List of BTO prices – Excel table

Have you ever wondered what were the HDB flat prices in the past, but have a hard time digging for prices around various news websites and forums?

In 2016 I spent about 10 hours compiling selling price ranges of all BTO flats in one Excel database that you can download and compare flat prices by town, by flat type, etc. If you have any suggestion how to make table easier to use, leave a comment!

Buy BTO prices database + FREE updates

Download free SAMPLE – Sembawang

If you just want to see price of one particular BTO, and don’t need whole database in editable Excel format, you can view prices in above video for FREE.

I spend 15 min every 3 months when HDB launch new BTO flats to update my BTO prices table. Because most people buy for one time research, I do not re-send download links each update. If you are interested in updates please keep the email received at initial purchase so you can re-download updated table for free.

Looking for resale market? see Resale flat prices database.

2 thoughts on “List of BTO prices – Excel table

  1. Hi,

    May we request for a copy of this data for free?

    We are working on a school spreadsheet project and is looking at the BTO prices for HDB over the last 5 years.

    We will not share/spread the dataset with anyone else.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you!

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