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As passion for architecture and love for Singapore, I made own research about housing since 2009. I published as Singapore HDB History, Photos, Statistics and Floor Plans in Dec 2009, added BTO & DBSS list in Mar 2011, and 10+ more pages in 2012.

HDB statistics, facts & figures

Since its founding in 1960, HDB built 1,200,402 dwelling units and commercial properties by end-2018. Beside HDB, SIT built about 23,000 units between 1927 and 1959, HUDC built about 9,600 units in 1970s and 1980s, and JTC built somewhere around 10,000 – 20,000 units in 1960s and 1970. This makes around 1.25 million public housing units built.

Of them, 1,063,250 dwelling units are in use at 31 March 2019 according HDB Annual Report, about 130,000 dwelling units being demolished (clearance …

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HDB flats size 1960-2010 analysis: are the flats shrinking?

Ministry of National Development, Khaw Boon Wan, said in 2012 that HDB flats have been the same size for last 15 years and are not shrinking. This article has been copied on numerous blogs.

As you can see in the following chat, the 4-room flats leased in 2000 were 90 sqm and 4-room flats launched in 2012 (TOP 2016) are the same 90 sqm, so he is not lying, instead he is masking the shrinking that …

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Database of all buildings in Singapore

The database contains EVERY searchable item from the map, including HDB blocks, condominiums, landed houses, commercial, office and industrial buildings, schools, places of worship, gas stations, parks, MRT stations, and few more. Data included is building name, address, street name, postal code, latitude and longitude, X and Y coordinates of, etc.

Download SAMPLE: Singapore-Buildings-Database-SAMPLE.xlsx

Buy FULL database + FREE updates for 1 year:

Contact me for partial purchases (specific postal districts if you don’t need …

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Database of HDB resale flat prices in Excel format

I got a database of HDB resale transactions from 1990 to present and spent over 10 hours studying them and doing data analysis in Excel.

I offer one Excel file containing the following analysis: – Number of HDB resale transactions by year and month (1 table and 1 chart) – Number of HDB …

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List of DBSS projects

Design, Build and Sell Scheme was introduced in 2005, giving private developers freedom to build and sell public housing in the way they sell condos. Since private developers are hungry for profit, DBSS flats have smaller rooms and abnormal high prices compared with BTO flats despite of same income ceiling ($8.000 per month, $10.000 per month after 2011).

Do not confuse DBSS with Design & Build scheme introduced 1991 which involve private …

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List of HUDC estates

Looking to buy a former HUDC flat and hope for en-bloc? Contact my partner agent

Housing and Urban Development Company built 22 estates for middle-income people, of which 3 are not managed as public housing and one (Anthony Garden) was demolished in 1990s, leaving 18 HUDC estates that appear on official lists.

HDB took over JTC and HUDC in 1982. Phase III and IV are HUDC flats built by HDB, …

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HDB interesting facts and records

Did you know? HDB blocks vary in size from 4 to 570 flats (block 308 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 vs block 37 Circuit Road)

What other HDB facts would you like to see on this page? Leave a comment!

Biggest HDB town (by number of units)

Current town boundaries were introduced in Annual Report 1990. Bedok was the biggest town, overtaken by Tampines …

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What is Lease Commence Date

Properties in Singapore are by two types: freehold and leasehold. Leasehold in case of private residential buildings is 999 years, 99 years (or 103 years with 4 years construction time), or in rare cases, 60 years. Other types of buildings can have shorter leases. All HDB flats except Studio Apartments are leased on 99 years.

There is also Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) or a Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC), Private properties lease commence date is when land was sold, while …

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List of SBF launches

Sale of Balance Flats, comprising unsold leftover flats from past BTO launches, surplus flats from SERS projects, old repurchased flats (including flats from some divorced or fiance couples), are done “when HDB accumulate sufficient flats“, usually twice per year, but this is NOT A RULE. Since 2010 the SBF exercise is done same day with a BTO launch.

Sale Launch date Studio 2-rm 3-rm 4-rm 5-rm Exec+MG 3gen Total Half-Yearly Sale Of 3-Room Premium, 4-Room And Bigger Flats 10 Oct 2008     …

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List of pre-BTO-era projects

My list of BTO launches got a record number of “thank you“, several visitors asked me if I can make a similar list for pre-BTO projects. YES I can make, BUT…

Below are the precints from Ang Mo Kio only, simplified version of database of HDB blocks.

Town name BTO name Built date Lease date Type 1-rm 2-rm 3-rm 4-rm 5-rm Exec Total flats Ang Mo Kio Block 314 1994 Estate filling 7 84 91 Ang Mo Kio …

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