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Privacy policy

I am writing this page in November 2019 after several cases with people who misunderstood the role of the chats and screenshots published on website and raised privacy concerns.

Each year over 6000 people contact me (as 2019). The chats published are an exception rather than a rule, the funniest 1%. I realized that publishing FEW chats is an effective way to encourage more people to contact me too, but this had an unexpected contrary effect for a small number of people. Examples:

  • A customer messaged me via chat asking what is my email address, refusing to discuss project details via chat, wrongly thinking that chat can be read by others while email will be private.
  • During a chat, someone refused to give his email address when I asked “how I can contact you?”, wrongly thinking that chat will become public and his email address picked by spam bots and fill with spam emails.

Initially published only chats of people who haven’t paid me to respect privacy of real (paying) customers, but in 2017 someone blamed me that I promote negativism, publishing only failed deals, instead of publishing examples of completed deals. It became a challenge how to encourage new customers to contact me but also respect every customer privacy.

To make things clear:

  • I DO NOT publish chats or email conversations with customers paying, intending to pay for services, or coming for professional consultation. With some rare exceptions: someone donated $20 for consultation, hoping to encourage others to do the same (personal info removed).
  • I DO NOT share phone numbers or email address with third parties, except when you enquire a service that I do not offer myself, such as you came to buy a property, case in which I ask you permission to pass your contact info to my partner agent to show you properties available for sale.
  • I DO NOT send newsletters, giving me your email address do NOT subscribe you to any newsletter (mass emails sent to all), but if you enquire a service and say that will get back tomorrow with a decision, and I do not hear from you for at least 1 week, I have the right to send (only to you) a follow-up email, if you left any email address.

What I occasionally publish:

  • Some of SCAM emails, I do not mean that you request a project and don’t pay for it, I mean the scams from criminal organizations from Africa who their “profession” is to send emails to thousand random people, offering us few million dollars as lottery winning, donation, inheritance, compensation for helping transferring money from a businessman who died recently, etc (example), which require victims paying few thousand dollars as advance fee to receive prize (this is the ONLY case when I publish sender email address, so other people who receive such emails can search on Google sender address find my website and warn them to not fall into same scam).
  • Some chats or emails from people who enquire services but invent FUNNY reasons to scam me and not pay (personal info removed).
  • Some chats or emails from people who enquire weird and non-understandable services (example), for purpose to ask others if they understand what they want (personal info removed).
  • Some chats from kids that aren’t going to become customers, are excessively humorous and worth for laugh (example: a girl talking with me while riding her boyfriend), I realized that some people love reading the bullshit that other people has written to me, thus staying more on my website (personal info removed).

Removing personal info means masking any email addresses written in chat, masking or editing names of people or companies, removing IP address, leaving only country visible.

Also please DO NOT contact me and talk funny then request publication of your conversation in Funny Chats section, hoping “to contribute” to my website. I created this website as portfolio of my works and promote my services, NOT to generate and publish as many funny chats is possible. The Funny Chats section contain chats that happened accidentally during doing my customer service job.

If you disagree with above statements or have any suggestion, let me know!

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