Talkagent – someone ask me to outsource my customer support job to them! LOL

While doing my job as customer service, I received a SPAM-like message from someone telling me to subscribe to He or she closed chat quickly, so I went to to ask how this is working.

What Talkagent do is to greet website visitors, ask if are interested in our services, get their phone and email and provide leads to business owner to call them, or book appointments. Such outsourced customer support is good for a lawyer, doctor or architect who is whole day on field and do not have time to stay at computer to chat with visitors, he may employ a customer service agent that answer common questions.

But in my case I stay all time at computer anyway to do IT and architecture projects for customers so I do not need to employ any third-party agent. Furthermore, due to nature of my website, 90% of enquiries I get are unique and cannot be answered by anyone else than myself with 10+ years of experience in architecture and real estate.

Julia: Ok here’s the deal. What if we provide you our live chat support services along with custom website designing and development side by side.[12:20]
Julia: You will just pay for live chat support and we will provide designing and on going development for free.[12:21]
Julia: For 24 / 7 coverage with three live chat representatives we charge $999/ month.[12:21][12:22]
Teoalida: a huge price! considering number of people contacting me[12:22]
Teoalida: BUT… what is the purpose of your live chat if people wants services? designing houses?[12:22]
Teoalida: you answer chats but if you can’t design houses… this leads do nothing[12:23]
Julia: We will be generating leads for you and of course you will be designing houses.[12:23]
Julia: But by having our services you won’t have to worry about generating business anymore.[12:24]
Julia: or if the price is high we can work on creating a lead based price model as well.[12:24]
Teoalida: this is what I was asking myself since first second I saw your website and your video. How do people deal if they talk with another person than the person who design?[12:26]
Julia: For example. We chat on your website by using zopim. We will be available for 24 / 7 you there are no chances of missing any customer. now a customer comes in and initiate live chat.[12:26]
Julia: first of all we will ask then which service are they interested in?[12:26]
Julia: then we will qualify them what actually do they need if they said they are looking to design a house.[12:27]
Julia: We will try our best to ask them their needs and then we will close by getting their name, email and phone number so you may start getting in touch with them.[12:28]
Julia: this way you will have enough time to work on projects and we will keep on getting new customers for you.[12:28][12:29]
Teoalida: what if customers wants to see immediately a house plan and don’t want to wait for me to call them?[12:29]
Julia: on the other hand we will working side by side on your website redesigning and development and this will also help us getting new customers.[12:30][12:31]
Julia: and will tell them these are just some of the floor plans and our manager (you) will contact them with exact floor plan they will be looking for.[12:34]
Teoalida: usually I start making a floor plan right when they came[12:35]
Teoalida: so I will be able to send them a floorplan exactly at their required dimensions. After drawing walls and copy-pasting some doors I send them the sketch and ask for changes and for payment to go further (redimensioning rooms, adding windows, furniture, dimensions, etc)[12:36]
Julia: Then there is just one thing which we can do for you is; we filter all the website visitors talk to them and forward you the interested ones. so you may talk to them and start their project.[12:36]
Teoalida: and after payment I send them final drawing in PDF format[12:38]
Teoalida: now the problem is that after making first sketch, half people say that don’t want to pay to go further, other half say that will pay and ask me first to change that, add this, etc, and after doing these changes they ask me for final drawing for free… we both waste time, I don’t get money and they don’t get final drawing[12:38][12:38]
Julia: That’s the problem because you give them first sketch without any single penny. and they run away.[12:39]
Julia: Experiment by getting payment at first and then start their project.[12:39]
Teoalida: and you think that I can convince them to pay before seeing any sketch?[12:39]
Julia: Of course why not you just need to tell them as this is a complete custom job and you will be working for them so they will have to pay first that’s it.[12:40]
Julia: if they want to see any sketches send them your old sketches which you have designed for other clients.[12:41]
Teoalida: Did you saw ? here instead of making a sketch at his required dimension, I showed him a final drawing made for someone else at another dimension and I try to charge money before making drawing for him, and he get ANGRY[12:43]
Julia: I did read that chat but it always happens you don’t need to worry about that. they won’t be ever satisfied. You just do not need to bother such cheap customers. you just need more traffic and someone to filter them for you and you won’t have to waste your time.Julia: just remember one thing do not give them any thing until they pay for it.[12:45]
Teoalida: actually I did anti-SEO to reduce traffic in architecture pages and stop such idiots from wasting my time[12:46]
Teoalida: would you bother answering 10 chats knowing that only 1 will be a serious lead?Julia: So you don’t have to waste your time on non serious buyers.

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