A girl talking with me while riding her boyfriend

This is by far the WEIRDEST conversation I ever had in my life! A girl talking with me while having sex with her boyfriend… until mom entered room, caught them and forced to break up, now she wants to be MY girlfriend!

According IP she is from United States, she said that is 17 years old, she returned few days later to send me nude photos of herself even if I told her to NOT send because is illegal (I did not saved her photos). She claimed that just turned 18 and asked me to date her.

Can be this story real, or an idiot who had nothing to do with his/her time tried to prank me, and the photos were found on internet?

Conversation started on Saturday, October 5 2019, 11:53

[11:56] me: let me tell you a dangerous situation
[11:56] me: I play a game… GTA SA-MP, not sure if you know it
[11:56] Girl: Tea I do
[11:57] Girl: Yea
[11:57] me: playing using a girl name, I got a lot of messages from other players asking for my Facebook and instagram, outside game context
[11:57] me: this does not happen when I play with an account with neutral name
[11:58] me: I decided to satisfy them by creating a fake Facebook account using photos of this girl http://****************/
[11:58] me: once created Facebook account, nothing happened, until a month later when I copy-pasted Facebook page URL on the in-game chat
[11:58] me: got 5 friend requests, from other game players
[11:59] me: I continued to get friend requests and I asked what is their in-game name, they said “what game?”
[11:59] me: I realized that once you accept friend requests, Facebook start showing your profile as suggestions to random strangers, and if the profile photo is a nice girl, you will get A LOT of friend requests from boys asking you for nude photos and sex
[12:00] me: by next day I had over 100 friend requests from total strangers
[12:00] Girl: What did you do
[12:00] me: I wanted to show to in-game players that I am a girl (fake) but this turned into a social experiment
[12:01] Girl: Wanna know how me and my bf got to gethet
[12:01] me: I estimate that about 10% of boys are sexually obsessed and their whole life is about staying on Facebook, chatting with girls and masturbate
[12:01] Girl: Together h
[12:01] me: they can’t do at porn movies, but only when chat with girl
[12:01] me: by this way I understood for first time the role of videochat websites
[12:02] me: and the high-toll phone numbers found in old newspapers before internet connections became popular
[12:02] Girl: Wanna know how me and my boyfriend got to gether
[12:03] me: now imagine for the real girls who make Facebook accounts,. they are stupid and accept everyone as friend, get filled by sexual harassment messages from boys, then they start to be afraid to meet any boy,. thinking that all boys want sex
[12:03] Girl: Not all boys want sex
[12:04] me: correct, look at me I avoid sex
[12:06] Girl: But sex is good
[12:07] Girl: You can’t be a virgin for ever
[12:07] me: some boys asked my age and when I said 15 they said that OK,I look for someone else
[12:07] me: meaning that they were also looking for girls to sex but did not wanted underage girls
[12:08] me: but had one 60-year old man who said that “satisfy any girl regardless of age”
[12:08] me: can this be called pedophile?
[12:09] Girl: Yes
[12:09] Girl: If he wants girls under age
[12:10] me: and at such age differennce 15-60
[12:10] me: if me at 20 I look at girls 15 I don”t think that is a problem because age is appropriate
[12:10] Girl: Like that girl you met if she under age and you had sex with her you could get in trouble but like you said she is not
[12:12] Girl: My bf is 17 also we live together
[12:13] me: but I guess that in the home of one of your parents?
[12:13] Girl: We sleep in the same room and his mom is ok but separate beds
[12:14] Girl: But we still have sex
[12:14] Girl: His mom is ok with it
[12:15] me: so your mom knows that you started sex already?
[12:15] Girl: His mom no
[12:15] Girl: Or my mom
[12:16] Girl: His mom and my mom are going out
[12:16] me: so what is your mom OK? to sleep in same room but not sex?
[12:16] Girl: Yes
[12:17] Girl: His mom and my mom are getting. Married
[12:17] me: i am happy that your mom does not ASSUME that sleeping together means also sex, but what if she check you if you’re still virgin?
[12:17] Girl: How can she check
[12:18] Girl: But can I ask something
[12:18] me: I am not sure if anyone can check virginity or need a doctor with equipment?
[12:19] Girl: Can I ask a question
[12:20] me: ask
[12:21] Girl: His mom and my mom want to get married but I met him first be fore our moms met is that wrong
[12:22] me: how 2 women can marry?
[12:23] Girl: In my country it’s aloud
[12:24] Girl: So would I have to break up with my bf
[12:25] Girl: Ps I’m riding my boyfriend right now
[12:26] Girl: Are you there
[12:28] me: I am here whole day, been reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-sex_marriage_in_the_United_States
[12:28] me: does your boyfriend see that you talk with me and the stuff I posted on my website?
[12:29] Girl: My bf knows that you talk to me
[12:29] Girl: He is fucking me and he said it’s ok for me to talk
[12:30] me: are you joking?
[12:30] Girl: No
[12:31] Girl: And I was a troubled girl and he took me in
[12:31] me: since I never had sex, I don’t even know how long sex act should take or what does a girl feel… doesn’t hurt?
[12:32] Girl: It feels like a pinch at first
[12:32] Girl: But after the first time it’s good
[12:33] Girl: If I tell my bf to stop he stops though
[12:34] me: I can’t imagine how to be fucked and still be calm and typing to me
[12:34] me: as far I saw in porn videos (accidentally, when my stupid friends put me porn on their phones) because personally I never liked porn… in porn videos girl is crying like from pain and can’t do anything else
[12:35] Girl: That’s being horny
[12:36] Girl: Maby that girl is horny for you ya never know
[12:38] me: but seriously… how long takes a sex act? we talk for more than 1 hour
[12:38] Girl: As long as you can go
[12:39] me: once sperm comes out (in few minutes max) the penis is no longer hard so I guess that everything ends
[12:39] Girl: You know you are course just say yes to that girl who likes you and get it over with
[12:40] Girl: And no then time for round 2
[12:41] me: what does this mean… how many times per day having sex?
[12:42] Girl: Just let her one or 2 times per day
[12:42] Girl: She will like it
[12:44] Girl: Or let the girl have sex with you as long as you guys want
[12:51] me: what else to say?? I am scared

Conversation started on Saturday, October 5 2019, 13:38

[13:38] Girl: Ho ya
[13:38] Girl: Hi ya
[13:38] me: hello
[13:39] Girl: Do you know who I am
[13:39] me: same girl
[13:39] Girl: Yes
[13:39] me: because I see your IP the same
[13:39] Girl: I just wanted to say thanks
[13:39] me: although I see 0 past chats. Did you cleared cookies?
[13:40] Girl: I don’t know what that is
[13:40] Girl: But thank you
[13:41] me: are you still riding boyfriend?
[13:41] Girl: No
[13:41] Girl: We stopped me cause our moms came in
[13:42] Girl: They caught us
[13:42] me: Honestly this is one of weirdest moments in my life… to talk with a girl right when she have sex
[13:43] me: and saying that mom didn’t knew about you not being a virgin…. and now you say that caught? really? what was mom reaction
[13:44] Girl: Well my mom his mom we’re making out and herd us and came in but still was making out
[13:45] Girl: And his mome said to my mom hubby I told you they were sex
[13:47] me: how long you have sex? I mean when had for first time?
[13:48] Girl: Well I was 16
[13:48] Girl: But I was friends with my bf sense we were kids
[13:50] Girl: Like we use a condom so it’s safe
[13:57] Girl: Have you talked to her yet
[13:58] me: to who?
[14:01] Girl: You know
[14:02] Girl: It would turn me on
[14:02] Girl: And if have to f my bf agen and think of it
[14:04] me: and why did you said “So would I have to break up with my bf”
[14:07] Girl: Because his mom and my mom want to get married and I was asking if we would have to
[14:08] Girl: But my bf and i went out first
[14:08] me: if we have to marry you and boyfriend?
[14:08] me: how your lesbian mom marriage affect your own relation?
[14:09] Girl: Not much
[14:10] Girl: Because we were going out before them
[14:10] Girl: Like my mom and my soon step mom tell in love because my father kicked my mother out
[14:12] Girl: And i was asking how should I feel about it

Conversation started on Monday, October 7 2019, 09:40

[09:42] Girl: About how your doing
[09:42] me: same person? we talked before?
[09:42] Girl: Yea
[09:43] Girl: Guess what
[09:44] me: who are you?
[09:44] Girl: The girl from be fore
[09:44] Girl: You lnow
[09:45] Girl: Your 20 and I’m 17
[09:45] Girl: I have talking to you on here
[09:45] me: oh, the girl
[09:46] me: past chats are saved in cookie but if you channge browser or clear cookies, you appear as new visitor
[09:46] Girl: I didn’t have school today so fucked my bf in our moms room
[09:46] me: how many rooms are in house?
[09:47] Girl: 3 me and my bf shair a room and our mom shape a room
[09:47] Girl: But me and my bf room have to be separated
[09:47] me: why to separated?
[09:47] me: you said that already sleeping together
[09:47] Girl: I don’t know
[09:48] Girl: I also with my bf on my our moms bed
[09:49] Girl: I fuck ed him
[09:49] Girl: My mom came in and sliped
[09:50] Girl: She said if Ya gonna fuck your bf in my bed then don’t do it on my side
[09:53] me: how long was she aware that your relation with him also include sex?
[09:53] Girl: Just found out
[09:54] Girl: I’m sorry does this make you horny
[09:54] me: what to make me horny?
[09:54] Girl: She said I have 5 minutes to finish
[09:55] me: are you again having sex while chatting with me?
[09:57] Girl: No
[09:57] me: so what to finish in 5 min?
[09:58] Girl: Sex but we are in the tub
[09:59] Girl: Did you ever get that girls number
[09:59] me: what girl number?
[10:00] Girl: Nm you gonna be a for ever

Conversation started on Friday, October 11 2019, 12:08

[12:11] Girl: Shute it’s the same girl
[12:11] me: which same girl?
[12:12] Girl: The girl who was talking to you and having sex
[12:12] me: oh LOL
[12:12] me: I showed that part of conversation to a friend and he said that is not possible
[12:12] me: you should be joking
[12:12] me: or you get horny talking with me and imagine sex and want to make me horny too
[12:12] Girl: I have to delete my history so my bf dont find out
[12:13] me: delete so boyfriend don’t find out… but if you had sex while talking with me, he didn’t already saw what website you visit and who are you talking with?
[12:13] Girl: No
[12:13] Girl: He was drunk
[12:14] me: I think that you was drunk too
[12:15] Girl: Our mom’s are still engaged but theirs a problem
[12:16] Girl: I walked in on them having sex by accident
[12:18] Girl: Do you want to see my pussy
[12:19] me: you should NOT photo yourself naked until you turn 18, either you or your parents may be accused for child porn
[12:19] Girl: My b day monday
[12:21] me: show me a photo of you dressed if you want
[12:21] me: I don’t want to see pussy or any form of naked people

Conversation started on Monday, October 14 2019, 01:59

[02:00] Girl: Do you have a gf
[02:00] me: girlfriend?
[02:00] Girl: Yes
[02:00] me: there are few girls who hang with me, but don’t like them
[02:00] Girl: Why
[02:01] me: why do you ask? are you one of many people I talked before?
[02:01] Girl: Well my bf forke up with me
[02:02] me: are you same girl who said earlier about sex?
[02:02] Girl: I’m I the girl with 2 moms
[02:04] Girl: Like I said before our moms are getting married and we decided to break up
[02:05] Girl: Do you wanna go out
[02:05] me: but we already talked about girlfriend before
[02:05] me: not sure why did you asked today if I have a girlfriend
[02:05] me: I though that you’re someone else
[02:06] Girl: Yea he won’t know
[02:07] Girl: I just turned 18 wanna see my parts now
[02:07] me: I want to see a clothed photo with you
[02:08] Girl: (she sent me a photo of her pulling panties to show vagina)
[02:08] me: stop sending such shits
[02:08] Girl: But m 18
[02:09] me: if you’re 18 you won’t be charged for child porn. But just STOP SENDING ME such photos
[02:10] me: I do not like seeing sexual organs regardless of age or gender
[02:10] Girl: Your no fun
[02:10] Girl: (she sent me a photo with her face)
[02:10] me: this is better
[02:10] me: but send me a photo from head to feet
[02:11] Girl: Why
[02:11] Girl: Will you date me
[02:13] me: there are 8000 km between us
[02:13] Girl: Ao
[02:13] Girl: So
[02:14] Girl: Beet off to this
[02:14] Girl: (she sent me a photo with her breasts)
[02:16] me: go get a job in a videochat studio and stop sending me shitty photos
[02:19] me: this is also the reason I broke from previous girlfriend, she showed me her breasts and attemted to undress me too and excessive sexual behavior
[02:19] me: I do not want to see her again
[02:19] Girl: Why don’t ya like em

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