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MCST database

Looking for Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) for telemarketing? I made this database for you. Sorry for people looking for email marketing but BCA do not provide email addresses but only phone numbers of managing agents.

Download free SAMPLE:

MCST Database .xlsx (100 MCST)

Buy full database + 1 year of FREE updates:

Fields completion percentage

MCST No 100%
UEN 100%
Date of MC Constitution 100%
Development Name 94.69%
Status 100%
Development Location 91.54%
MC Address 95.95%
MC Contact No 90.66%
Name of Managing Agent 82.68%
Managing Agent Contact No 74.85%

Latest updates

13 Feb 2023 – 4371 MCST
16 Mar 2023 – 4562 MCST
01 May 2023 – 4573 MCST
01 Oct 2023 – 4596 MCST
04 Jan 2024 – 4603 MCST
17 Feb 2024 – 4605 MCST
17 Apr 2024 – 4620 MCST

More than 1 month passed since last update?
Request a new update!


In August 2016 someone who saw Condo Database (extracted from SingaporeExpats and PropertyGuru condo directory), asked for managing agent contact number, this info was available for FREE on (in 2016), however he said that this Excel file is not updated and told me to extract latest data from but did not paid half in advance. A second customer asked the same in January 2017. Expecting that there may be more people interested to pay, I made a scraper for BCA website… and MCST database outsold the previous condo databases.

Several people asked me for MCST email addresses. provide phone numbers but NOT email addresses (if you know other website that provide email addresses let me know). This because email marketing is NOT efficient. If you send 100 emails is likely to have 5 people reporting you as SPAM then nobody else will receive your emails in inbox. If you really want customers, do phone calls or SMS!

Because few people requested me to update database promising to buy afterwards, but never bought, I advise you to buy first then request update, and I will provide update by next day. For best results, request update few days BEFORE the day you intend to do telemarketing.


  1. Does anyone know a website where I can get MCST email addresses? Too many people asking!

    Chat started on Sunday, April 12, 2020 7:11:10 PM

    (7:11:10 PM) *** Visitor 70782651 has joined the chat ***
    (7:11:12 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hello visitor from Singapore, are you looking for a specific database? Let me know if I can help you!
    (7:13:20 PM) Visitor 70782651: if i do want the emails of the condos in SG
    (7:13:27 PM) Visitor 70782651: do u have it?
    (7:13:28 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
    (7:13:32 PM) Teoalida: mcst
    (7:13:37 PM) Visitor 70782651: yup
    (7:13:38 PM) Teoalida: As you can read on this page, MCST data comes from and BCA provide phone number but not email addresses, this because email marketing is not efficient. If you send 100 emails is likely to have 5 people reporting you as SPAM then nobody else will receive your emails in inbox. If you really want customers, do phone calls or SMS!
    (7:14:02 PM) Visitor 70782651: im willing to take the low numbers
    (7:14:38 PM) Visitor 70782651: let me know if you have them
    (7:14:39 PM) Visitor 70782651: tks
    (7:15:03 PM) Teoalida: wasn’t clear above message that I don’t have phone numbers?
    (7:16:00 PM) Visitor 70782651: my question is very simple… do u have the email addresses of all the MCST
    (7:16:21 PM) Teoalida: sorry for confusion, wasn’t clear above message that I don’t have emails but just phone numbers?
    (7:16:35 PM) Visitor 70782651: ic
    (7:16:49 PM) Visitor 70782651: im looking for the email addresses
    (7:16:57 PM) Visitor 70782651: anyway u can scrap
    (7:17:07 PM) Teoalida: I can scrap, but from where?
    (7:17:30 PM) Visitor 70782651: from www
    (7:19:38 PM) *** Visitor 70782651 has left ***

  2. Hi I’m looking for a MCST list for nbrs and developers names for condos. May I ask if you have them and how are your charges?

    1. Price can be seen at top of this page, $224 for managing agents database.

      You contacted me by sending a message via chat when I was offline too, I replied you via email but you never replied me and my email still appears as UNREAD. I did not noticed that you posted also a comment here until today when I re-read all chats between 21 and 31 July and checked each IP address or email of every person who intended to purchase something from me, to see if made the purchase, by this way found your comment instead of purchase.

      Offline Message left on 27 Jul 2020, 02:43 AM (GMT+0)

      Morning, may I pls ask how much do you charge for data on MCST’s number and Developers Names?

    1. Glad that you don’t need contact emails because I don’t have them.

      Just click Add to cart at top of page, pay and get MCST database with contact numbers, what procedure do you need? Is there anything that I can improve to my website design?

  3. Hi, just wondering if you can contact me. To discuss on the price.
    Interested in your condos’ data
    Is it all with valid email address?

  4. Dear,

    Thank you for your mcst range of 4295 to 4597.

    I did not get the ” Number of Strata Units” for this range from 4295 to 4597. Can you please send the number of strata units to me.

    NUMBER OF STRATA UNITS (example each one has a number)


    1. You are a disgrace!
      14 people bought MCST database during past year, nobody complained, only you complain. You viewed sample file so you knew data fields are available, still you proceed to purchase then complained that “number of strata units” is missing. I never said to have that. You claimed that you sent me number of strata units, but you didn’t sent me any actual numbers, you only copy-pasted 10 times some column headers that does NOT belong to me. You claimed that “others have” number of strata units but you never gave me any link or screenshot to prove that someone have what I don’t have. Today I seen your comment with a number on each row, that have no meaning for me.

      I posted full conversation HERE so anyone can read and decide who is wrong.

  5. Scraping data from government websites without their permission raises ethical concerns and might even be illegal depending on the specific regulations. Sharing scraped data containing personal information like phone numbers, even if it’s publicly available on another website, could also be a privacy violation.

    1. Your name that contain link to a game website indicate you wrote a random text for SPAMMING backlinks and should not be taken in serious.

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