BidadariAlkaff Breeze04 Feb 20212Q 2024353Brochure 
BidadariBartley GreenRise04 Feb 20212Q 2025387Brochure 
Bukit BatokHarmony Village @ Bukit Batok04 Feb 20212Q 2024169  
Kallang WhampoaMcNair Heights04 Feb 20212Q 2026626Brochure 
TengahParc Woods @ Tengah04 Feb 20211Q 2025767Brochure 
BidadariParkEdge @ Bidadari04 Feb 20211Q 2025476Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Hill @ Bukit Batok04 Feb 20212Q 2026962Brochure 
SembawangSun Sails17 Nov 20202Q 2025726Brochure 
TengahGarden Court @ Tengah17 Nov 20201Q 2024790Brochure 
TengahGarden Terrace @ Tengah17 Nov 20201Q 2024789Brochure 
BishanBishan Ridges17 Nov 20202Q 20261502Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenEmerald17 Nov 20201Q 2025750Brochure 
Toa PayohBartley Beacon17 Nov 20202Q 2025880Brochure 
Toa PayohParkView @ Bidadari17 Nov 20201Q 2025358Brochure 
Choa Chu KangKeat Hong Verge12 Aug 20201Q 2023571Brochure 
TengahParc Residences @ Tengah12 Aug 20202Q 2025 – 3Q 20251044Brochure 
WoodlandsChampions Bliss12 Aug 20203Q 2024349Brochure 
WoodlandsUrbanVille @ Woodlands12 Aug 20202Q 20261785Brochure 
Ang Mo KioKebun Baru Edge12 Aug 20201Q 2025380Brochure 
BishanBishan Towers12 Aug 20202Q 2025472Brochure 
GeylangDakota One12 Aug 20202Q 2025421Brochure 
Pasir RisCosta Grove12 Aug 20204Q 20251070Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenCrest12 Aug 20204Q 2023346Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenGlade12 Aug 20203Q 2023354Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenOpal12 Aug 20202Q 20251070Brochure 
SembawangCanberra Vista11 Feb 20202Q 2024 – 3Q 20241467Brochure 
Toa PayohKim Keat Ripples11 Feb 20202Q 2024708Brochure 
Toa PayohToa Payoh Ridge11 Feb 20201Q 2025920Brochure 
TengahGarden Vines @ Tengah12 Nov 20192Q 2023 – 3Q 2023900Brochure 
TengahPlantation Grange12 Nov 20193Q 2022 – 4Q 20221140Brochure 
TengahPlantation Village12 Nov 20194Q 2022 – 1Q 20231420Brochure 
Ang Mo KioYio Chu Kang Beacon12 Nov 20194Q 2023454Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenSpring12 Nov 20194Q 2022 – 1Q 2023657Brochure 
PunggolPunggol Point Cove11 Sep 20194Q 2023 – 1Q 20241179Brochure 
PunggolPunggol Point Crown11 Sep 20193Q 2023 – 4Q 20231545Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenGlen11 Sep 20191Q 2023 – 2Q 2023649Brochure 
TengahGarden Vale @ Tengah22 May 20192Q 2023 – 3Q 2023987Brochure 
TengahPlantation Acres22 May 20193Q 2022 – 4Q 20221193Brochure 
WoodlandsChampions Green22 May 20193Q 2023 – 4Q 2023722Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaKempas Residences22 May 20192Q 2024 – 3Q 2024583Brochure 
Jurong WestBoon Lay Glade12 Feb 20193Q 2022775Brochure 
Jurong WestJurong West Jewel12 Feb 20192Q 2022599Brochure 
SengkangFernvale Vines12 Feb 20194Q 2022 – 1Q 2023933Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaKallang Breeze12 Feb 20193Q 2022411Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaTowner Crest12 Feb 20193Q 2023444Brochure 
SembawangEastGlen @ Canberra13 Nov 20184Q 2020310Brochure 
SengkangFernvale Acres13 Nov 20181Q 2021330Brochure 
TengahPlantation Grove13 Nov 20182Q 2023 – 3Q 20231620Brochure 
YishunMelody Spring @ Yishun13 Nov 20184Q 2020456Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenGem13 Nov 20181Q 2023 – 2Q 20231086Brochure 
PunggolPunggol Point Cove28 Aug 20181Q 2023 – 2Q 20231172Brochure 
PunggolPunggol Point Woods28 Aug 20181Q 2023 – 2Q 2023940Brochure 
YishunMelody Spring @ Yishun28 Aug 20184Q 2021570Brochure 
YishunYishun Glen28 Aug 20184Q 2021 – 2Q 20221693Brochure 
SengkangFernvale Dew22 May 20181Q 2022 – 2Q 20221188Brochure 
YishunCasa Spring @ Yishun22 May 20183Q 2021 – 4Q 2021969Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenVines22 May 20181Q 2022 – 2Q 20221271Brochure 
Toa PayohKim Keat Beacon22 May 20182Q 2022 – 3Q 2022542Brochure 
Choa Chu KangTeck Whye View06 Feb 20182Q 2022574Brochure 
WoodlandsWoodlands Glade06 Feb 20184Q 2021629Brochure 
GeylangUbi Grove06 Feb 20184Q 2021 – 1Q 20221193Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenDew06 Feb 20183Q 2021726Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenFoliage06 Feb 20183Q 2021542Brochure 
PunggolNorthshore Edge14 Nov 20174Q 2021388Brochure 
SengkangAnchorvale Village14 Nov 20171Q 2022207Brochure 
SengkangFernvale Glades14 Nov 20172Q 2021 – 3Q 20211300Brochure 
GeylangEunos Court14 Nov 20172Q 2022742Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenCourt14 Nov 20174Q 2021 – 2Q 20222192Brochure 
Bukit BatokSky Vista @ Bukit Batok01 Aug 20171Q 2022257Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Scape @ Bukit Batok01 Aug 20173Q 2021 – 4Q 20211140Brochure 
SengkangRivervale Shores01 Aug 20172Q 2022 – 3Q 20222500Brochure 
WoodlandsMarsiling Grove18 May 20171Q 20221246Brochure 
WoodlandsWoodlands Spring18 May 20174Q 2020172Brochure 
YishunForest Spring @ Yishun18 May 20172Q 2021 – 3Q 2021756Brochure 
BidadariWoodleigh Hillside18 May 20171Q 2022 – 2Q 20221355Brochure 
GeylangDakota Breeze18 May 20172Q 2021954Brochure 
GeylangPine Vista18 May 20174Q 2020319Brochure 
PunggolNorthshore Cove14 Feb 20173Q 2021801Brochure 
PunggolWaterway Sunrise II14 Feb 20171Q 2021 – 2Q 20211014Brochure 
ClementiClementi NorthArc14 Feb 20171Q 2022 – 2Q 20221179Brochure 
ClementiClementi Peaks14 Feb 20172Q 2022424Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenBloom14 Feb 20173Q 2020319Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenFlora14 Feb 20173Q 2020319Brochure 
PunggolMatilda Sundeck22 Nov 20163Q 2020490Brochure 
PunggolNorthshore Trio22 Nov 20163Q 2021409Brochure 
PunggolWaterway Sunrise I22 Nov 20164Q 2020 – 1Q 20211295Brochure 
BedokBedok Beacon22 Nov 20162Q 2021500Brochure 
BedokBedok North Vale22 Nov 20162Q 2020215Brochure 
BedokBedok South Horizon22 Nov 20164Q 2020 – 1Q 2021940Brochure 
BidadariWoodleigh Glen22 Nov 20162Q 2021688Brochure 
BidadariWoodleigh Village22 Nov 20163Q 2021330Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaKallang Residences22 Nov 20164Q 2021243Brochure 
HougangBuangkok Woods17 Aug 20164Q 2019711Brochure 
SembawangEastDelta @ Canberra17 Aug 20163Q 2019 – 4Q 2019570Brochure 
YishunValley Spring @ Yishun17 Aug 20164Q 2019 – 1Q 2020824Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenView17 Aug 20163Q 2019 – 4Q 2019714Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenVerge17 Aug 20163Q 2020 – 1Q 20212022Brochure 
Bukit PanjangSenja Heights24 May 20163Q 2021552Brochure 
Bukit PanjangSenja Ridges24 May 20162Q 2021230Brochure 
Bukit PanjangSenja Valley24 May 20164Q 2021789Brochure 
SembawangEastCreek @ Canberra24 May 20164Q 20191252Brochure 
Ang Mo KioAng Mo Kio Court24 May 20163Q 2020590Brochure 
BedokBedok North Woods24 May 20162Q 2020357Brochure 
BidadariAlkaff Oasis24 Feb 20164Q 20201594Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Plains @ Bukit Batok24 Feb 20162Q 20201655Brochure 
SengkangAnchorvale Plains24 Feb 20161Q 2020921Brochure 
BidadariAlkaff CourtView17 Nov 20152Q 20201258Brochure 
BidadariAlkaff LakeView17 Nov 20154Q 2019531Brochure 
BidadariAlkaff Vista17 Nov 20153Q 2019350Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Quarry @ Bukit Batok17 Nov 20152Q 2019636Brochure 
Choa Chu KangTeck Whye Vista17 Nov 20152Q 2020126Brochure 
HougangHougang RiverCourt17 Nov 20153Q 2020285Brochure 
PunggolWaterfront I @ Northshore17 Nov 20154Q 2020791Brochure 
PunggolWaterfront II @ Northshore17 Nov 20154Q 2020903Brochure 
PunggolNorthshore StraitsView17 Nov 20153Q 20201021Brochure 
SengkangFernvale Woods17 Nov 20153Q 20191160Brochure 
ClementiClementi Crest27 May 20152Q 2020385Brochure 
PunggolNorthshore Residences I27 May 20152Q 2020588Brochure 
PunggolNorthshore Residences II27 May 20152Q 2020814Brochure 
SembawangEastLink I @ Canberra27 May 20153Q 2019600Brochure 
SembawangEastLink II @ Canberra27 May 20152Q 2019441Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenWeave27 May 20153Q 20191216Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Edge @ Bukit Batok11 Feb 20151Q 20191594Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Rock @ Bukit Batok11 Feb 20153Q 2018448Brochure 
HougangBuangkok Parkvista11 Feb 20154Q 2018485Brochure 
HougangBuangkok Tropica11 Feb 20153Q 2018718Brochure 
GeylangMacPherson Spring11 Feb 20152Q 2019750Brochure 
SembawangSun Breeze25 Nov 20141Q 2018700Brochure 
SengkangAnchorvale Fields25 Nov 20142Q 2018511Brochure 
YishunBlossom Spring @ Yishun25 Nov 20143Q 2018650Brochure 
YishunMeadow Spring @ Yishun25 Nov 20144Q 2018469Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenEdge25 Nov 20144Q 2017451Brochure 
TampinesTampines GreenRidges25 Nov 20141Q 20191496Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Terra & Bukit Batok24 Sep 20141Q 20181793Brochure 
HougangBuangkok Edgeview24 Sep 20144Q 2017467Brochure 
HougangBuangkok Square24 Sep 20142Q 2018725Brochure 
Jurong WestYung Ho Spring I24 Sep 20142Q 2018641Brochure 
Jurong WestYung Ho Spring II24 Sep 20142Q 2018266Brochure 
Kallang WhampoaSt. George’s Towers24 Sep 20141Q 2019738Brochure 
PunggolMatilda Court19 Jul 20144Q 20171162Brochure 
PunggolWaterway Sunray19 Jul 20144Q 2017582Brochure 
SembawangSun Natura19 Jul 20142Q 2018848Brochure 
Toa PayohToa Payoh Apex19 Jul 20144Q 2018557Brochure 
WoodlandsKampung Admiralty19 Jul 20143Q 2017104Brochure 
YishunPark Grove @ Yishun19 Jul 20143Q 2017588Brochure 
Bukit BatokWest Crest @ Bukit Batok22 May 20144Q 2017495BrochureInfo Plans
Bukit BatokWest Valley @ Bukit Batok22 May 20141Q 2018924BrochureInfo Plans
WoodlandsAdmiralty Flora22 May 20142Q 2017402BrochureInfo Plans
WoodlandsMarsiling Greenview22 May 20143Q 20181304BrochureInfo Plans
SembawangEastCrown @ Canberra26 Mar 20143Q 20171220BrochureInfo Plans
SembawangEastLace @ Camberra26 Mar 20142Q 2017480BrochureInfo Plans
SengkangAnchorvale Parkview26 Mar 20141Q 2017503BrochureInfo Plans
YishunFern Grove @ Yishun26 Mar 20144Q 20171294BrochureInfo Plans
Bukit BatokBukit Gombak Vista22 Jan 20144Q 2017286BrochureInfo Plans
Jurong WestGolden Lavender22 Jan 20143Q 2017149BrochureInfo Plans
PunggolPunggol Bayview22 Jan 20141Q 2018 – 4Q 20181096BrochureInfo Plans
PunggolPunggol Vue22 Jan 20144Q 2017570BrochureInfo Plans
WoodlandsWoodlands Glen22 Jan 20142Q 2017888BrochureInfo Plans
SerangoonGolden Ginger22 Jan 20143Q 2017150BrochureInfo Plans
WoodlandsAdmiralty Grove26 Nov 20133Q 2017993BrochureInfo Plans
Jurong WestBoon Lay View26 Nov 20132Q 2017810BrochureInfo Plans
Jurong WestYung Kuang Court26 Nov 20133Q 2017528BrochureInfo Plans
SembawangEastLawn @ Canberra26 Nov 20132Q 2017337BrochureInfo Plans
HougangHougang Meadow26 Nov 20131Q 2017732BrochureInfo Plans
Bukit BatokWest Ridges @ Bukit Batok26 Nov 20131Q 20181578BrochureInfo Plans
PunggolMatilda Edge26 Sep 20134Q 20171330BrochureInfo Plans
PunggolThe Verandah @ Matilda26 Sep 20131Q 2017481BrochureInfo Plans
PunggolWaterway View26 Sep 20133Q 20171057BrochureInfo Plans
YishunKhatib Court26 Sep 20132Q 2017310BrochureInfo Plans
YishunPalm Breeze @ Yishun26 Sep 20134Q 2016546BrochureInfo Plans
YishunSaraca Breeze @ Yishun26 Sep 20131Q 2017516BrochureInfo Plans
YishunAngsana Breeze @ Yishun30 Jul 20131Q 2017958BrochureInfo Plans
YishunVine Grove @ Yishun30 Jul 20134Q 2016696BrochureInfo Plans
SengkangFernvale Riverwalk30 Jul 20132Q 2017727BrochureInfo
Bukit MerahTelok Blangah ParcView30 Jul 20134Q 20171480BrochureInfo Plans
SembawangEastBank @ Canberra30 May 20134Q 2016372BrochureInfo Plans
SembawangEastBrook @ Canberra30 May 20132Q 20171030BrochureInfo Plans
SembawangEastWave @ Canberra30 May 20132Q 2017714BrochureInfo Plans
HougangGolden Mint30 May 20134Q 2016292BrochureInfo Plans
HougangHougang Crimson30 May 20134Q 2016314BrochureInfo Plans
Choa Chu KangKeat Hong Crest30 May 20131Q 2017682BrochureInfo Plans
JurongSpring Haven @ Jurong30 May 20131Q 2017478BrochureInfo Plans
WoodlandsWoodlands Pasture I30 May 20132Q 20171018BrochureInfo Plans
WoodlandsWoodlands Pasture II30 May 20132Q 20171018BrochureInfo Plans
SengkangCompassvale Cape21 Mar 20134Q 20161392 Info Plans
SengkangCompassvale Helm21 Mar 20134Q 2016598 Info Plans
PunggolMatilda Portico21 Mar 20132Q 2016470 Info Plans
Bukit BatokSkyPeak @ Bukit Batok21 Mar 20134Q 20171430 Info Plans
HougangHougang ParkEdge29 Jan 20132Q 2016578BrochureInfo Plans
Choa Chu KangKeat Hong Colours29 Jan 20134Q 2016968BrochureInfo Plans
YishunOleander Breeze @ Yishun29 Jan 20133Q 2016688BrochureInfo Plans
Ang Mo KioKebun Baru Court29 Jan 20132Q 2017283BrochureInfo Plans
TampinesTampines GreenForest29 Jan 20132Q 2016424BrochureInfo Plans
Kallang WhampoaWhampoa Dew29 Jan 20132Q 2017405BrochureInfo Plans
Choa Chu KangKeat Kong Mirage21 Nov 20123Q 20161159BrochureInfo Plans
SengkangCompassvale Mast21 Nov 20122Q 2016928BrochureInfo Plans
SengkangRivervale Delta21 Nov 20122Q 2016884BrochureInfo Plans
BedokFengshan GreenVille21 Nov 20124Q 2017 – 4Q 20181058BrochureInfo Plans
QueenstownGhim Moh Edge21 Nov 20122Q 20171179BrochureInfo Plans
Toa PayohJoo Seng Green21 Nov 20121Q 2016248BrochureInfo Plans
Toa PayohToa Payoh Crest21 Nov 20123Q 20171007BrochureInfo Plans
Choa Chu KangKeat Hong Quad27 Sep 20121Q 2016524 Info Plans
WoodlandsTreeTrail @ Woodlands27 Sep 20122Q 2016652 Info Plans
WoodlandsGolden Saffron27 Sep 20122Q 2015128  
Ang Mo KioCheng San Court27 Sep 20121Q 2018712 Info Plans
Ang Mo KioTeck Ghee Parkview27 Sep 20121Q 2017576 Info Plans
TampinesTampines Greenlace27 Sep 20121Q 2016380 Info Plans
Kallang WhampoaTenteram Peak27 Sep 20124Q 2016755 Info Plans
Choa Chu KangKeat Hong Axis31 Jul 20121Q 20161130 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Opal31 Jul 20124Q 2015526 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Cascadia31 Jul 20123Q 20161009 Info Plans
ClementiClementi Gateway31 Jul 20123Q 2016278 Info Plans
Bukit MerahDepot Heights31 Jul 20123Q 2016418 Info Plans
Bukit MerahTelok Blangah Ridgeview31 Jul 20121Q 2016492 Info Plans
GeylangGreentops @ Sims Place31 Jul 20124Q 2015338 Info Plans
SengkangCompassvale Boardwalk30 May 20124Q 2015474 Info Plans
Choa Chu KangKeat Hong Pride30 May 20122Q 20161143 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Edge30 May 20122Q 2016688 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway SunDew30 May 20122Q 2016837 Info Plans
Kallang WhampoaBendemeer Light30 May 20124Q 2016624 Info Plans
Kallang WhampoaMcNair Towers30 May 20124Q 2016861 Info Plans
Bukit BatokSkyline I @ Bukit Batok28 Mar 20122Q 2016488 Info Plans
Bukit BatokSkyline II @ Bukit Batok28 Mar 20121Q 2017744 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangFajar Hills28 Mar 20124Q 2015862 Info Plans
ClementiClementi Ridges28 Mar 20123Q 2016684 Info Plans
GeylangMacPherson Residency28 Mar 20124Q 2015637 Info Plans
BedokPing Yi Greens28 Mar 20124Q 2015418 Info Plans
Bukit TimahGolden Kismis28 Mar 20123Q 2015132 Info Plans
Toa PayohGolden Clover28 Mar 20123Q 2015188 Info Plans
Choa Chu KangSunshine Gardens12 Jan 20122Q 20151528 Info Plans
SengkangFernvale Lea12 Jan 20123Q 20151150 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Sunbeam12 Jan 20122Q 2015661 Info Plans
TampinesTampines GreenTerrace12 Jan 20123Q 2014295 Info Plans
TampinesTampines Alcoves12 Jan 20123Q 2014289 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Ridges24 Nov 20112Q 2015832 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Banks24 Nov 20112Q 20141016 Info Plans
HougangHougang Capeview24 Nov 20111Q 2015781 Info Plans
HougangHougang DewCourt24 Nov 20111Q 2015379 Info Plans
YishunAcacia Breeze24 Nov 20111Q 2015834 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangFajar Spring24 Nov 20114Q 2014264 Info Plans
BedokGolden Cassia24 Nov 20114Q 2014129 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Woodcress22 Sep 20111Q 2015694 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Brooks22 Sep 20113Q 20151312 Info Plans
SengkangAnchorvale Harvest22 Sep 20113Q 2014717 Info Plans
SengkangFernvale Rivergrove22 Sep 20113Q 20151728 Info Plans
Ang Mo KioYio Chu Kang Vista22 Sep 20114Q 2014256 Info Plans
Jurong EastTeban View22 Sep 20114Q 2015518 Info Plans
Jurong WestGolden Peony22 Sep 20113Q 2014190 Info Plans
YishunYishun Natura14 Jul 20114Q 2014364 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangSegar Meadows14 Jul 20113Q 2014300 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangSegar Palmview14 Jul 20114Q 2014682 Info Plans
SengkangAnchorvale Isles14 Jul 20112Q 2014675 Info Plans
SengkangFernvale Riverbow14 Jul 20114Q 20141154 Info Plans
TampinesGolden Carnation14 Jul 20111Q 2014149 Info Plans
Jurong WestGolden Orchid14 Jul 20112Q 2014232 Info Plans
Pasir RisCosta Ris27 May 20113Q 20141386 Info Plans
Pasir RisGolden Lily27 May 20114Q 2013185 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Parcvista27 May 20112Q 2014682 Info Plans
TampinesTampines GreenLeaf27 May 20113Q 2014960 Info Plans
TampinesTampines GreenWood27 May 20112Q 2014522 Info Plans
WoodlandsWoodlands Peak27 May 20113Q 2015222 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Terraces II25 Apr 20112Q 2015804 Info Plans
SengkangAnchorvale Cove25 Apr 20114Q 20141011 Info Plans
HougangHougang Parkview25 Apr 20112Q 2014792 Info Plans
SembawangMontreal Ville25 Apr 20111Q 2014578 Info Plans
Jurong WestBoon Lay Fields24 Mar 20111Q 2014491 Info Plans
SengkangCompassvale Ancilla24 Mar 20113Q 20141038 Info Plans
SengkangFernvale Flora28 Feb 20112Q 2014521 Info Plans
SengkangFernvale Gardens28 Feb 20112Q 2014382 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangSegar Vale28 Feb 20112Q 2014690 Info Plans
Bukit BatokGolden Daisy25 Jan 20111Q 2014180 Info Plans
YishunOrchid Spring @ Yishun25 Jan 20114Q 2014948 Info Plans
YishunVista Spring @ Yishun25 Jan 20113Q 2014696 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Topaz22 Dec 20102Q 20151010 Info Plans
YishunYishun Greenwalk18 Nov 20103Q 20141176 Info Plans
SengkangAnchorvale Horizon26 Oct 20101Q 2014745 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangSenja Parc View26 Oct 20104Q 2014577 Info Plans
WoodlandsWoodlands Dew21 Sep 20102Q 2014789 Info Plans
WoodlandsWoodlands Meadow21 Sep 20102Q 2014540 Info Plans
YishunYishun Riverwalk31 Aug 20104Q 20141408 Info Plans
Jurong WestCorporation Tiara29 Jul 20102Q 2014465 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangSenja Gateway29 Jul 20103Q 2014741 Info Plans
PunggolWaterway Terraces30 Jun 20101Q 20151072 Info Plans
SengkangFernvale Foliage30 Jun 20102Q 2014504 Info Plans
SengkangRivervale Arc30 Jun 20101Q 20141120 Info Plans
Jurong WestBoon Lay Grove06 May 20104Q 2013450 Info Plans
YishunFloral Spring06 May 20101Q 2014600 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Emerald20 Apr 20102Q 2014856 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Waves20 Apr 20101Q 2014573 Info Plans
SengkangFernvale Ridge16 Mar 20102Q 2014522 Info Plans
SembawangSembawang Riverlodge16 Mar 20102Q 2014432 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Crest11 Feb 20104Q 2013750 Info Plans
WoodlandsTreegrove11 Feb 20104Q 2014784 Info Plans
HougangBuangkok Vale05 Jan 20101Q 2014699 Info Plans
Choa Chu KangLimbang Green05 Jan 20103Q 2013592 Info Plans
Bukit PanjangSegar Grove15 Dec 2009Dec 2013528 Info Plans
QueenstownSkyTerrace @ Dawson15 Dec 2009Dec 2014758 Info Plans
QueenstownSkyVille @ Dawson15 Dec 2009Dec 2014960 Info Plans
SembawangMontreal Dale15 Dec 2009Dec 2013424 Info Plans
PunggolPunggol Ripples16 Nov 2009Nov 2013472  
PunggolPunggol Sails16 Nov 2009Nov 2013606  
Jurong WestBoon Lay Meadow16 Oct 2009Oct 2013705  
SengkangFernvale Palms16 Oct 2009Oct 2013495  
PunggolPunggol Spectra31 Aug 2009Aug 20131142  
PunggolPunggol Residences30 Jul 2009Jul 2013769  
SengkangFernvale Crest02 Jun 2009Jun 2013700  
PunggolThe Nautilus @ Punggol26 Mar 2009Mar 2013519  
WoodlandsChampions Court25 Feb 2009Feb 2013815  
Choa Chu KangSunshine CourtDec 2008Dec 2012452  
PunggolPunggol RegaliaDec 2008Dec 2011729  
YishunDew Spring18 Dec 2008Dec 2012864  
Bukit PanjangSenja Green26 Aug 2008Aug 2012474  
PunggolPunggol Arcadia13 Nov 2008Nov 2011750  
PunggolPunggol BreezeJun 2008Jun 2012964  
SengkangFernvale ResidenceJun 2008Jun 2011623  
WoodlandsStraits Vista @ MarsilingJun 2008Jun 2012382  
PunggolPunggol SapphireMay 2008May 20121065  
SengkangCompassvale PearlMay 2008May 2010420  
YishunJade Spring 2Mar 2008Mar 2012572  
PunggolPunggol SpringFeb 2008Feb 2012494  
PunggolDamai GroveDec 2007Dec 2011738  
YishunJade Spring 1Dec 2007Dec 2011384  
Bukit PanjangSegar MeadowsNov 2007Nov 2011412  
SengkangCompassvale BeaconNov 2007Nov 2011750  
Bukit MerahTelok Blangah TowersOct 2007Oct 2010400  
PunggolPunggol LodgeOct 2007Oct 2011516  
SengkangCoral SpringSep 2007Sep 2011698  
PunggolPunggol VistaAug 2007Aug 2011628  
PunggolTreelodgeMar 2007Mar 2011712  
SengkangFernvale Vista 2May 2007May 2011678  
SengkangCompassvale ViewNov 2006Nov 2010390  
GeylangSri Geylang SeraiOct 2006Oct 2010447  
BishanGolden JasmineSep 2006Sep 2010176  
SembawangSembawang GreenSep 2006Sep 2010471  
SengkangFernvale Vista 1Jul 2006Jul 2010508  
PunggolCoralinus 2Feb 2006Feb 2010365  
SengkangFernvale CourtSep 2005Sep 2009500  
PunggolCoralinus 1Jun 2005Jun 2009369  
SengkangTivelaMar 2005Mar 2009374  
(relaunched as Damai Grove)
Dec 2004Cancelled734  
SengkangCoral Green
(relaunched as Coral Spring)
Dec 2004Cancelled655  
SengkangFernvale GroveAug 2004Aug 2008508  
SengkangAtrina 1Mar 2004Mar 2008424  
SengkangAtrina 2Mar 2004Mar 2008366  
CentralPinnacle @ DuxtonMay 2004May 20101848  
SengkangAspella 1Dec 2003Dec 2007429  
SengkangAspella 2Dec 2003Dec 2007433  
PunggolThe SundialSep 2003Sep 2007425  
PunggolThe Sundial
(half relaunched as Nautilus)
Sep 2003Cancelled478  
SembawangSpring Lodge
(relaunched as River Lodge)
according Wikipedia (wrong)
Sep 2003Sep 2007432  
SembawangSpring LodgeSep 2003Sep 2007447  
SengkangThe Coris 2Sep 2003Sep 2007448  
PunggolEdgedale GreenDec 2002Dec 2006582  
PunggolThe PeriwinkleDec 2002Dec 2006450  
SengkangThe Coris 1Dec 2002Dec 2006434  
SembawangFlowing GreeneryApr 2001Cancelled410  
SembawangRiver Edge
(built according Wikipedia)
actually it was cancelled
Apr 2001Cancelled447  
SengkangCompassvale ArcadiaApr 2001Apr 2005961  
SengkangRivervale GreenApr 2001Apr 2005776  

Excel database

Download FREE sample:
List HDB projects SAMPLE .xlsx (BTO, DBS, HS, CRC)
List of BTO prices SAMPLE .xls

Buy full database + FREE updates:

Excel table include all HDB projects built after 1991: 185 projects with centralized refuse chute (completed 1991-1998), 181 projects with household shelter (completed 1997-2004 including SERS), 406 BTO projects (launched 2001-present), 13 DBSS projects (launched 2006-2012) 35 SERS projects (launched 2004-present), 10 projects sold exclusively via Sale of Balance Flats.

Basic info: data freely viewable in this page: town, project name, launch date, estimated completion date, total number of units, links to brochures (since 2009).

Flat details: all of the above plus block numbers, contract type (standard / premium flats), number of units breakdown by flat type, selling prices of flats (BTO & DBSS only), also statistics to calculate number of flats launched by year.

For even more details, see HDB Database detailed to block level (1 row per block and 66 columns of data), including all blocks ever built since 1930s, even the demolished ones. See also other databases made by me.

History of BTO flats

The Registration for Flat (queue selling system) was suspended in 2002 due to unsold flats. Walk In Selection introduced in March 2002 allowing people to book unsold flats anytime. It ended in February 2007 and was replaced by balloting exercises named Quarter-Yearly Sale of 2/3-Room flats and Half-Yearly Sale of 4-Room and bigger flats, which in 2010 were combined in Sale of Balance Flats, which sell leftover flats from past BTO and SERS projects, plus old flats repurchased by HDB. Because some flats are completed and you can collect keys immediately after balloting, so many people apply for SBF and in towns with low number of flats 100+ people battle for one flat.

Build-To-Order was introduced in April 2001 to become main supply of HDB flats. Flats are offered for sale before being built. Tender for construction is called only if at least 70% of units have been booked (50% since 2011), otherwise the project is canceled and may be re-launched when will be more demand, with a different name and sometimes different design. The first projects enjoyed low interest, 5 of them being cancelled, but once Walk in Selection ended, BTO projects became oversubscribed, and since 2008 HDB launch 2 BTO projects every month. Since 2015 BTO flats are launched for sale in February, May, August, November. Due to Coronavirus circuit breaker, May 2020 BTO been deferred and on 29 May HDB press release said that will be combined with August BTO.

HDB publish a press release in December each year, announcing supply for next year, based on past year application rates. The supply can be adjusted in mid-year too and it reached a peak of 27,000+ flats in 2012. But since HDB does not forecast demand, there is always a lag between supply and demand, since Walk-in Selection ended in 2007 people who are eligible for new flats but do not accept the 3-4 year waiting time of BTO system, or fail at balloting, go to resale market, consequently resale flat prices doubled from 2007 to 2012 and the prices of new flats grew according to resale prices.

HDB claimed that cleared supply backlog and decided to move to a steady supply, announcing in December 2016 a supply of 17000 BTO flats for year 2017, a dangerous strategy that I was expecting to cause undersupply and another price bubble during 2020s. It also contradict a 2013 report announcing a supply of 700000 new homes by 2030.

Some people thinks that Registration for Flat system was better because everyone was getting a flat based on queue order, not based on luck like at BTO balloting. Registration for Flat had a disadvantage: you did not knew location or time you were getting the keys. BTO show you location and estimated completion date, and the priority schemes give people in urgent need for a home higher chances at balloting so BTO is better was better IF the flat supply matched demand, otherwise BTO is a lottery rather than a reliable housing scheme.

Among people visiting my website and talking with me, some informed me that applied for BTO 5+ times without success, then bought a resale flat, or went directly to resale market (despite of being eligible for BTO) to avoid wasting time in BTO lottery where only 1 of 4.4 first timers and only 1 of 18 second timers win a prize with 4 years delivery time (this is average application rate for BTO launches between Feb 2019 to May 2021).

Since 2018 HDB launched few BTO projects with shorter waiting time (2.5 years) because construction started before sale launch, but in my opinion at least half, if not all BTO must have construction started in advance so the waiting time will be 2 years, to reduce demand for resale flats by turning buyers towards BTO (how many people like waiting 4 years for BTO to be built?). Inevitably some flats will remain unsold, but they can be always re-offered via Sale of Balance Flats during construction or after completion, to people who are in immediate need of a flat.

Possible upcoming / future BTO locations

In 2001-2005 BTO projects were offered only in Punggol, Sembawang and Sengkang (the most recent 3 towns, started after 1997), but over years BTO projects were launched all over island on any available land, including mature towns. Try spotting empty land parcels on Interactive map of HDB blocks (we cannot know how soon a land parcel will be developed as BTO, some parcels end being sold to private developers instead). On same map you can click each block to view launch date, estimated completion date, number of floors, number of units, links to download HDB brochures and typical unit floor plans, etc.

HDB announced on 29 August 2013 the Public Exhibition on New Housing Areas: Bidadari (estate within Toa Payoh town, first BTO early 2015), Tampines North (first BTO late 2014), Punggol Matilda (first BTO Sep 2013). Tengah New Town was announced in 2016 and got first BTO launch in 2018. 3 more areas were announced in 2021: Ulu Pandan, Mount Pleasant, and Keppel Club. Due to high demand for public housing and current towns getting full, new towns like Seletar and Simpang are likely to be announced during 2020s, and the closure of Paya Lebar airbase in 2030s will make space for another HDB town.

BTO flat size

BTO flats follow internal area standards introduced for blocks completed in 2000: Studio and 2-Room comes in 2 sizes (35 / 45 sqm), 3-Room (65 sqm), 4-Room (90 sqm), 5-Room (110 sqm), 3gen (115 sqm), with few exceptions: Pinnacle @ Duxton, SkyVille and SkyTerrace @ Dawson were smaller, Punggol Sapphire, Treelodge and Bayview had bigger 5-room. Total area shown in HDB Resale Transactions include also A/C ledge (2-3 sqm) and balcony (3-4 sqm) where it is present.

Many people asked me if I have a table indicating which BTO have balcony. The Excel prices table does answer: if BTO project have (some) 4-room flats with balcony, it will show 92-95 or 93-96 sqm, if no flat have balcony, it will show 92 or 93 sqm. Same for other flat types.

How to get PDF brochures

In early 2010 I got idea to save BTO brochures from HDB InfoWeb in my computer and later I uploaded them on my website, because we need them and HDB is deleting them once BTO is completed.

HDB provided downloadable PDF brochures at the day of BTO launch until March 2014. Since July 2014 only a small amount of info is provided at launch, detailed PDF brochures are published in MyHDB page for invited applicants when selection starts 2-3 months later (1 month later since 2020).

Once a visitor who applied for BTO gave me the URL to one brochure, I was able to guess other URLs, example:, replace the year-month numbers and 2-letter town code to get brochures for other towns and months. By this way I found detailed brochures back until September 2012.

HDB InfoWeb been redesigned in 2015 and earlier brochures been deleted. New URL pattern: (replace 16FEB and 2402 with the number in URL at initial BTO launch).

New URL pattern since 2017 to Feb 2023:

Not being able to find May 2023 brochure, in July I put a message on top of page hoping that applicants will give us new URL pattern, and after a month (in mid-August) someone gave me URL:
(I don’t know whenever does exist an index page with all brochures for each launch, or at future launches we need to guess / type manually name of each BTO to get brochure)

Note about completion date

Many people asked me if a BTO can be completed earlier. YES, the estimated completion acts like a deadline, in most cases residents collect keys up to 3-6 months earlier. Note that Pinnacle @ Duxton residents collected keys and moved in Dec 2009, but work continued at skybridges until May 2010 scheduled completion date.

Wikipedia showed completion date same month 4 years ahead, and I kept adding 4 years of the projects not listed in Wikipedia, but HDB decided in 2010 to speed up BTO production, affecting the already-launched projects, and most 2009-2010 BTO are completed in 3-3.5 years (6-12 months faster) because. In 2011 I added “Estimated completion date” from launch brochures for projects after 2009.

When unsold flats are re-launched in SBF, HDB may show an updated completion date, different than the one estimated at launch, but since not all BTO have unsold flats, and to prevent being blamed for providing WRONG completion date by people looking in original BTO brochures, I choose to show the only original estimated completion date.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and global trade disruptions, some contractors faced with shortage of manpower, rising material prices and cost overruns, causing several BTO to be delayed with few months, for one BTO (Waterway Sunrise II) the delay exceeded 1 year. Source:

Delivery possession date / Lease commence date is set to start about 1 year after estimated completion date. Minimum occupation period is 5 years starting from key collection date, which vary from flat to flat. If you want to estimate when first flats from certain BTO will be available in resale market, you should add 4½ years to estimated completion date from above table. To check key collection date for YOUR flat, go to > My Flat > Application Status > New Flat > Reg.No. I am not aware of any way to see key collection date of other BTO flats.

Non-BTO projects

Several people reported “BTO project missing from my list” thinking that each named precint of HDB blocks is a BTO. WRONG!

When BTO scheme was introduced in 2001, HDB started naming all blocks (upgrading programmes also add precint names for older blocks). BTO define a selling scheme and NOT the building. My list is complete for projects sold via BTO scheme, but there are other schemes:

List of DBSS projects, built and sold by private developers, but managed afterwards by HDB like public housing.

List of SERS sites, replacement blocks built for blocks selected for redevelopment, their surplus flats are sold via SBF in same manner with unsold flats from BTO projects. Sri Geylang Serai and Ping Yi Greens were built for SERS affected residents, then remained flats were re-offered for sale via BTO.

Projects offered only via SBF when they were near completion: Buangkok Court, Fernvale Lodge, Golden Peony (Tampines), Jurong East Court, Jurong East Vista, Marsiling Heights, Tampines Lodge, Tampines Ria. Tell me if you know any more!

By this way, “resale BTO flats” is an incorrect term. You can buy new flats (BTO, DBSS, SERS, SBF) and resale flats.

About & updates

Build to Order page on Wikipedia included flat details for each BTO project, until 2010 when too many BTO projects been launched and Wikipedia editors decided that such sales catalogue does not belong to Wikipedia. That moment I compiled my own list in Excel (town, project name, launch date, completion date, number of units breakdown by flat type).

I collected BTO brochures since December 2009, while for 2001-2009 BTO projects I sourced data from Wikipedia. I published on my website List of BTO & DBSS projects in HTML format in March 2011 with a link to download table in Excel format.

People visiting my website reported errors (which I corrected): River Edge 2001 shown on Wikipedia as built, does not exist in real life, Spring Lodge 2003 shown on Wikipedia as cancelled (block 465) was actually built as block 466 (probably launched in 2001), could be River Edge? Does anyone know which BTO has been cancelled in 2003?

In 2014 I created a separate page List of BTO brochures containing just link to PDF files (no other information like completion date or number of units). In 2016 I spent about 10 hours compiling selling price ranges of all BTO flats in one Excel database. I offered List of BTO projects for free and List of BTO prices for $30 (10 cents/BTO).

In 2021 I done a major update for all Singapore-related pages, and in November 2021 I combined 3 pages/Excel databases (list of BTO projects, list of BTO brochures and list of BTO prices) into a single page.

I spend 30 minutes every 3 months to update list of BTO projects (this page + Excel including indicative price ranges).

Suggestions received:

Similar list for older HDB projects or projects sold via other schemes: I made a page List of pre-BTO projects for Ang Mo Kio in 2013 but too few people visited it so I did not proceed to other towns until 2021.

Add block numbers: done in November 2021 in paid version of Excel, when I also expanded Excel with 1997-2005 projects, and with 1991-1997 projects in 2022.

Prices by each individual unit rather than ranges: such detailed table would take ~10 hours per BTO, too much effort for the value of data I can obtain, also HDB units prices are available on HDB InfoWeb only for a short period since booking starts, and once unit is booked, prices are no longer showing.


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